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Movie Review: Amelia-Jane Rutherford Vol. 2


Strictly English (released in 2006)

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
Amelia-Jane gets interviewed, caned

Victim Appeal:
Naughty Amelia-Jane is not only one of the most majestically beautiful models in the spanking video industry (some people would say the most majestically beautiful), but also one of the loveliest in terms of presence and demeanour. In my review of Vol. 1 of this series, I wrote: "Men want her, women want to be her, and some women both want her and want to be her." Can't really put it any better than that. Here, her adventures with Strictly English continue. We get more interview and audition scene material, and the conclusion of the "Amelia-Jane & The Tutor" movie with the magnificent Professor Templeton. Also, we get to see Miss Rutherford caned this time. Yay! Volume 2 really is a continuation rather than a sequel, and the two movies are best watched back-to-back.

Gratuitous Sadism:
The video opens with another short interview, or to be more precise, the continuation of the interview we saw in Vol. 1. After the first part of her audition / screen test, Amelia-Jane is changing clothes, combing her hair etc. before the second little spanking scene. They are talking about how the first session went and what her thoughts about the upcoming one are. It's another great little segment to watch, both enlightening and funny. In regards to the second screen test, Ameila-Jane quips "Bring it on, really!", but she's a bit more nervous about this one in terms of acting, because now, she has to be asking for the spanking, basically - being a naughty girl and seducing the top until he bends her over. It's the kind of character Amelia-Jane enjoys, but also more of a challenge.

So, next up, there is Amelia-Jane in sexy dress, flaunting herself on the sofa, sipping on a glass of wine and bantering cheekily with the male top (father figure, husband figure, not sure what he is supposed to be here, exactly...), while he is sitting in his chair with the Business News and pretending not to be interested ("I'm trying to read the newspaper!"). Needless to say, though, he's had enough after a short while ("Alright, that's it!") and a series of hand spankings over Amelia-Jane's red panties ensues. First over the knee, then while she is bending over the sofa, and finally in a rather unorthodox position - the top sitting in his chair, Amelia-Jane with her hands on the floor and kneeling on his lap. Interesting, I'll have to try that one sometime. After he spanks her into being a good girl again, she goes back to the sofa puppy-dog eyed and contentedly whimpers: "Thank you very much...!" It's a nice little scene, a little over ten minutes, with the spankings a tad harder than during the first audition. It closes with a few behind-the-scenes shots, with the participants having a good time and talking about how it went.

The larger part of Vol. 2 (around 45 minutes) is taken up by the second half of the "Amelia-Jane & The Tutor" spanking movie. In a nutshell, she plays a sociology student who wants to improve her grades with the help of a well-respected, but shall we say, somewhat eccentric professor (he has some pretty "traditional" ideas about discipline, you see). Carrying over from Vol. 1, they continue to read an essay she has written. In the words of Professor Templeton, it is "a ridiculous piece of work, close to taking the mickey, no effort made whatsoever", and you can imagine the methods he regards as best-suited to improve her work ethic for the future...

While Vol. 1 and the first half of "The Tutor" contained only hand spankings, Miss Rutherford and Strictly English kick the action up a notch or two in this one. As her lesson with Professor Templeton continues, she also encounters the slipper, the strap (he refers to it as a "paddle", but it really looks like a strap to me), a Scottish tawse, and for the grand finale, the cane. She gets around 25 strokes with the last implement - hard to determine the exact number, as there are frequent miscounts, extra strokes, instances of starting over two strokes before, et cetera, in the interaction between the tutor and his student. Also, he uses the occasional preparatory "tap" that might qualify as a stroke in its own right... Let's call it 25 in total, thereabouts.

The number isn't all that important, anyway. This isn't Mood Pictures stuff, it's a video where the story, the characters and the chemistry between the players are the focus of attention. That said, the action is hard enough this time around to be exciting from a sadistic point of view, too. The cane and the other implements leave some nice, moderate marks, and Amelia-Jane is crying and sobbing quite a bit at the end. The video then concludes with a couple of bloopers and outtakes from "The Tutor".

Best Reactions:
The more vocal reactions during the caning, the flinching and howling, are fun to watch, but I really like Amelia-Jane best when she is acting in her petulant "Nooo, you can't do this to me!" princess mode. Few models do it as well as she does, and she does it a lot here!

Best Line:
There are plenty of gems in the banter between Amelia-Jane and Professor Templeton again. Take this one, when he first shows her the slipper and she blurts out: "Are you going to hit me with that?" He, with perfectly dry British wit: "It's a rather crude way of putting it, but yes, it sums up the situation."

However, the line I really liked the best comes from the top during the screen test, when he admonishes Amelia-Jane: "Do not flaunt your naked flesh!" I just love the way he says that.

Nice Psychological Touch:
The chemistry in the tutor and student scenario is superb from start to finish. Watch Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 back-to-back and observe how, after the abounding light-hearted humour in number one, as the two of them meet and the first scenes follow, such exchanges get a little less frequent here and things get a little more "serious", both in character and in the attitude of the players. Professor Templeton, while fully retaining his dry humour, becomes stricter and more intimidating while his student becomes more obedient and progressively less likely to come back with cheeky remarks. The development is well-acted and it's great to follow the mounting tension all the way from the start to the climax / the final caning.

How Good Is It Really?
Like Vol. 1, very good indeed. Amelia-Jane and Strictly English did many more videos together (they are at volume eight now, as far as I know), and I don't think I will review every one of those - I have enough other movies to cover, and you get a good idea of what the whole collaboration looks like from the two reviews so far. Hardcore fans will want to own it all, anyway. As for Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of the series, though, they really are a must-see not just for viewers who like Miss Rutherford or Strictly English in particular, but for anyone with an interest in spanking videos.

What You Learned:
After "Amelia-Jane & The Tutor" and An American Brat in London, Professor Ernest Templeton is really becoming one of my favourite tops. The man has wit, authority, class... The only nitpicking complaint I can find is the fact that he may be a brilliant sociologist, but he isn't much of a mathematician - there are a couple of miscounts of strokes from his side. Like during the slippering: "We have now reached the interesting number of nine strokes." Err, no, Mr. Ries, I definitely only counted eight! But hey, we all sometimes have our problems with keeping track...

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