Saturday, May 2, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Apr 2020):
Relaxation Spanking

Many thanks to all of you who wrote about their thoughts on Corona-related spanking stories! You have given me some ideas for new spanking stories, unrelated to the current situation and the disease.

Still, it's quite stressful for Ludwig and me right now, not only because of Covid-19, but also because we've got a huge project in addition to our jobs and the kids. Plus, we've both reached an age that makes us reflect a lot about our lives so far and about the question what the future might still have in store for us.

In recent weeks, Ludwig has been ruminating a lot about the past. That made it difficult for him to relax and find enough sleep. One night we talked many things through and Ludwig told me how happy he is that we can speak about our thoughts and also about difficult topics so openly. Still, that doesn't mean that Ludwig's negative thoughts are miraculously gone after we have talked about them.

That's how we came to the topic of relaxation spankings. Now, those are quite common among bottoms and I've read a lot about that. But how about tops? Ludwig is of the opinion that giving a spanking might be a relaxing experience for him, too. I've also made the experience that giving a spanking can bring me into a kind of meditative flow. Unfortunately, I'm in stress, too, and in my case that means that I am not really in the mood for receiving a spanking. But we might give it a try, once my mood has changed.

How about you? Have you experienced topping as a relaxing activity? What about the bottom? Do you think one can top for the sake of relaxation and still be focussed enough to take care of the bottom's needs? I am curious to hear about your experiences! Stay safe and healthy in these weird times.


Domhnall the Second said...

I have always, and I do mean always, found that a spanking is extremely effective in relieving stress and brightening my mood. So I was puzzled by your statement that you were going to wait for your mood to change before you give spanking a try. I mean this most respectfully but I believe you have that reversed.

Gustofur said...

I can understand the stress. It’s part of growing up. I also think that playful spankings can be a stress reducer. It worked for me. The cuddling afterwards encourages communication. It’s amazing how a bare bottom encourages closeness. I never did enjoy spanking to the threshold of pain limit.


No, I have never found topping a relaxing or stress relieving occupation. Personally I think this is because I have very little natural top in me. I don't mind topping but I spend all the time trying to keep my technique good and trying to read how the bottom is doing from reactions. I would not say that this is stressful but I am concentrating hard and doing my best to do it right and so it is not a stress buster for me.


Kaelah said...

@ Domhnall the Second:
That's a very interesting point, thank you! It made me think about how spanking works for me. And I think relieving stress isn't really one of the things it does for me. That might explain why spankings become rare between Ludwig and me in stressful times and more frequent for others in a similar situation. I think that's an interesting topic for another post!

@ Gustofur:
Thank you very much for sharing your experiences! Funnily for the two of us, communicating encourages cuddling and closeness. As I already wrote in my reply to Domhnall the Second, for me spanking doesn't seem to work that well as a way of relieving stress. I think I'll write more about that in a separate post. Oh, and I think in our case stress isn't so much a part of growing up any more as it is a part of a typical midlife crisis... ;-)

@ Spankedhortic:
I definitely get your point! I think one has to be very experienced and very close to the spankee in order to be able to relax while topping. And I agree with you – being a "natural" top surely helps! :-)

Enzo said...

Hi Kaelah -

My perspective is of only being a top and yes I find it as a way to relieve my stress.

Although to be clear, it has only worked for me with bottoms who I have been in longer relationship with. A girl who knows that I am trying to relive my own stress (and not hers, as usually the case) and she is willing and offering herself to help reach that goal.

Hopefully you could follow my explanation.

Kaelah said...

@ Enzo:
I absolutely get your point – using a spanking to relax as a top needs both, a close relationship to the spankee and the mutual consent to use the spanking in that way!