Friday, January 31, 2020

Kaelah's Corner (Jan 2020):
Our First Spanking In The New Decade

Our first spanking in the new year came totally unplanned and unexpected. As a matter of fact, we were in the midst of talking about really heavy stuff when it happened. We've got several important decisions to make this year which will have a strong impact on our family life for at least the next twenty years.

Somehow, suddenly, the topic changed to kink and that we don't have the time and energy to pursue that part of our life anymore with two kids. "Maybe it would do you some good, though," Ludwig said jokingly. With that, he grabbed a chair, sat down and pulled me over his lap.

I protested half-heartedly as Ludwig began to spank me, telling him that I was indeed getting older and positions like that were too uncomfortable for me, given all the physical problems I am facing now that I have born two children. Apparently, though, I didn't sound serious enough to convince Ludwig, so instead of letting me up, he continued smacking my bottom hard with his hand, muttering something along the lines that I might be nicer to him if he spanked me more often. Of course, he doesn't seriously believe in that after all the years we've spent together now, but obviously he thought it was a nice excuse for having some more spanking fun with me over his knees. Finally, Ludwig was content and let me back up.
"When the kids grow older," he exclaimed, "we can do this more often again." In contrast to Ludwig, I can still imagine having another baby, though, and so I replied sheepishly: "Hey, if that's what you want, I would even take a few 50-stroke canings, if we could have another child in return. Wouldn't that be a deal?" Of course, Ludwig wouldn't have me lure him into that. Instead, he grinned and teased me: "Oh, we shouldn't. With another pregnancy, your hips might become even broader than they already are."

Now, before anyone cries out about body shaming – I am the one who always bemoaned my broader hips and round bottom (even before I was pregnant), not Ludwig. While Ludwig generally finds slim bodies more attractive optically than broader ones (the same is true for me), he never minded my broader hips or the way my body has changed as a mother. That said, even though I have gained a bit of weight, I am not totally unhappy with my new body, either, since I think that the waist-hip-ratio fits better today than it did before. Not to mention the knowledge of and gratefulness for the incredible things my body has done to present us with two wonderful children. So, Ludwig knew that his teasing wouldn't really hurt me, but he also knew that he would catch my attention with his words – and he did!

Immediately I sat down, pulled him over my knees and began to spank his bottom vigorously. Ludwig protested, but when he murmured something along the lines of "Just saying", all he got was me pulling his pants down and spanking his bare bottom even harder. "Hey, I didn't do that!" he pouted, half seriously and half playfully, and both grinned and winced under my smacks as his bottom was turning redder and redder with every blow. I put as much force behind the final ones as I could muster and finally came to the conclusion that I had made my point.

Ludwig stood up and rubbed his bottom. I looked at my hand and with astonishment exclaimed: "I am bruised!" Indeedm my hand was crimson red and a few little bruises were already visible. For some reasons Ludwig didn't seem to feel very sorry for me, though ...

And so, after putting the chair and Ludwig's clothing back to were it belonged, we continued to ponder and discuss the important choices that we have to make in the upcoming months. The spanking had just been a short intermezzo, but it was a nice way to clear our heads for a moment. And totally unplanned as it was, our first spanking in the 2020s even saw both of us on the giving as well as the receiving end.

How about you? Have you already spanked someone or been spanked this year? Was it planned or did it happen spontaneously? You are very welcome to share your story in the comment section!



No spankings yet. perhaps next month. I have not had an unplanned spanking for decades (two decades that is), I miss the spontaneity. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

We saw the new year in with our version of the twelve grapes tradition. Instead of grapes my other half gave me twelve strokes of the cane. A classic caning must always be on the bare with no warm-up. I do struggle with that but I love it too!

Simply Red

Donpascual said...

How good to hear, once again, that the kink cannot be buried deep enough not to re-emerge eventually :-)). Obviously, you did it in style and with appropriate force!

May the gods watching over spankoland give you enough free time to keep up with it.


Anonymous said...

What no pictures of her pretty red bottom with the first spanking of the yr ?


Kaelah said...

@ Spankedhortic:
I keep my fingers crossed for your first spanking of the year to happen soon, Prefectdt!

@ Simply Red:
Sounds like a good way to start into the New Year! :-)

@ Donpascual:
Thank you! I wish you lots of fulfilling spanking experiences in 2020, too.

@ Daddy:
Nope, no pictures this time, I'm afraid!