Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Kaelah's Corner (Feb 2021):
Trying Out New Kinks

Welcome to another belated edition of Kaelah's Corner. The pandemic still has us in its grip (I just mistakenly wrote in tits grip, whatever that means ;-) ). I came to realise that Covid-19 doesn't only affect our private lives and kink, but of course the businesses of kinky sex workers and producers, too.

Some of them have made a virtue out of necessity and have begun to shoot more solo material and use the more intimate setting to try out new kinks. Among them are Ariel Anderssen (aka Amelia-Jane Rutherford) and Leia-Ann Woods. Pandora / Blake also had to find new ways to make clips for Dreams Of Spanking. And among their new clips there are a few solo ones as well.

My own fantasies don't always revolve around CP any more, either, but also around more BDSMy and more explicit things. I suppose it's nothing I really want to try out for real, but it is fun to play around with the idea of having sex in front of others or with a group of women in my fantasies.

And so I also enjoy watching more explicit stuff nowadays. One kink that especially caught my interest when looking through Leia-Ann's new videos was humping things / grinding. Funnily, Pandora / Blake just put up a new video which involves that as well. Of course that kink is predestined for solo videos – and for solo action at home.

Now, in stressful times, I am unfortunately very rarely in the mood for anything sexual. But one evening when I had the equally rare situation of being all alone in front of my computer, looking at some kinky videos made me want to experiment a bit with a table, too. And indeed I found it a very satisfying experience.

The day after I told Ludwig about it, and he was very eager to watch when I experimented the next time. I was a bit unsure at first – it's already hard for me to get into the right headspace when I am alone nowadays, having my husband watch is not something that makes it easier (when I am playing out scenarios with spectators in my head, they are all fictional and nameless). Fortunately Ludwig understands that – he completely loses his focus when I try watching him going solo, too.

But a few days later I gave it a try, nonetheless, and while it was a bit more difficult to get in the right headspace, it worked. And so I got to share my new experiments with Ludwig, and he enjoyed watching my sexual self which comes out so rarely these days.

It made me think about what the fellow kinksters among us who are solo do in these times. Is trying out new things and maybe sharing them with play partners via video a way to get through this pandemic? Experiences, anyone?


Simon said...

I am all in favour of trying new things, indeed frequently do, but despite having met, punished, been punished by and enjoyed the company of both Leai-Ann and Pandora/Blake these clips leave me cold. I appreciate that other people will enjoy them and understand the difficulty of making clips in the current crisis but they are just not for me. One type of clip I have discovered during the lockdown are scolding clips. They are not somethiong I had really tried before but I have enjoyed a number recently. Both Pandora/Blake and Leai-Ann have made clips of this type which I have enjoyed but the best scolder I think is Amy Hunter whose scoldings are varied and exciting.


I've gotten another TENS machine, a vanilla one this time. On this one I can attach the pads to the right place on my rear end, select cycle 31 and crank up the intensity to max. From this I can get a sort of 30 minute electrical caning. Not as good as the real thing but the closest that I am going to get to playing during the present situation.


Donpascual said...

Corona leads to the weirdest things. I always thought, soloing was no fun. But following some experimenting in the b eginning, my spanker machine has become quite a satisfying partner. It also produces a pretty good pain level, at least with canes and whips.

There seem to be a lot of soloists around, these days. Some of them publish their efforts on spanking tube. Anal play can also be quite satisfying. I am experimenting with the spanker machine spanking vertically i.e. down the crack. For that, mounting the machine is a bit tricke. It takes some agility.

Rich Person said...

The Contemporary Life (http://allfairuse.com/) site has a gif on their main page of a girl using a table, but she's a little more exposed.


It's always an arresting sight to stumble on.

Val said...

Soloing, hmmm... old-fashioned way, can you call it ȚmissionaryȚ soloing, would that work? In a pinch, yes, it works.
On the adventurous side, Yes! to the tens machine, as noted by Simon said... above.

Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
I've watched scolding clips, too, and can see their appeal. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts!

@ Spankedhortic:
Your idea with the tens machines is indeed a very creative way of dealing with the lack of human-human-spanking action these days, Prefectdt!

@ Donpascual:
Using a spanking machine is of course one way to deal with the Covid-19 related lack of a human spanker. And you seem to be very creative with that machine, too! A vertical spanking, ouch... :-)

@ Rich Person:
A very nice gif, I agree! :-)

@ Val:
For someone who (in contrast to me) isn't scared of electricity, using a tens machine certainly seems to be an effective way of creating a spanking experience!

Pandora / Blake said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences! This video was a custom, and it was one of those fantasies which when I read the email, I thought "oh how strange, I don't get that at all, but I'm very willing to do it." And then when I shot it, I thought, "Oh! I get it! This is actually pretty hot!" I love how engaging with other people's fantasies expands my own horizons, and I'm delighted to hear that it helped expand your horizons, too!