Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Global Day(s) of Delurk 2014

We wish you all a Happy Love Our Lurkers Day or Global Day of Delurk as we like to call it on our blog. As our long-time readers know, we have a very special relationship to this day, which was created by Bonnie and is now organised by Hermione. Thanks a lot to both of you!

LOL Day is an annual event where spanking bloggers invite their silent readers to come out of the shadows and say hello. We appreciate you taking the time to read our blog, no matter whether you decide to write a comment, and we would like to thank you for that! As you can imagine, though, a two-way communication is admittedly more fun than writing to a silent mass. That's why we always like to hear from our readers and would like to encourage you to use this day to let us know you are out there.

This year will be your last chance to do so here, since our blog will be closed down next year. It would be great to hear from some of our silent long-time readers, but also to welcome those of you who have just recently discovered our blog and maybe also reconnect with those of you who might have written the one or other comment a long time ago and then fell silent. And of course our more avid commenters are heartily invited as well.

The reason why the Global Day of Delurk has got such a special meaning for the two of us is that our very first contact was on that occasion. Ludwig had already been writing this blog for more than half a year when Kaelah decided to write her very first comment on this blog and come out as a spanko on Love Our Lurkers Day 2008. The rest is history.

To give you an additional incentive for taking the step, we offer you a special vote. We have three as-yet-unpublished caning videos in store, and you can decide which one of them we will publish for free on Sunday, the 23rd of November. Here are the titles of the clips and some background information:

The Ballgown
There are many different spanking scenarios one can imagine. For this clip, we decided that it would be nice to have a caning dressed up in a festive attire. After all, the cane is a classy implement. This clip doesn't have any storyline, it is simply a festive caning in festive clothes.

A Bedtime Caning
This is a rather intimate video. At stressful times it can be difficult to fall asleep at night. So we thought that a bedtime caning might help to release some of the tension and make it easier to sleep well. A short OTK-cane seemed to be the most suitable implement for this endeavour.

Office Discipline
This clip is a role-play scenario. Mr Ludwig is a friendly boss, but he has very high standards. Each Friday evening it is time to look back at the week and talk about the things which didn't go so well and could be improved. And so his secretary knocks on his office door for their weekly jour fixe which does not only involve talking but also the cane.

We hope you like the three very different scenarios on offer. Please make your choice which one you would like to see! All videos involve one dozen cane strokes. Two of the canings are M/F and one is F/M. And two canings are on the bare while one is over clothes (but don't worry, you get to see the marks after all). We decided not to tell you which of the scenes involves what, exactly, and leave it to your imagination. This will hopefully make the vote all the more interesting and maybe also lead to some speculation and discussion between the commenters.

The vote will be open for one week, that is until Wednesday 19th, 11:59:59 pm German time. Votes of real delurkers (first-time commenters) will be counted twice! Anonymous comments will not count (please give yourself a nickname), and neither will comments who just say hello and do not make a vote.

With that, we wish you all two great Global Days of Delurk! Please don't be shy, we look forward to hearing from you. And we are curious to find out which clip the majority of our readers want to watch. To those of you who decide to remain silent: Thank you very much for reading and we hope you have a good time here at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast!


ronnie said...

Happy Global Day or Delurk

I'm afraid I do lurk but do love your blog and will be sorry to see you go.

Office Discipline for me.


Anonymous said...

please count another vote for Office Discipline

from a lurker.

gustofur said...

Ballgown, Hoping its M/F bare.

Hermione said...

Hi Ludwig and Kaelah,

Thanks for joining us for LoL 9. Ballgown, please.


Kaelah said...

@ Ronnie:
Thanks for having been the first to comment! Somehow your video choice doesn't surprise me... ;-)

@ Anonymous:
Welcome and thank you very much for commenting! Could you please tell me a nickname under which I should count your vote? As the post says, anonymous comments don't count, because I can't refer to you then. Or is "a lurker" your nickname?

@ Gustofur:
Thanks for your comment and your vote!

@ Hermione:
Thank you very much for organising this year's LOL Days! Your vote has been noted.


I love scenes to have a ceremonial aspect to them, so I vote for Office Discipline. Have a great LOL day.


Kaelah said...

@ Prefectdt:
It's wonderful to see that you are still here! I hope you are well and your eyesight is okay. I miss your blogging. Your vote will of course be counted.

Downunder Don said...

Hi Kaelah,
I am sad that this will be your last LOL Day as a blog but I know you will always be out there as lurkers yourselves.
I might be in the minority but Bedtime Caning please.

taurusegest said...

A delurk. Thank you for your entertaining efforts over the years and the very best for the future

taurusegest said...

Ooops! I forgot the important bit I vote for the office please

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

Hi Ludwig and Kaelah,

Sorry to hear that your blog will be closing! We wish you the best, and thanks for participating one final time. Happy LOL Day.

-Clint & Chelsea
Learning Domestic Discipline

Secret Spanko said...

I'm sad that y'all're calling it quits on the blog, but totally understand burnout and "haven't we said everything worth saying?" I've wrestled with that and have been doing it a lot less time than y'all. but I knew that today would probably/hopefully mean another caning video, and happy I was right.
It's a tough call- I like the idea of disrobing from a classy ballroom gown, I like the idea of an intimate bedroom scene, and the office scene is an archetype for good reason- it's hot to think about. But I'll go with the classy ballroom, because as y'all struggle with been there, done that... well, that scene seems to be the most original.

p.s is that the most uses of "y'all" ever seen in a single comment?

alex reynolds said...

Hi there!
I just wanted to comment and say that I haven't been able to keep up with blogs as much as I used to (alas!) but that yours will always be a favorite of mine. :)
I hope you two are well!

Anonymous said...

I join in with saying how sad it is that you will be closing the blog down.
I think Bedtime sounds the most fun.

Kaelah said...

Looks like Office Discipline is slightly ahead, but all three clips still have a good chance to win the vote. LOL Day is not over, yet, so please feel very welcome to say hi if you like!

@ Downunder Don:
Thanks a lot for commenting! Who knows, maybe there will be more votes for the Bedtime Caning? By the way, I forgot to mention that the last time: I love the kitty in your profile picture! Really cute. :-)

@ taurusegest:
A warm welcome to you and thank you very much for having taken the plunge! Your vote counts of course twice and I have already noted it.

@ Learning Domestic Discipline:
Thank you very much for your kind comment, Clint and Chelsea! A Happy LOL Day to you as well.

@ Secret Spanko:
That surely was the highest number of "y'all" that I've counted in a single comment. ;-) Your vote has been noted. And who knows, maybe everyone will be surprised to see how much different from the expected archetype the one or other clip turns out to be?! Grins.

@ Alex:
Happy to see you here! Thanks a lot for having taken the time to comment.

@ thelongbean:
Thanks a lot for your kind words! Maybe the Bedtime clip still has a chance to win if a few more commenters make the same decision as you.

Katie said...

Happy LOL Day to you both! :) First time visiting here. Nice to meet you! :)

My vote is for the bedtime caning! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Kaelah said...

@ Katie:
Welcome! Nice to meet you, too. Thanks a lot for commenting. I hope to hear more from you in the future. Your vote has made the chance for all three clips to win the vote quite even. :-)

Chross said...

Hi Kaelah and Ludwig,

I was a bit shocked to hear about the impending end of your blog - very sad news...:/

But that´s your decision, of course.

As I suspect the Bedtime clip to be F/M, I´ll go for the Ballgown clip.


Spearthrower said...


I will be very sorry to see your blog go. I have checked it week over the complete period and read avidly.

I think ballgown would be great. Like the ball season in Vienna (spankers' ball sounds great to attend).


fatfreddy said...

Office Discipline, please. And many thanks for your blog and all the effort you put into it.

(I posted this comment before, but it seems to have disappeared somewhere in the cracks.)

Kaelah said...

Wow, this is really a close vote this time!

@ Chross:
I can hardly imagine how you have managed to keep up such a regular blogging schedule for such a long time! Thanks for your kind comment and your vote is of course noted.

@ Spearthrower:
Wow, it's cool to realise that you have been following this blog so regularly for more than six years now! Thank you for that and for your kind words. I've already counted your vote.

@ fatfreddy:
Sorry to hear that your comment disappeared the first time you tried! Well, at least this time it worked out. Thank you for your nice comment. Your vote has been added to the list.

Rittersmann said...

Hi Kaelah and Ludwig,

although I've been always a silent reader of your blog it's very sad to read that you're planning to go offline! Why is this?

BTW: My vote goes to Office discipline

Best wishes from Schwabing!

New one said...

Ballgown, please!

Please: consider to _not_ destroy your blog after you made your final entry. Maybe you will have got something more to tell us some years in the future?!

Kaelah said...

This was really a close vote! Thanks to everyone who participated. It seems that Office Discipline is our winner. So, stay tuned for the video.

@ Rittersmann:
Thanks a lot for your kind comment and your vote! The reason why we plan to stop blogging is that others things are more important in our life right now and kink doesn't play such a big role in our relationship anymore as it used to.

@ New one:
Don't worry, we don't plan to destroy our blog! We will, however, most probably make it private some time. But we will definitely leave it up long enough after our last post so that everyone who wants to save the one or other post can do so.

Peter8862 said...

Dear Kaelah and Ludwig - Very sadly I have only just read this edition of your blog. My vote of course would have been for the Ballgown caning. But even more important are the most sincere thanks we owe you both for all the time and good sense you have put into the blog over the years. The end is sad indeed but very understandable. I wish you every happiness in the future.
Many hugs, Peter
PS - Any chance of seeing that Ballgown caning ? It would be somuch appreciated. I hope it was over the dress.

Kaelah said...

@ Peter8862:
Don't worry, the ballgown clip will definitely be published before we close the blog. And of course it is over the dress – I love whippings over the clothes from time to time and we also had you in mind when we made this clip. :-)