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Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2012):
Erotic CP And Body Parts

(A classical bare bottom caning. Picture courtesy of Mancspank.)

A while ago, Ludwig and I talked about ideas for future scenes, both with him and with me on the receiving end. One aspect that came up during that discussion was the question which areas of the body we like to smack, have smacked or watch being smacked. Of course, for extreme spanking purists, only the bottom area is game. Since Ludwig and I are both interested in the wider field of CP, our tastes are a bit broader, though. But still, some body areas have a bigger appeal for us than others.

For both Ludwig and me, the bottom of course remains the most important body part for CP play. No matter who of us is on the receiving end, whether it is in private play or on video and whether we are in the role of participants or actively involved, 95 per cent of the time it is all about the bottom. I assume that is because this area of the human body is the one that was traditionally most often used to administer CP.

(A back whipping for Ludwig administered by Leia-Ann Woods and Kaelah.)

But I, even more than Ludwig, am very fond of back whippings as well. Only with a flogger and only on the upper back, though. I love back whippings on the receiving end as much as I love the idea of a man being tied to a post, fully clothed from beneath the waist but with a nude upper part of the body, awaiting to be whipped across his back. This picture wonderfully fits my naval fantasies, even though I don't like the whippings to be as bloody as their real inspirations. Therefore, Ludwig's back whipping scene with Leia-Ann Woods and me on the administering end was a dream come true.

In our private play, Ludwig sometimes includes sensual floggings of my private parts as well. I like that, but not too hard. And it isn't of much interest for either of us when watching videos. On the contrary, in combination with severity, whippings on the breasts, pussy or the belly are a big turn-off, especially for me. A while ago I watched a trailer for a spanking clip which included a severe whipping with a single-tail whip on different parts of the body. After a very severe stroke that landed on her belly, the model sank to the ground from the pain. For me, that was a huge turn-off because it gave me the feeling that her femininity (the female womb is where babies are carried to term) was supposed to be destroyed by the whipping. I get the same feeling with severe floggings on private parts, no matter whether there is a man or a woman on the receiving end. In the context of a soft, rather erotic spanking, male private parts have as much appeal as female ones for me, though.

(A breast whipping for Pandora Blake. Picture courtesy of Spankingserver.)

I have been smacked on my hands with a tawse only once, but from this single experience I can say that I rather enjoyed it. Still, the hands are neither Ludwig's nor my favourite body parts when it comes to the visual aspect of CP. That's why it is very unlikely that a beating on the hand will ever feature prominently in our private play. And they aren't of much interest for us when it comes to watching CP clips.

People's faces are the mirror of their personality and their soul. Therefore, face slapping is a very delicate thing. Ludwig generally considers it ungentlemanly, although he believes that there are some film scenes and contexts where it can be interesting. For me, face slapping is a complete no-go, anyway, at least in my own play as a bottom or as a top. I agree with Leroy Jethro Gibbs (a fascinating character from the TV series Navy CIS) who said that a slap in the face was humiliating, a slap on the back of the head, though, was a wake-up call. I love the idea of an encouraging slap on the back of my head, but face slapping just feels too real for me, in a very unerotic way. Under very special circumstances, face slapping can be okay for me as a viewer, though. For example, if the spankee is depicted as a strong character who is completely unimpressed by the face slapping, or if the spanker doesn't get away with that kind of behaviour and gets his or her comeuppance for it.

Then, of course, we have bastinado, the lashing of the feet. Ludwig and I have tried this only on very rare occasions and I have to admit that I can't really eroticize the kind of pain it produces. And it doesn't have much appeal visually for either of us, so I guess we won't try it much more often in the future, either.

(Bastinado for Leia-Ann Woods.
Picture courtesy of Northern Spanking.)

Last but not least, there are the legs and the thighs. Except for very soft smacks, these body parts are a complete no-go for me as well. I neither like the kind of pain nor the sight of marks on the legs. And I am scared because of the bad healing rate when it comes to marks on my legs, which doesn't make it any better. Ludwig has never tried spankings on the legs as a bottom, and he doesn't have any intention to do so. And like me, he isn't fond of marks on the legs. For example, accidental or deliberate cane strokes on the legs during a caning that is mostly on the bottom destroy the picture of the marks from Ludwig's point of view. Since I totally agree with him on that, it is rather unlikely that the thighs and the legs will ever play a prominent role in our spanking scenes.

How about you? Are you a spanking purist believing in the bottom-only formula? Or are you interested in the CP of other body parts as well? Is there a difference, depending on whether you are an observer, on the administering or on the receiving end? And which body parts are your favourites under which circumstances? We would like to hear from you about it. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

As always, a thoughtful discussion. We are purists, in that the bottom is the prime interest. About once a month or so one or both of us gets a batten on the legs. No marks are left. Bacall likes it on her inner thighs, while I like it front and back.

Anonymous said...

I am the purist, spanking on the bottom is THE only game in town. Not that I dislike back whippings, thigh flogging etc in pictures or video they are just not on my kinky radar.

doclash said...

Kaelah, sorry to start a comment with this query about communication, but I have sent a few e-mails to you and Ludwig, on a subject I feel should be of interest to you both, but have received no acknowledgement. Hopefully this is not because you don't want to speak to me! I wonder if there is some problem whereby my e-mails are seen by gmx as spam, perhaps. My e-mail address is of the form alle*****~at~*****n~dot~net. Could I trouble you to have a look please and let me know if you have received anything from me? If not, any suggestions?

Returning to your interesting blog post, I think this is quite a complex subject from several viewpoints – sexual, emotional, psychological, physical and medical to name the main ones. I don't have space here to write a treatise, but answering your questions in the order you asked them, I would say:-

Yes, mainly the bottom, but not exclusively.

Yes, other parts to a certain extent also, mainly areas close to the bottom and thighs, but certainly not the abdominal area nor in the close vicinity of the kidneys (an important area which was deliberately well-protected during official judicial punishments). Light flogging on the upper back can be quite sensual, but breasts are an absolutely no-go area, as is the face/neck/head. Regarding hands and feet, foot flogging/caning does nothing nice for me, neither as an observer nor participant. The pain from thrashing of the hands (with a tawse or light cane) is something I have never enjoyed, although some people do seem to really like receiving this if it is done properly; and I can get a certain amount of pleasure in administering it skilfully and watching their pain/pleasure reaction, or by watching others indulging in this form of play, but not if it is carried out clumsily, which can be dangerous.

As you will have gathered from the preceding answer, yes, there are significant differences depending on role, be it observing, administering or receiving, but I am not going to give away all my secrets here! That precludes my answering the next questions about favourites under different circumstances, although I have written a few scenarios which some people like.

You will know from previous posts I have some pretty strong views on safety - I did promise to try to write something about the risks of blood/bleeding in kinky play, but unfortunately I have not found the time yet. As a general safety point, however, I consider it very important to limit (within reason) the severity of play, stopping before there is significant bleeding and trying to avoid deep bruising (muscle contusion). Where this sort of injury has occurred and is severe, nasty complications can result from leaving it untreated (various horrendous forensic photos on internet if you care to search). Where anyone indulges in punishment of what might perhaps be described as “more delicate parts” such as the breasts or genitals, it is even more important to set sensible limits and not take things too far. Injury likely to lead to the development of permanent scar tissue, especially on those “delicate” areas, is to be avoided at all costs as it is disfiguring and potentially desensitising and may give rise to other medical problems. Dangerous examples of how NOT to administer sensible, consensual, corporal punishment abound on the internet and provide quite sickening and worrying viewing, potentially bringing the whole scene into disrepute.

Ludwig said...

@ doclash: We did receive your email. It's just that Kaelah and I have both been extremely busy recently, and have not had time to respond to kinky correspondence. I am going to take care of your email (and the others we have received in the last week or two) today, though.

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Ich denke jeder hat seine ganz persönlichen Vorlieben. Und jeder hat schon mal festgestellt, was mit dem einen Partner gar nicht ging war mit einem anderen saugeil.

Egal auf welcher Seite man sich befindet! Mein Favorit ist der Popo, aber auch die Marine Fantasien kann ich nachvollziehen, meine gehen da eher in Richtung Mittelalter.

Aber was ist bei allen NO GO und allen TABUS wirklich wichtig? Doch zu berühren und berührt zu werden!

Genau dann macht eine unerotische und ziemlich riskante Ohrfeige manchmal doch Sinn!

Grundsätzlich würde ich nichts ausschließen, doch was tatsächlich passiert hängt immer vom Zusammenspiel der Partner ab.

Und Fantasien sind nun mal dazu da verwirklicht zu werden! Man muss nur Aktivitäten zeigen, dann klappt das auch!

Fenris said...

As a spanko among spankos, I don't think I have to elaborate on the preferred target.
Back-whipping has some appeal though, but in moderation.
I never thought about as breasts, private parts or the belly as a target. That feels just very violent without any erotic appeal to me, non regarding the safety issues.

Spankedhortic II said...

I do like getting it best on the bottom but I like it on other bits too. caning on the thighs and flogging on the back are my next two favourites. Strapping, tawsing and very occasionally caning on the hands has the added benefit of being able to look the disciplinarian in the face during administration. Due to some issues with my feet, bastinado is no longer an option. Frontal abdomen and face are hard limits for me but the front of the thighs are an option for real punishment, as in I'll do it but I do not like it there.

I do like long drawn out spanking sessions and spreading the play around the body a bit does help to reduce impact stress on any one particular area.


Nimue said...

This is an interesting blog, and something I've thought about on a few occasions. I definately love the cane and spanking on my bottom - but for a long time health issues meant that my pain tolerance in that area was stupidly low, and I had to find other areas of the body to play on. During this time I got very much into back whippings - especially with a stingy flogger or a singletail, and the cane and spanking on my chest (not actually on my breasts, but just above them)

I have never been a fan of pussy flogging - either recieving or as a viewer. I find I'm too tender in that area to be able to turn the pain into anything enjoyable. I also struggle to take pleasure in punishments on my hands and feet, but I haven't tried them as much, and am willing to try more to see if that changes!

bottomrouge said...

Warnings on safety by doclash do a lot of sense make, also about "over top" stuff on internet. I stick to moderate to severe punishment on usual safer places and like some more gentle on parts more tender also. Those models consenting to brutal and extreme "Lomping-type" abuse with usual instruments (plus worse with other nasty things like telephone wire, needles, stationery cupboard nipple/labia clamps etc) must risk bad injury and complications later and surely cannot enjoy much of punishment - hope well paid for pain. Blood is a problem for infection. Maybe doclash could find time to write about it for us?

Kaelah said...

@ Our Bottoms Burn & Fred Bloggs:
I assume there are quite many spankos who are more or less purists. I guess that doesn't mean that erotic CP involving other body regions is necessarily squicky to them, but it isn't part of their personal (primary) focus and preferences.

@ doclash:
Your query is fine, others might ask themselves the same question if they don't hear from me for some time after having sent me an e-mail. My e-mail address works fine, and I didn't have any problems with e-mails being seen as spam so far. But when I'm very busy, it sometimes takes me several days or even weeks to answer e-mails. So, I would like to ask everyone who sends me an e-mail for a little patience. I definitely do answer e-mails, but sometimes it can take a while.

Thanks a lot for sharing your view on the topic! I am absolutely with you about safety and accuracy. I have to admit that I have never come across any reports of lasting injuries through spanking / whipping activities (except from weak spots), though. Should you ever find the time and leisure to write about that topic, you are very welcome to share your thoughts, either in the comment section of this or the older post. :-)

@ Spankingfreunde:
I agree with you that limits can vary depending on the situation and one's spanking partner. I am sure that there can also be hard limits, though, which are context-independent. Face slapping is such a hard limit for me, especially as a bottom. Ludwig and I tried it twice very softly, but for me it immediately brought up pictures of real-life abuse (not that I experienced such a kind of abuse myself, but still face slapping for me is somehow strongly connected with that association). So, we decided that it's a hard limit.

@ Fenris:
As I already wrote in my reply to Our Bottoms Burn and Fred Bloggs, I assume there are quite many spankos who are more or less purists.

I think that is not completely true for Ludwig and me, though. That's why Ludwig already wrote in the subtitle of the blog that the blog is about erotic CP (which, in contrast to spanking, doesn't only mean slaps with the hand on the bottom). And I am not only interested in erotic CP that is administered with different implements and to various body regions but also in bondage / restraints, blindfolds and the like. But still, Ludwig's and my main focus is and remains on the bottom, even though we enjoy a wider range of erotic CP and other kinky activies as well.

And I can relate to your observation that certain forms of whippings are connected with associations of real violence. I wouldn't even say that they are really dangerous if administered with accuracy in a consensual context. But I guess if we aren't into a certain fetish, images depicting that fetish can bring up very negative associations instead of erotic ones.

Kaelah said...

@ Spankedhortic:
You've definitely raised an important point here! When it comes to more intense spanking play, being able to spread the play around the body can indeed be a good thing. Ludwig and I usually don't play so intense or often that we have to care about that, but, for example, for spanking parties or also spanking shoots (I like the target area to be “virginal” at the beginning of a spanking in a video), varying the target area sounds like a good idea indeed.

@ Nimue:
Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on the subject. :-) Health problems can of course also be a reason why being able to enjoy erotic CP that includes different body regions can be a very good thing! I don't think I have ever really deliberately tried spankings on the chest, but it sounds interesting. And it doesn't bring up the negative associations which for me go along with severe breast whippings.

@ bottomrouge:
Welcome and thanks for commenting! :-) As I already wrote in my reply to doclash, I have never come across any first-hand stories about lasting injuries caused by spanking / whipping activities. The only exception are the so called “weak spots” which are likely to bleed more easily during a spanking. As far as I know, they aren't caused through very severe play on rare occasions, though, but through very regular play, even if it isn't too severe. Ludwig and I try to avoid weak spots by not playing too regularly and giving the skin enough time to heal in between play sessions. It would indeed be interesting to hear more about that topic, though. Maybe doclash finds the time to write a longer comment about that topic one day.

Nimue said...


As a model who has done needle play and severe pussy clamping (both on film and in private play) and other extreme bdsm activities outside the CP spectrum for many years now, I can assure you that I have never had any bad injury or complications later down the line, and I do get pleasure from the activities. I know it is not always the case for all producers, but those I work with will not hire models who are only into it for the money, they will only work with models with a genuine interest in the subject.


I find hand spanking on the chest really pleasurable, it allows more of a thuddy sensation than actually spanking on the breasts. I like the visual of breast whippings, but dont like the sensation of it myself.

Kaelah said...

@ Nimue:
Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and your informed opinion on the subject! :-)

Hand spankings on the chest somehow remind me of the time when I watched professional wrestling as a kid. The wrestlers often use "chops" on the chest. I assume that's because they make lots of noise and look impressive, but are safe and don't cause any damage if applied with accuracy. :-)