Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Non Compos Mentis

I received a wonderful compliment from Ludwig. I am blessed because he always says many loving and complimentary things. And normally, sexual compliments aren't the most important ones to me.

But this was special because it was said wholeheartedly in a mental and physical state that didn't allow for too much rational thinking and planning. One might also say that Ludwig was non compos mentis at the time. After some loving activities, which I won't describe in detail here (I'm shy, you know?), Ludwig looked up at me, still in a daze, and asked in reference to Pandora's kinky merit badges: "Is there a sex goddess merit badge as well?"

Don't worry, I'm not so arrogant to believe that I am a sex goddess or anywhere close to it. But it is wonderful to know that with the close bond and the mutual understanding between us, I can help Ludwig to get into a state of happiness in which he for a short time believes that I might be one after all...

Normally, Ludwig likes to mock me, even in a state of dizziness after I have attended to him. For example, by asking who I am and telling me not to inform his girlfriend about what we have just done. Because she is quite jealous, you know?

I usually don't need to give Ludwig any verbal feedback about his abilities as a lover. My physical and vocal reactions are evidence enough. Ludwig loves to tease me by repeating my expressions of enthusiasm afterwards. He likes to joke that we should make different kinds of videos for those viewers who prefer more vocal reactions. It seems it is only during spankings that I'm rather stoic. Well, not always, either.

Anyway, I am definitely not the most experienced person when it comes to sex. After all, Ludwig is my first and only partner. I'm sure about one thing though: For me, affection, bonding and love are the things that make sex one of the most wonderful inventions on earth. Because with affection it is a rewarding experience to take the time to find out about one's partners preferences and desires and to attend to them. The emotional bonding on the other hand allows us to let go and enjoy what is coming.

Of course that goes for spanking as well. Without affection and trust it can't work out in my opinion. Maybe the two are even more important when it comes to kinky play compared to vanilla sex. With affection and trust we can explore even those things which we might at first be too shy to talk about.

I'm in the extremely wonderful situation to have found a mate with whom I can share all that. One who says wonderful things to me, even when he is not in an ecstatic mental state.

I have to admit that I'm curious, though: What are the most funny or the most beautiful things which you have ever said or been told in a dizzy state after an intense spanking scene or some other sexual activity? Did you ever say something for which you refused to take any responsibility later, claiming that you were non compos mentis at the time?


Erica said...

What a lovely thing to say to you. :-)

Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything unusual or funny I've said in that state. I do tend to invoke the names of religious figures I don't believe in.

Donpascual said...

We aren't very talkative either. It is a state of intense bliss and satisfaction that communicates itself without words. I am leaning more to touching and stroking.
All the more wonderful such jokes as "don't tell my girlfriend" :-)).

Olli said...

While reading your posting it reminded me to the "Geschichte der Kugelmenschen" - I'm sorry, but I didn't find an english version, but here is the german one:


My girlfriend and I are such a "Kugelmensch" and it seems that you and Ludwig are one, too - I often had that idea when I read the descriptions of the way you treat eachother. That's a very great thing I think and people like us can't be thankful enough for finding "the other half".

But up to your question - I remember that few months ago, even after having really fulfilling, setisfacting sex, I talked to my heart in a quite romantic manner. I can't remember, what exactly I said, only a few sentences, but I'll nevver forget her eyes after that and up to now I can hear her words: "I never heard such a impressive and touching declaration of love - you make me as glad as...as...there's no word for it...!"

And yes, I think, these high-level-moments just after having sex can be the most honest situations we may have with our mates...

Fesse_Meurtrie said...

I think the most flattering compliment I ever received after a lovely, satisfying evening of spanking and sex (with practically no alcohol) was, "Wonderful spanking, wonderful sex! I felt your spirit went through me from the top of my legs to the top of my head then down to the tips of my toes!"

I still remember this after many years and I am sure she really meant it at the time, but for me the warm glow was quenched when a week later she admitted she was having an affair with her boss and had been for nearly three months. We split up almost immediately and never saw each other again, yet in spite of that I still fondly remember that night and what she said. I wonder if she is reading this, perhaps, or if she left the scene when we parted.

Changing the subject (and completely off topic), I am intrigued by your commenters' names and I was wondering if (assuming you have not done it already) you could do a piece on how people come up with the names for their spanking alter egos - it might be very interesting/amusing to know the histories if people are willing to talk.

Kaelah said...

@ Erica:
"I do tend to invoke the names of religious figures I don't believe in." - I think that's a very common reaction! ;-)

@ Donpascual:
You raised a very important point here. Touching and cuddles are indeed wonderful and important.

@ Olli:
Thank you for the link! The clip is very touching indeed. And it's great to hear that you have found your missing half, too. :-)

@ Fesse_Meurtrie:
Welcome and thank you very much for sharing your story! :-)

In my opinion it is great and very impressive that you can make a clear distinction between that wonderful experience which you made with your then-mate and her betrayal. That way you can still value what sounds like a truly wonderful experience, and the memory isn't destroyed by the sad events that happened afterwards.

Asking the readers about the origins of their nicknames is a nice idea! I have lots of topics on my "to-do-list" right now, but I will keep it in mind.

drwhippy said...

I think the funniest/oddest and the most touching comments I associate with spanking are both here. In the queue of the cafeteria at one of my places of work, I suddenly heard someone whisper in my ear, "You don't want a Chunky KitKat or anything like that. What you really want is a nibble of my bum!" I immediately recognised the voice of one of my younger female colleagues, whom I had known for about 16 years both as a work colleague and a friend. We had often exchanged slightly rude jokes, but this seemed a bit different. Nevertheless, I turned to her, laughing, and said, "What makes you think I should do that then?" Pressing close to my right ear, she whispered, "Because you know I really want you to, then you can punish me for being naughty, Doctor Whippy!" (I think that is probably the funniest/oddest spanking comment).

At that point the queue moved forward and we both laughed. She insisted on paying for my coffee and she even bought me a Chunky KitKat before we headed off to separate tables to join our usual cronies.

So far this might just seem like some light-hearted sexy banter between work colleagues/friends, but I began to get worried about how she knew my "spanko" name - after all, I had never spoken to her, nor to anyone else at work, about my proclivities.

This thought niggled at me for a few days until we happened to find ourselves alone in one of the conference rooms, awaiting some visitors who had been delayed by traffic. I was unsure quite what to say, but eventually commented that I thought it was a good joke she had made in the cafeteria queue, but why had she called me Doctor Whippy? She laughed and explained that during a training course which I had asked her to attend a couple of weeks previously, she had been having a few drinks with one of the tutors in the late evening. At some point in the conversation, she had said who her boss was (i.e. me), whereupon the tutor said, "Oh, you mean Doctor Whippy! I know him. Is he still into spanking, because he certainly was when he worked in the Department - that's how he got his nickname with us!"

(to be continued ... )

drwhippy said...

By sheer chance the tutor had turned out to be a former colleague from my academic research days, a time when I was a lot younger and wasn't too bothered about who knew what I was into. Fortunately my female colleague laughed off the tutor's remarks and said she had no idea that I had ever been a fan of spanking, then she quickly changed the subject.

Laughing nervously at her explanation, I asked, as light-heartedly as I could muster, whether she intended to blackmail me or whether my usual high marking of her annual performance report would be enough to buy her silence. She amazed me by her own now somewhat nervous response, telling me that of course she would never tell anyone, but that she herself had been interested in spanking for quite a while and would like to try it, but her husband had ignored her subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints. She said, "I know it's wrong to ask, but I was wondering whether you would like to try spanking me a little to see whether I actually like it or not. Only you and I would know; and, apart from my husband, you are the only person in the world I would trust to try it out with, as I know you wouldn't try anything on sexually and that you wouldn't force me to do anything against my will." (I think that's probably the nicest spanking comment I have ever received and her absolute trust almost moved me to tears).

Out of respect to my now ex-colleague (she has changed jobs), I will draw a veil over subsequent events, but some time later an initiation was arranged and proved to be very pleasant. She later persuaded her husband to go along with her kink and is very happy. We keep in touch and she reads your blog, so if you're reading this, *****, thanks for agreeing to let me post it as a comment.

No matter how rigorously we attempt to preserve our identity and/or kink, coincidences can expose us. Has anyone else been "rumbled" in such a manner and with what outcome?

coralpearl said...

I have sympathy for drwhippy being found out through coincidence, but it looks like it all ended OK. He's right that you can't guarantee to keep your kink secret, no matter what precautions you take. I have always been very careful to remain anonymous, but I too have been involved in what I would call a "double discovery" as a result of an unexpected coincidence. Fortunately, although it was extremely embarrassing, nothing really bad came of it and in fact it resulted in a highly amusing and flattering comment to me.

A while ago, I attended a "spanko speed munch" in a function room of an inn some distance from my home and work. This was like speed dating, but instead of males and females meeting, it had tops and bottoms meeting, with a few switches to even up the numbers in the two groups. The room was quite dimly lit and all went well for me for the first four or five "speed meets" then when the next move-around happened, I found myself sitting opposite a male top that I immediately recognised as my operations manager from work. He, of course, recognised me also and for a few moments we just stared at each other in embarrassed amazement, not knowing what to say. After what seemed a long time, he said, looking very stern, "Hello, xxxx, what are you doing here? You really ought to be ashamed of yourself coming to an event like this. I didn't think you were a girl like that!" I felt really horrified and must have looked terribly worried, but then, with an enormous grin, he continued, "But I must say I am really pleased to see you, because I always thought you had the most spankable ass I have ever seen!"

At that point we both collapsed into uncontrollable laughter until it was time for the next move-around and we continued on our separate ways, although I have to admit I don't remember much about the tops and switches I met after that incident.

On the way home, it occurred to me that, some weeks earlier, the manager had called me into his office to discuss a customer complaint for which he considered I had some responsibility. On entering his office, I thought he looked quite annoyed, so I had tried to lighten the situation by joking, "This looks serious, can I just take a seat or will I need to bend over the chair with my knickers down?" Fortunately, this had the desired effect of making him laugh and the rest of the meeting proved fairly amicable, albeit he made it clear that he felt I was at fault as regards the customer complaint. In the light of what had happened at the munch, I cringed to think I had made that joke about spanking, but I could not help wondering what his reaction might have been had he known of my kink.

When we returned to work the following week, it was as if the whole munch incident had never happened, the only acknowledgement being smiles and slight blushes when we happened to meet during the course of work. I still fondly remember that flattering compliment about my spankable ass, however!

Kaelah said...

@ drwhippy:
Welcome, and thank you very much for sharing your great story! Your friend can't even pretend to have been “non compos mentis” when she made that lovely compliment about your trustworthiness since she was completely clear-minded in that situation. :-)

It's good to hear that everything turned out so well. So far, Ludwig and I haven't experienced anything similar, but I hope that everything turns out so well, too, should anyone who knows us and whom we haven't told about our kink ever find out about our preferences.

Oh, and it is wonderful to hear that both you and your friend are reading our blog!

@ coralpearl:
A warm welcome to you as well, and thank you for having taken the time to write down that hilarious incident! Ludwig and I both laughed when we read your wonderful story. :-)