Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning

A wonderful weekend with Ludwig has just ended and I'm back on my own again. So, I decided that it is time to do some spring cleaning, here on the blog. I've reorganized the sidebars to make them a bit more practical for all those of you who want to use them to keep up with new blog posts on the blogs which we have listed. Some of the blogs in our blog roll have very regular postings, others have very irregular publishing schedules. From now on you will get to see the ten most recent posts in the sidebar, including the blog name, the name of the most recent post and a little excerpt from that post. By clicking on "show all", you can easily take a look at the rest of the blogs as well.

For those of you who have a Google account and want to follow our blog regularly, there is also a new add-on on our sidebar. If you decide to become a follower, you get automatically informed about updates and don't have to check for updates yourself. I'm curious to see how many regular followers we will get.

What we don't have (yet?) is a Twitter account. I have to admit that I am reluctant to go to Twitter because I already have lots of difficulties with keeping up the blog while managing to read other blogs as well, let alone writing comments. If I decided to have a Twitter account, I would have to set myself strict limits and stay out of all the regular chit-chat for which many people use that platform. Because I can't afford to spend any more time with kinky online stuff. Nonetheless, I would like to ask our readers, so: Would it be of any interest for you to follow a Rohrstock-Palast Twitter account which provides you with information about new posts on this blog, maybe links to thought-provoking posts published by fellow bloggers and maybe also some occasional short real-time messages about topics which will be discussed on the blog in greater detail some time later? I would be happy to hear your opinion! Do you think a Twitter account provides any additional value? If yes, what should the tweets be all about?

Last but not least, I also added some new blogs to the blog roll which I would like to recommend to you:

The first one, Poppy's Submissions exists for a long time now already and is written by Poppy St Vincent. I hesitated to add the blog to the blog roll in the past because it is mainly about female submission, a topic neither Ludwig nor I are primarily interested in. But I found myself reading Poppy's blog quite often, nonetheless, because of her very thoughtful and eloquent posts. So, I finally decided to add her blog to the blog roll because I think that Poppy's beautiful writing style makes her blog definitely worth a read.

The second new blog, The Blog of Fred, is only half a year old, but written by a veteran, Fred Bloggs. He provides a wide range of topics and writes not only about spanking but also about life as a nudist, political ramblings and the like. I waited a while with adding his blog in order to see whether the blog contains enough erotic CP related stuff to add it to our blog roll. It seems that spanking is indeed the main focus of the blog, though, and Fred offers very interesting and often refreshingly different insights in his spanking adventures and preferences as a switch. For all those who are looking for a change from the common M/F discipline and submission theme, Fred's blog is one of the places to go.

The third newbie is very new indeed, but also written by a well-known blogger (and model). Leia-Ann Woods has explored her toppy side for some time now, and finally decided to write about her explorations on the administering end of the rod on a separate blog called Miss Woods – The Doctor will be with you shortly. I have to admit that I'm a bit sad about the separation because I very much enjoy blogs that offer tales about topping as well as bottoming adventures, and spanking stories which involve different gender constellations. But I guess I'm representing a minority here, otherwise there wouldn't be so many blogs that focus strictly on certain constellations out there and so many people who write separate blogs for different gender constellations. However, I've added Leia-Ann's new blog to the blog roll, so that I, and you, can follow her adventures on the bottom as well as on the top side.

Last but not least, I've added a brand new blog, Holloway's Road, written by none other than Dreams Of Spanking's male shooting star Jimmy Holloway. Of course it could be that I am biased because I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy in person, but in my opinion Jimmy already offers in his first few posts many very fascinating and thought-provoking topics, plus a great writing style and also self-made illustrations. Being an opinionated male submissive who has also discovered his toppy side, Jimmy offers very nice thought-fodder for the open-minded. A fresh blog definitely worth checking out.

So much for the spring cleaning. I hope you like the new look of Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast. As always, feedback and suggestions are very welcome. It would be especially great to hear some opinions about Twitter.


Pandora Blake said...

Here are my very biased answers to your questions:

The new look is neat and tidy but my blog isn't one of your "six of the best" any more, which makes me sad. Clearly I'll just have to post more often.

I'd love to have you on Twitter! It would be awesome to have another way we could chat, even if only from time to time :)

Kaelah said...

@ Pandora:
Your blog is definitely still one of our "six of the best", and you post regularly enough, too! :-) As a matter of fact, I have no clue how you manage to keep up two blogs in addition to everything else you do.

Ludwig and I just faced the problem that some of our "six of the best" blogs had either changed a bit or didn't post very regularly any more. But we still like them, so we didn't want to "throw them out". Plus, we didn't know which of the other blogs to add instead because the "six of the best" were supposed to represent a certain mixture, and it would have been difficult to maintain that. And, finally, Ludwig and I have of course slightly different favourites. I'm not kidding when I'm saying that there wouldn't have been any discussion about your blog, though. :-)

We would have preferred to keep the "six of the best" if we had found a good solution for the selection and maintenance process. And maybe we will bring them back, once we have got a good idea of how to select the blogs.

In the meantime, the blogs that inspire us the most will be obvious through the references and links which we provide in our blog posts. :-)

Poppy said...

What a lovely compliment - thank you so much!

Kaelah said...

@ Poppy:
You are very welcome! :-)

MrJ said...

Following your blog with great pleasure - but Twitter would have no added value to me

Anonymous said...

A very pleasant surprise to be added to your blogroll. Thanks! I have been on Twitter from the start, I tweet as Pervy Thoughts. My blogs may have come and gone but I have always been on Twitter. I get a lot of ideas for blog posts from Twitter, plus a constant stream of kinky and spanking related information so I think Twitter is an essential tool for the kinky blogger.

Pandora said...

Kaelah, I was only teasing you but thanks for the explanation and very kind compliments about my blog. I don't always manage to keep them up but I feel better when I do.

Regarding Twitter, you clearly have a fairly even split in your readers' opinions so you should go with your gut. Do you want to? Do you think you'll be able to step away rather than trying to read everything? Then do it and it'd be awesome to have you around. If not, don't :)

Kaelah said...

@ Mr J:
Thanks a lot for your lovely compliment and for sharing your opinion about Twitter!

@ Fred:
You are very welcome! It seems to me that Twitter is an important medium for bloggers to stay in contact with each other and to see what is being discussed in the community. The constant stream of information is why I am a bit reluctant to join, though. I'm already investing very much time into blogging, e-mailing, reading others' blogs and commenting. I'm not sure whether I could manage Twitter in addition to that. Well, there is no need to hurry, I think I'll take some time to think about it.

@ Pandora:
I know that you weren't completely serious, but the “six of the best” concept is indeed important for Ludwig and me. We have already discussed ways of bringing them back! So, I guess they won't be gone forever. :-)

I think you are right about Twitter. It seems to me that it isn't so important as a medium that offers any added value to our blog readers. But, as I already said in my reply to Fred, I think it has become an important medium for bloggers and friends in the community to stay in contact with each other. I don't think that I can handle the additional information flow right now, but I'll take some time to think about whether joining is a good idea for me and how I should use Twitter in order not to spend too much time there.

Indy said...

I'm pro-Twitter, but with a few caveats. First, don't follow too many people, or it really is too time-consuming! Second, I'm told one can organize lists for different topics, but I haven't experimented with that. Finally, it's important to know that you can just read the tweets that refer to you or those by the friends you most want to keep up with by scanning for mentions or clicking on their usernames.

I find that following people on Twitter isn't so much about how much you like the person, but by how much you like their tweets. There are people whose blogs I find very interesting, but whose Tweets I don't, and vice versa. So you have to be prepared to be selective, even if it hurts some people's feelings.

If you don't join, then I'll just enjoy our conversations through our blogs and by e-mail. But it would be great to see you there!

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:
Thanks a lot for your tips concerning Twitter! I'm quite busy right now, but maybe I will give it a try in a few weeks' time and see whether (and how) it works for me. Being able to throw you under the bus via Twitter definitely is one of the strong pro arguments. ;-)