Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...But Not This Bear

One should never make generalisations. In my last post Bears Say It With A Slap... I showed you why I was totally convinced since my childhood that all bears are definitely kinky. And now Ludwig introduced me to the exception from that rule on YouTube. It's a commercial, but I think it is really hilarious. Watch the little clip and decide whether to shoot that poor little bear or not. And then make up ideas what else the hunter and the bear should do. Well, my first choice was of course: “A hunter spanks a bear.” And as you can see, that bear obviously isn't kinky...

But nonetheless there are other great options, depending on your personal fetish. Let's start with the innocent stuff. If you are into caring guidance fantasies and being tucked in you can try “sleeps”. For the M/M fans among us who don't only enjoy spanking but a good fight as well, “wrestles” is the first choice. Judging by his mask, the hunter seems to be a fan of Mexican wrestling, right? And since we already had so much fun with football here on this blog (well, at least I had a lot of fun flogging Ludwig), this is an option I 'd like to recommend, too.

Surely not everyone's cup of tea are the more explicit scenes you get to see when typing “pisses” (sorry, the more polite word “pees” doesn't work...) and “farts”. And for those who are into M/M hardcore scenes, well, the word you have to fill in is obvious, isn't it? By the way, I've rarely seen so many nice comments about male homosexual hardcore sex. Even from male viewers! And I think that is already a good reason to mention this bear here, even if he is not kinky.

Or maybe I just didn't choose the right words to find the kinky clips?! Any ideas anybody?


Anonymous said...

Not much, but... Try "sew".

Anonymous said...

try "moons"

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous (1+2?):
Thanks a lot for your suggestions! To me it seems that the hunter is more into spanking than the bear, right? At least the bear definitely isn't a bottom... ;-)