Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Reunion (Part 2)

[Hi everybody! This is part two of my first-ever spanking story. You can find part one here. I hope you'll enjoy this little piece of spanking fiction. To my mind at least it proves without any doubt that INTJs can write kitschy stories! ;-) By the way, there is a reference to the Global Day of DELURK in the story, I'm curious if anyone finds it...]

After a while it suddenly became easier to cope with the pain. David's gaze fell on the mirror to his right. He could see himself there and his wife Evelyn standing next to him, swinging the hairbrush vigorously. The picture was completely surreal and yet so close to the fantasy scenarios that had so often entered his mind. He took a closer look at Evelyn. She looked incredibly sexy with the hairbrush in her hand. And she still had that special shimmer in her eyes. Her dress gently moved with every stroke she administered. Yes, she definitely was the woman of his life. Like in a daze, David absorbed the pictures and the feeling of closeness. He knew that this day somehow marked a new era of their relationship and he wanted his wife more than he had in what seemed quite an eternity.

Suddenly, he realized that the spanking had stopped. From somewhere far away he heard Evelyn's voice. “Do you know why you are getting spanked?” The words made him shiver. “Because I made fun of your diet?” - “No! It's because you're the most precious person I have in my life and I want you to take good care of yourself. I need you and I don't want to lose you because you don't take your health issues seriously. Do you understand that?” Her voice had become very soft now and he could hear her love and care in every single word. “Yes, I understand. I'm sorry, I will be more careful in the future.” - “Oh, and in the future I would also like you to tell me when you've got certain fantasies I might fulfil for you. Like the stories in those magazines, you know?” David's eyes widened. She had found his spanking magazines??? She knew about...?

Again, she didn't give him time to think. “Okay, six more strokes to drive the lesson home, and I want you to count them!” Before he could answer, the first stroke struck its target. “One!” he pressed out through gritted teeth. The next one was even more severe and he could hardly suppress a moan. “Two!” Now every stroke became harder than the previous one. Evelyn really laid on on him. “Three!” - “Four!” - “Five!!!” he didn't manage to take those without wriggling and some yelps. “Final stroke”, Evelyn announced. “Since you've read so much about this topic, what do they say about the last stroke?” she asked. Damn it, she really was well informed. There was no point in trying to fool her. “It's always the hardest”, he answered duly. - “That's correct.” With these words she drove the last stroke and the lesson home. This time David couldn't suppress a loud “Ouch!”. He buckled under the wave of pain, but managed to stay in position. He caught his breath and finally managed to bring out a: “Six.”

“You may stand up, I'm very proud of you.” Evelyn lay down the wicked hairbrush. David stood up and she embraced him. “Was that what you were looking for?” she asked softly. “Yes.” was all he could answer. They held each other tight and in the mirror David caught a glimpse of his dark reddened bottom. This was strange, this was surreal and this was what he had been seeking for a long time.


Meanwhile about 30 miles away a schoolgirl and her headmaster were arriving back home. Kiara had just taken off her jacket when Roger announced: “Go upstairs into my study and wait for me there. I expect to find you standing in the corner facing the wall. Think about what you've done and what's about to come.” “Yes, Sir”, Kiara turned around and went upstairs. Roger looked after her. She was incredibly sweet in her school uniform. He decided to let her wait for a while and went into the kitchen to make himself some tea. The built-up of a scene was usually as exciting as the scene itself and he wanted to give Kiara and himself enough time to savour the thrill.

Kiara stood in the corner of Roger's study like she had been told. It had been three weeks since she last stood here. They had both been very busy and there hadn't been much time left for play. On the blackboard on her right there were still the explanations and drawings related to the Pythagorean Theorem from their last play. Kiara checked her hair and straightened her skirt. She wanted everything to be neat when he came in. There were those butterflies in her stomach like every time when she was standing here waiting for him to enter the room. It was the wonderful thrill of fearing what was about to come and yet longing for it.

She heard footsteps and the snapping of the door. Roger, or more precisely the headmaster, entered the room. He passed her and sat down behind his desk without saying a word. She stared at the wall, only hearing the pounding of her heart. She felt his eyes resting on her and her excitement grew with every second. Eventually he broke the silence. “Come here, young lady.” It was the stern, no-nonsense sound of his voice that always made her shiver. She turned around and stood still in front of his desk, looking at her shoes.

“Look at me, Kiara!” he ordered. Her eyes met his. “I don't think I have to tell you much about making fun of me in public, do I? We have talked about this topic, numerously, but you don't learn the easy way, do you?” Kiara didn't say a word and just looked at him with the big puppy eyes she always made in situations like this. As usual he didn't seem to be impressed. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” he asked. Kiara didn't want to fight him, not today. So she only answered: “It was just supposed to be a harmless joke, Sir.” - “A joke that didn't suite you as a schoolgirl, right?” Kiara nodded silently. “Do you agree that this matter must be addressed?” Again she nodded: “Yes, Sir.”

“Okay, then. Since you seem to learn only the hard way, I suppose I have to be a bit more strict with you this time. Fetch me the cane, Kiara.” These words made her stomach churn and caused a certain wetness at the same time. Kiara went to the cabinet in which the implements of correction were stored, opened it and took out the Senior Cane. Referentially and carefully she brought it over to the headmaster, who had stood up from his chair, and offered it to him. It was a beautiful specimen, 5/16 inch thick and 33 inches long, with a crooked handle. The headmaster took the cane from her. “Bend over the desk.” Kiara did as she was told. She felt her skirt being raised and her white cotton school knickers being pulled down. It made her feel deliciously vulnerable to stand in front of him like that. She grabbed the far end of the desk and prepared herself for the first stroke.

She felt the cane tapping against her bottom. Then it drew away, she heard a sharp swish and felt the first stroke landing. A second later the stripe across her bottom began to burn. She clawed the edge of the desk and tried to keep the position. The second stroke fell, just above the first one. Stroke on stroke rained down on her, until her bottom was covered with neat horizontal stripes from the top down to the curve where her bottom met her legs. The severity of the strokes brought her right to her limit without breaking her. She wriggled, she moaned and she hissed through her gritted teeth, but she managed to stay on top.

“Are you sorry for having made fun of me in front of all those people?” Kiara took a few seconds before she answered the question. “Quite frankly, no, Sir”, she responded, “I wanted to do this for a long time and it was just too much fun, so I didn't want to miss the opportunity.” Now Roger couldn't suppress a smile. Kiara and her disarming honesty. Kiara turned her head with a grin on a her face and for a moment they just looked at each other, smiling. Then Roger went back into the role of the headmaster. “I appreciate your honesty, young lady, but it seems I have to make my stand a bit clearer.” With these words he raised the cane again. Three more strokes fell down on Kiara in rapid succession. The speed didn't give her any time to breathe. She acknowledged the final strokes with a loud “Ohhh, sh...!” and then she lay limp over the desk trying to catch her breath.

Roger admired his handiwork. All stripes were perfectly horizontal and there was no unmarked space left on Kiara's bottom. He had enjoyed Kiara's restrained but still visible reactions. And from the dizzy but content look in her eyes it definitely had been enough to take her to some happy place. “Stand up, young lady, get ready for bed and wait for me in the dormitory. I'm going to check whether you did as I told you.” Kiara got up, hugged him and gave him a kiss and then quickly left the room. Roger straightened his headmaster gown and put the cane back were it belonged.


In another place two sweating bodies were wrapped around each other. David didn't feel sick any more at all. While he and Evelyn satisfied their hunger for each other, an adult schoolgirl was tucked in by her headmaster and fell asleep in his arms. And somewhere on the skirts of the wood a rabbit and a hedgehog whispered their goodnights.


simon said...

i injoyed reading part two of the story because it had my two words in it and it also took me to a happy place thank simon.

Val said...

Excellent, thank you for the second stroke... mmmm, I mean part, so quickly.
About the Delurk Day reference, here is my best guess: it is not actual reference to the specific event, more to the action of delurking: where Evelyn helps David come out of the shadows by the little scene she contrives to delurk herself, albeit with David's subconscious help.

Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
Thank you, it's great to hear that the story took you to some happy place! :-)

@ Val:
You are right, the scene featuring David and Evelyn indeed can be seen as a reference to the act of delurking. There is a second, more literal reference to the Delurk Day, though!

Ursus Lewis said...

This wonderful story, makes hungry for more... Kaelah, is there anything you can't do? You seem to be an excellent blogger, acting in spanking videos both as top and bottom and now, we all discover, you also write brilliant stories. Chapeau!

Michael said...

Excellent, excellent, Kaelah, very well done and I enjoyed it immensely. And a thank you to Ludwig for his able assistance. :)

Kaelah said...

@ Ursus:
Thanks a lot for the compliments! *blushes* I'm glad you liked the story. :-)

@ Michael:
It's great to hear you enjoyed the story! :-) Ludwig checked the complete first part of the story for grammar and spelling mistakes. Since he didn't find many, he decided that I should take the plunge and post the second part without his help. I'm always reluctant to do that and prefer having a safety net. But I guess he is right, I'm old enough to post my blog entries without any help. And should there be anything wrong, well, I'm not a native speaker and I guess no one really cares about little mistakes as long as it is still obvious what I mean...