Thursday, October 21, 2010

Global Day of Delurk 2010

Today is the fifth annual Love Our Lurkers Day. Or, as I like to call it, the Global Day of Delurk - I find that there is too much use of the acronym "LOL" on the internet, anyway. Global Day of Delurk just sounds more majestic, more pompous and more dignified. In short, more Ludwigesque.

Once every year, we spanking bloggers encourage our lurkers, the readers who read but never post any comments, the silent ones, the unknown ones, to use this day to step out of the shadows and say hello. So, if you fall into that category, you may hereby officially consider yourself invited. Whatever the reason for your silence up to now, be it shyness, lack of time or simply lack of a proper subject to comment on (are you serious, what with all the fascinating stuff that gets posted here?), now is the time to put it aside, even if only for a day. And if you are a long-time commenter, you should leave a quick message, too, because there will be prizes for it. More about that in a moment.

As always, the Global Day of Delurk is organised by Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts, who founded this venerable tradition in 2006 (thank you, Bonnie). Part of the tradition is that we always aspire to surpass the previous year in terms of the number of blogs taking part and the combined number of comments. Last year, we had 144 and 2,627, respectively. Quite a benchmark. 29 comments were left here, on Rohrstock-Palast. But despite my competitive edge and my fondness for Pythagorean-style number mysticism, I really am a quality-over-quantity guy. So if I had a choice between simply getting a comment flood or getting a small, but really interesting handful of delurks, I would gladly choose the latter.

Speaking of quality, the Global Day of Delurk will always be special to me because Kaelah (then known as K'Ehleyr) delurked here during the first one I took part in, back in 2008, and the rest is history. While nothing as impactful will ever happen to me on a Global Day of Delurk again, hearing from readers I never heard from before remains one of the fondest aspects of blogging for me. Unfortunately, I had to neglect the blog and my kinky correspondence a bit in recent months, which is why Kaelah has virtually taken over the palace (as dachshunds do, with any place they live). Not a problem in itself, as she is as good a blogger as I am. But I will aim to use this day as a launching point for myself as well, for getting back into the groove a bit. Of course, that will be easier if the day goes well for Rohrstock-Palast. Get it? That was the emotional blackmail part.

And if that does not convince you, there will be prizes, as I mentioned above. No, Kaelah and I are not going to do another reader-tailored spanking video. We still have not had time to shoot the last one we promised you (that should happen in two weeks' time), so committing to another video is really not an option. However, Kaelah is going to write a tailor-made spanking story for you, and here is how it works: every lurker who makes his (or her) first comment today can contribute five words which Kaelah will then write into a spanking story. They can be random words of your choice, or a phrase, the only thing that matters is that the maximum number of words is five. And if you are a regular commenter already, you can still contribute... let's be generous, two words to the story. How about a nice adjective-noun combination? I cannot wait to see the literary chaos that is undoubtedly about to ensue...

So, thanks again to Bonnie, and let the annual Global Day of Delurk begin! Also be sure to keep an eye on the master list at My Bottom Smarts to see what else is happening (probably many votes for many spankings given to many wives, girlfriends, husbands and boy-toys...).


Michael said...

Hi Ludwig, not a lurker but haven't commented here in a while. Happy LOL Day!

Chross said...

same is true for me!

Here are my two words:

"sword belt"


Kaelah said...

A happy Global Day of Delurk to all of our readers from me as well! Thanks a lot for reading the blog, whether as a lurker or as a regular commenter. :-)

"Global Day of Delurk just sounds more majestic, more pompous and more dignified. In short, more Ludwigesque." Okay, seems like the king is back... Well, actually Ludwig is rather a Maine Coon tomcat than a king. They look very majestic, too, they dominate the household they live in and they can be cruel, but they also need some attention, cuddling and love from time to time. So, don't be scared by the pomp, just say hello!

"Unfortunately, I had to neglect the blog and my kinky correspondence a bit in recent months, which is why Kaelah has virtually taken over the palace (as dachshunds do, with any place they live). Not a problem in itself, as she is as good a blogger as I am." Well, it's not my fault that I have taken over the place, it's genetic, you know? And Ludwig can be glad that I'm a well educated dachshund and didn't mark my new toy the traditional way... It was a lot of fun to write so much for the blog and for you, the readers, during the last year! I just hope that you enjoyed my posts as well during Ludwig's absence. And since dachshunds need a lot of caressing, too, please leave a short message and make this particular little dachshund very happy. I won't bite you, I promise! ;-)

And don't forget to take part in creating that little spanking story. Which words were always missing in the spanking stories you've read so far? Just post them with your comment like Cross just did and I'll include them in that little (probably rather strange?) story I'm going to write!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I have enjoyed your blog from the start and look forward to more reading.

Michael said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to do so

Ernest said...

Hello, Ludwig and Kaelah!

I have followed Ludwig's blog since I think early 2008. Very interesting and thought-provoking. The addition of Kaelah's posts and pictures are also a welcome addition!

My first comment was I think late November 2008 - I wasn't quite ready to post on Lurkers' day that year, but did soon after. You haven't had many comments from me, but I put something in from time to time!

You want a couple of words? try HARD and VULNERABLE .


Peter said...

As an old hand, here are my two words for you to weave into the story : "party frock"

And two other words : Thank you !

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Not really a lurker, but I haven't been commenting much lately. Still, this is a fine blog and a bastion of intelligent thought and research on topics related to our shared interest. Look forward to reading more along that vein in the future. Thanks Ludwig and Kaelah for all your thought and hard work here!

Nimue said...

I'm a definate lurker here, have been reading on and off for years, and a lot more regularly for the past few months, but am always too shy to comment. I do really enjoy your blog and the addition of Kaelah's story here as well makes sure I'm gonna keep reading for quite some time!!

Hermione said...

Hi Ludwig,

Happy LOL day! I'm a frequent visitor to your blog and always enjoy my visits here.


Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I added a comment here.
I am enjoying the blog even more since Kaelah joined in.


Well I'm not really a lurker her but if I where my five words would be butter, hedgehog, waistcoat, clan and rundstoofvlees. Pity that they don't count. Happy LOL day.



Sorry I missed the two words thingy. I choose Hedgehog and rundstoofvlees, just to be awkward :)


simon said...

hi ludwig and kaelah i have commented on your blog for just over a month now and enjoy it very much as for my two words they have to be school simon.

Michael said...

Hello again, Ludwig, when earlier I made my first comment I was crashing from lack of sleep and missed the two word challenge. I now contribute "formidable" as an adjective and "dormitory" as a noun. I agree with you on quality over quantity. And so wonderful Kaelah delurked on this day back in 2008. Very special. :) Hi Kaelah! *waves*

Oh, if I am allowed a bonus word this Blog's Word Verification gave me "busell" which I will use as a homophone for the word "bustle" which can be used as a verb - to move with great energy - or a noun - material such as ribbons or bows at the back of a woman's dress below the waist to provide fullness - but they went out of style along with the Model T. Sorry to be so long winded.

BrushStrokes said...

Fish, Cabinet, bunny, toast, and pumpernickel bread.

I will indeed be impressed! Happy LOL day

Cookie Crawford said...

HAppy LOL day. I am at a loss for my two words. So two words that are missing in spanking stories. HMMM I guess Ill say mop since my word verification starts with that and it should make a spanking story interesting LOL. And one more I will have to say precious a word I like but do not see often.

Val said...

Happy GDoD to everyone!
My two words, following Ludwig's suggestion for the use of two specific grammatical parts: "pogonotrophal nihilarian." (See "pogonotrophy.")
Also, a bonus word: "numerously" - which I made up, but works well in conversation - in the short period of time since I started using it, I haven't met anyone who didn't get it, as in: "I raised the issue numerously, but everyone treated it floccinaucinihilipilificatorily."

Bonnie said...


You're truly one of a kind and so is your blog. Thanks for being a part of our LOL Day community celebration.

As for Kaelah, you rock!

With warmest regards,

B'Man said...

Happy GDoD!!! First visit actually. But I'll be back.

Indy said...

Well, I can't improve upon Bonnie's comment, so I don't think I'll try. My two words are "fashion lover" (I suppose fashion counts as an adjective in this context) and may I be so bold as to ask that the phrase be used to describe Ludwig? Thanks!

More seriously, as you know, I've enjoyed this blog for a long time, whether they posts are written by Ludwig or Kaelah. Somehow, though, I think the blog reflects real life in that the whole-- both of your perspectives-- is greater than the sum of the parts.

Happy blogging in the upcoming year!


Unknown said...

Just my luck that I didn't check your blog on the day. But congratulations anyway, if slightly delayed. No words for the same reason, it wouldn't be fair.

Besides I think Kaelah has her work cut out for her attempting to string some of the given words already.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog since Ludwig started. And the dynamics added by Kaelah have made this the most interesting blog in our kink. I check once or twice a week and very much enjoy the material. Keep up the writing and the spanking!

Saro said...

Hmmmn, Ludwig, did you call Kaelah a "dachshund" in this post? You did....

I officially delurked only a few posts ago under coercion by Ursus Lewis. So here I officially say how much I personally, of my own free will have enjoyed reading yours and in particular Kaelah's writings. Best of luck to you both and the blog,

Sarojini Sundram (Saro)

Ps: My two words are "hysteria" and "pythagorean" although I suppose I have missed midnight German time by now :(

Jake and Nomi's Spanking Delights said...

I lurk here, I confess, I am here a lot and so well done. Hope it was a happy LOL day

Kaelah said...

Rien ne va plus! At least concerning words for my first-ever spanking story... The first draft of the story is complete (roughly 3.500 words which somehow didn't surprise me) and all of your words are part of it. But writing a fictional story in a foreign language really is quite challenging (it took me a couple of hours to write it), even though I love writing stories or poems with given topics or words. So, Ludwig has to check the whole story and maybe make the one or other formulation sound a bit more smooth. But you'll definitely get to read the story soon. Thanks a lot to everyone who suggested words (I learnt a lot of new English expressions) and to all readers who just said hello on the Global Day of Delurk! It's really good to know you are out there and every lurker is always very welcome to say hi, not only on LOL Day, but any time!

@ Michael I:
Nice to see you here! * waves back * And you don't have to be afraid of being long winded on this blog... ;-)

@ Chross:
Thanks a lot for having elected some of Ludwig's and my posts for your “Spankings of the Week”. As I already wrote in my comment on your LOL Day post, it especially moved me that you chose my “Does Your Mother Know?” post. And since I've got a fondness for warriors I loved your two words!

@ Anonymous:
Welcome, I'm glad to hear that you enjoy reading the blog!

@ Michael II:
I hope the blog will be interesting for you in the future as well. You're always welcome to comment!

@ Ernest:
Thanks for putting your thoughts in from time to time!

@ Peter:
It's always good to see you (or at least your written comments). Somehow I'm not really surprised about the words you have chosen. Although I have to admit that I had to look them up in the dictionary.

@ Karl Friedrich Gauss:
Thanks a lot for saying hello and for the great effort you put into your “New and notable from around the 'net” posts!

@ Nimue:
Thanks a lot for delurking! You definitely don't have to be shy on this blog, your comments are always very welcome. I hope to hear more from you in the future! :-)

@ Hermione:
Thanks for stopping by! I hope it's okay when I answer your comment instead of Ludwig... ;-)

@ Fred Bloggs:
Hi, I'm glad that you still like the blog and enjoy my posts as well. Thanks for saying hi at LOL Day.

@ Prefectdt:
Thanks a lot for your regular comments! Your two words are part of the story. I have to admit that I had never heard the word “rundstoofvlees” before! Is that one of your favourite dishes or did you just try to find the most strangest word you could think of? ;-)

@ Simon:
Always nice to hear from you! I'm not very surprised by the two words you have chosen...

Kaelah said...

@ BrushStrokes:
Thanks for delurking and welcome on the blog! Your words are fine, but I didn't use the fish during the action scene, I hope that's okay... ;-)

@ Cookie Crawford:
Thanks a lot for stopping by! And “precious” really is a beautiful word! Working with the word “mop” was a lot of fun as well...

@ Val:
Thanks for saying hi! “Pogonotrophal nihilarian”, huh? You really haven't got a lot of mercy with someone who isn't a native speaker of the English language, have you? But don't worry, it's part of the story. As you know, challenges don't scare me... ;-)

@ Bonnie:
Thank you so much for the invention of LOL Day and for your effort to keep that wonderful tradition alive! LOL Day was a lot of fun, as was writing the little spanking story for this blog that resulted from LOL Day. :-)

@ B'Man:
Thanks a lot for visiting and delurking! You're very welcome and I hope you'll stop by more often in the future.

@ Indy:
It's always good to hear from you! I always enjoy reading your thoughts whether it is on your blog or in the comment section of this blog. And I think you are right, the combination of Ludwig's and my writing is what makes this blog special. I hope that Ludwig will find more time again for blogging soon, so that the numbers of posts from him and from me will be more balanced. And I would love to do some joint writing with him, too, if there's an opportunity where it fits.

@ Morgrim:
Late or not, it's always nice to hear from you! The story was already halfway written when you commented, but it would still have been possible to add your words. I just hope you'll like the story nonetheless, despite of not having added some words to it!

@ Anonymous:
Thanks for saying hello! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. We'll definitely neither stop the writing (at least not any time soon) nor the spanking (hopefully never as long as we live).

@ Saro:
Yes, he really called me a “dachshund”, but that's okay! :-) I often call Ludwig a “tomcat”, so our nicknames fit together I guess. It's good to see that you're still around and that you enjoy the blog (on your free will). The story was halfway finished when I read your comment, but I managed to add your two words nevertheless.

@ Jake and Nomi:
Thanks a lot for delurking and for saying hi! You're always welcome whether as silent readers or as active commenters. :-)