Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Reunion (Part 1)

[Note from Ludwig: Thank you all for participating in the Global Day of Delurk 2010. Here is Part 1 of Kaelah's tailor-made story, the first piece of spanking literature ever to be published on Rohrstock-Palast. I never wrote one and probably never will because I have too much respect for literature to write anything but film scripts. Fortunately, Kaelah does not share this inhibition. Words contributed by the readers are in bold, Part 2 is to follow shortly.]

David looked into the mirror and grinned. Now he really looked like a convincing prisoner. He had to get dressed for the big carnival party in the bedroom, since his beloved wife Evelyn occupied the bathroom making her hair. David looked forward to that party very much, not only because they would meet their university friends Leon, Ulrika, Roger and Kiara again after a long time, but also because of the promised gigantic dinner buffet.

The last two weeks had been hard. For some reason Evelyn had developed the idea that she was too fat and had to lose weight in order to look beautiful in the classical party frock (retro late 19th century fashion style, complete with a bustle) she had bought for tonight. Normally, Evelyn wasn't one of those horrible fashion lovers, but this time she wanted to look as feminine and elegant as possible. He had tried to convince her that she was beautiful as she was and that there was no reason for any kind of hysteria, but to no avail. Suddenly there was no toast in the refrigerator any more, no butter and jam, and Evelyn even refused to cook him his favourite dish from Belgium, rundstoofvlees. Instead, everything he got was pumpernickel bread, fruits, vegetables and fish. But tonight, the suffering would come to an end. And David had resolved to try every kind of food they offered!

It would be very interesting to see how the other fours looked like. The last time they had met was on Roger's and Kiara's wedding almost three years ago. The six of them had become friends in the “China studies” group at their university. Originally they all had different fields of study, but the China studies group was open for students from all departments. In 2003 they had spent a semester abroad together in Beijing. Leon and Ulrika already had been a couple before they went there. In Beijing, Roger and Kiara fell in love nearly at the same time as Evelyn and him.

Now, seven years later, they were all very busy and only heard from each other infrequently. Leon and Ulrika lived in a lonely house on the skirts of the wood, three miles away from the next village. Leon had his own little business and Ulrika was a company lawyer. But they still did some really crazy things in their rare free time. Half a year ago they had sent a photo from a LARP session. In that picture both of them posed in fantasy warrior outfits, Ulrika threatening the viewer with a self-made weapon that looked a bit like a mop and Leon with his right hand on his sword belt, ready to draw his weapon. He even wore a fake moustache which made him look like d'Artagnan. It had been funny to see Leon, who could be called a pogonotrophal nihilarian, wearing a beard. David wondered whether the two would wear their warrior outfits at the carnival party as well.

As for Roger and Kiara, he hadn't heard much from them after their wedding. Roger worked for a biological institute and Kiara had become a doctor of chemistry. David didn't know much about their hobbies, but they seemed to do a lot of travelling. From time to time they sent postcards from different countries where they obviously met friends. Where they got to know this international crowd, David didn't know. Maybe they would tell him more about it today.

David's eyes fell on the alarm clock which showed 6:12 pm. It was time to go! He knocked on the bathroom door: “Evelyn, are you ready?” - “Yes, I am.” The door opened and before him stood his beautiful wife in her elegant gown, her hair pinned up and a smile on her face. Thank God, she was happy with her outfit! “You are looking fantastic, darling.” He gave her a kiss. “Shall we go?”


About fifty minutes later they stood in the party area chatting with Leon, Ulrika, Roger and Kiara. Coincidentally they had all arrived nearly at the same time, so they hadn't had to look for each other in the party room. Leon and Ulrika didn't wear their warrior outfits. Instead, they were dressed as “hedgehog and rabbit”, inspired from the famous fable. David had greeted them with: “Hi Sonic, hi Lola Bunny.” The outfits were just too funny to resist. And Roger and Kiara were dressed as headmaster and schoolgirl. He really looked formidable with his black headmaster's gown and she looked even younger in her white blouse, grey skirt and green blazer than she did when they had first met each other nine years ago. After some minutes of talk, David decided to start his operation “all you can eat” and went off to the buffet.

And he wasn't disappointed! The food tasted great and the buffet was really huge. David decided to stand next to it for a while. A lot of work awaited him if he wanted to accomplish his mission. He watched Leon and Evelyn on the dance floor. She really looked stunning in that dress! Ulrika and Kiara had taken a seat in one of the corners and were chatting. Headmaster Roger was just crossing the room towards the buffet. He turned many heads, especially among the female party guests. They seemed to be quite impressed by his looks. Maybe he should have chosen a more attractive costume, too? But when Roger walked past him, David suddenly realized why everyone was looking after him. David burst out laughing. “What's wrong?” Roger turned around to him. “There's something on your back.” Roger searched his back with his hand and grabbed a note which had been pinned there, reading “Kick me!”.

Roger knew immediately who had done that. Kiara hadn't even made the effort to change her handwriting. David didn't need the handwriting as proof, the grin on Kiara's face said everything. “Excuse me, I think I have to have a word with a naughty young woman.” With these words, Roger turned around and went over to Kiara. “Do you think it is nice to make fun of me in front of all these people?” he asked in a stern voice. But Kiara just looked at him with a wide grin and Ulrika obviously had trouble to put up a straight face herself. “We'll talk about that later, young lady,” he announced. And in a low voice next to Kiara's ear he added: “Which means you are going to listen while I am going to talk, and the cane is going to talk to you, too.” Kiara blushed and he could hear her heart beating quicker.

The evening went by very fast. There was a lot of chatting, laughing and dancing. And David accomplished his mission, in spite of Evelyn's warnings about his sensitive stomach. They all decided to meet more regularly again and have dinner together, each time at another one of their places. At about 1.15 am they left the party and went home by taxi. For some reason David started feeling sick at the beginning of the tour and the taxi driver's style of driving didn't make it any better.


Back home David lay down on the bed while Evelyn was in the bath, cleaning her face from the make-up and undoing her hair. “This damn taxi driver must have confused the highway with a race track”, David moaned, “could you please make me some tea, I'm feeling so sick. And then you have to cuddle me, of course. And you could read me a bedtime story, too.” He looked at Evelyn, who had just entered the room still brushing her hair, with an expectant glance in his eyes. Unfortunately her gaze didn't show too much sympathy. “What do you think why you are sick?” her voice sounded rather stern somehow. “Ahem, well, ...”, was all he managed to say before she rudely interrupted him. “You don't listen to me, you eat half of the free dinner buffet, and now I shall cook you tea and cuddle you because - surprise, surprise - you are feeling sick, Mister?” - “That wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had to suffer from hunger during the last two weeks!”, he grumbled. - “Have you ever heard of buying food in the supermarket and cooking? No one forced you to eat the meals I prepared for myself! How old are you, honey, thirteen?” Now her voice had become dangerously low and the word “honey” didn't bode well, either.

“What do you want to do instead, then, spank me?” Where did these words come from? That definitely wasn't what he had intended to say. For a moment she looked at him without saying a word. Then David suddenly noticed a certain shimmer in her eyes which he had never seen before. “That's a good idea, actually. It's something I wanted to do for a long time, anyway.” She came one step closer to him. Now David was completely dumbstruck. And again, before he really knew what was going on, his body decided to stand up from the bed, turn around and bend forward, hands resting on the bed frame, his bottom stuck out into Evelyn's direction. What the hell was going on here? David didn't have much time to think. He heard Evelyn take another step closer to him and then he felt the trousers of his prison uniform being pulled down sharply. Before he could protest or react in any other way the same happened to his underpants.

So he stood there, bent over in front of his wife, bare bottomed, his trousers hanging loosely around his ankles. What would happen next? David got his answer faster than he appreciated. He heard the sharp sound of something cutting through the air and suddenly felt a severe pain in his right buttock. The stroke elicited a surprised howl. What was his wife doing and why did that hurt so much? A glance behind him gave the answer: Evelyn was using her wooden hairbrush to spank him and that evil little thing stung like hell! But Evelyn didn't give him much time to think. Two seconds later the second hard stroke struck his left cheek. All David could do was trying to cope with the pain. Evelyn set into a steady rhythm. And David tried to find his rhythm, too. Receive a stroke, grit the teeth while the wave of pain was washing all over him, breathe, prepare for the next stroke and so on. He wanted to take this spanking with as much dignity as possible given the undignified position he was in, anyway.

[To be continued...]


Val said...

I don't know if this was the motor, but aside from gratuitous sadism what else is at work? This is what I get from the underlying psychology so far: "You feel bad? You did it all to yourself, so stop crying. Now, I WILL GIVE YOU something to cry about!" Which is a good excuse for gratuitous sadism, making it no longer gratuitous, hence good for the receiver. And the giver, especially.
Here is congratulating you on prose and writing: no reason to worry about the imaginary handicap of "non-English speaker."

Kaelah said...

@ Val:

Thank you very much for your compliment on the writing, it's good to hear that the style obviously doesn't sound too crude.

And concerning the motivation: Let me tell you that much, there is a bit more behind Evelyn's behaviour, as David (and the readers) will find out in part two of the story, although gratuitous sadism is surely a part of her motivation. I think I'm going to post part two very soon, I just have to finish editing the post!

Peter said...

Please Miss Kaelah - what's a pogonotrophal nihilarian ?

Kaelah said...

@ Peter:
The expression “pogonotrophal nihilarian” is a special creation from Val. Pogonotrophy literally means “beard feeding”. It describes the act of growing or cultivating a beard. A nihilarian is someone who prescribes to nihilism, a philosophical point of view that goes along with extreme scepticism. So, to my mind, the expression “pogonotrophal nihilarian” describes someone who absolutely doesn't like the idea of wearing a beard. At least I hope that this is what Val meant with that strange expression... ;-)

Peter said...

Kaelah - Well, one lives and learns, even at my great age. It was the pogonotrophal bit that completely foxed me -- and two of my dictionaries. Even Cassell's English/German dictionary gave no clue but, finally, I found in Chambers 20th century the entry : "pogonotomy - shaving (Greek pogon, pogonos - beard, tome - a cutting). So you were dead right, you phenominal linguist you ! Not that I ever doubted you of course.

These quirks of language are fascinating.

Kaelah said...

@ Peter:
Thanks! :-) But, honestly, I had never heard the word "pogonotrophal" before and would have been completely lost without the help of an online dictionary!