Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Special Story (Part 4)

Happy and Peaceful Holidays to all of you from Ludwig and me! As my little present to our readers, this is the fourth and final part of my tailor-made LOL Day story. I hope you enjoy reading it. The three previous parts can be found here, here and here.

I was confused, thrilled, scared, happy and nervous all at the same time! We took it slowly, though, and diligently planned our very first play session. From what I had told her and what she had seen, it was clear to Veronica that I wasn't exactly into love taps but rather into more severe spankings. She was willing to give me what I graved but only up to a point she felt comfortable with herself and which she considered safe given that she was new to all this.

She told me that she liked the idea of being a top like Mr Johnson, strict but caring. Just the kind of top I love! Then she made a suggestion: What if we took my betrayal on her as a premise for my first spanking? I was torn between yes and no. On the one hand I am into punishment scenarios and the whole story was almost too good not to use it. Maybe it would even help us to finally let go of the last remaining resentments?! On the other hand I was really remorseful and scared that this premise might be too real and would just cause awful feelings.

After pondering the pros and cons for some time, we decided to give it a try. Veronica resolved that like Ms Smithers I was in for a severe caning. I heard her practise with the cane almost every evening and it sounded really menacing. I had tried the cane twice, but always after a long warm-up with other implements. Now I was about to receive a cold caning for the very first time in my life, consisting of 24 strokes. The thought was both scaring and thrilling. In the days before the event I was on an emotional roller coaster, my tummy full of butterflies more often than not.

On the evening when my long-held fantasy was about to become real, Veronica wore an elegant and beautiful new red dress. She ordered me to come to the living room, where she had arranged a table over which I was supposed to be caned. I was excited and really nervous at the same time. But I trusted Veronica. And it turned out that she was a natural!

At first she ordered me to strip naked, making me feel very vulnerable. Then she made me tell her the whole story why I was going to be caned as I stood in front of her in my birthday suit quivering from excitement. She told me to bend over the table and exclaimed that I was about to receive a severe caning. And receive a severe caning I did! Only three strokes in I whimpered and whined and apologized. In the end I was shaky and breathless and done. Cold canings are real agony! Veronica was absolutely accurate, though, and imprinted 24 wonderful parallel cane stripes on my bottom which I admired for a long time in a mirror afterwards. The welts were delicious and the marks were visible for two weeks after. But there was no broken skin and no blood.

And after the caning we had great sex. It was as wild and lustful as it hadn't been in years. Life felt wonderful again. And that's actually what it has been for the past six years. Of course, the excitement has eased a bit. We still do erotic spanking, usually very playfully, sometimes with a real life premise to heighten the thrill. But of course not as often as we did when we started out six years ago. Other things in our life have become more important again. For instance, we have since become grandparents. Despite the decrease of spanking play our life is full of laughter and happiness and our love for each other is very strong.

And sometimes we still do naughty things. Like today on the sixth anniversary of our first spanking play. “A penny for your thoughts,” Veronica is suddenly standing close behind me. “I was thinking how happy I am to have you in my life,” I reply, still looking straight ahead on the white wall in front of me. Veronica's hand casually wanders over my right buttock, making me shiver.

“That's nice to hear. Now, let's get down to business,” says she, now in the typical strict toppy voice I have come to love, her hand squeezing my bottom. “Turn around.” I follow her order and she gleefully gazes at my naked body. “Now go and bring the strap immediately, subby.” Veronica has made a habit of teasingly calling me subby when we play. I make my way to the cupboard where we store our implements and take out the large prison strap which Veronica has referred to. I bring it to her and hand it over. Veronica has me bend over our bed and gives me a thorough strapping that is accompanied by a lot of ouching on my behalf and has my bottom glowing red afterwards. The strapping is followed by our now almost traditional 24 cane strokes which add a set of rigid welts to the painting and leave me gasping for air.

Then we make love. Veronica runs her fingernails over my roasted rump reigniting the pain and sending waves of arousal through my body while I please her with my tongue. After we have both had our relief, we lie next to each other on the bed, still panting. Well, we don't get any younger. We exchange loving and reassuring kisses and cuddles and finally switch off the light. Soon we fall asleep, holding each other's hand.


Domhnall the Second said...

Wonderful. Thank you. Happy Christmas!!!

Kaelah said...

@ Domhnall the Second:
Welcome, and thank you for your kind comment. :-) I hope you are having a Happy Christmas, too!

Michael M said...

I didn't know the story was continuing. Hope there's more. Have a good Christmas holiday.

Svetlana said...

This was an unexpected twist. The background of how the narrator opened up about his spanking passion is so detailed that it's really a second "story inside the story". Anyone who did their first spanking "experiments" while keeping it from their lover can probably recall a similar discomfort. The same is true of spanking sliding more into the background as one gets older. The impression I get from friends is that not so much marriage, but having children pretty much squeeze out any kind of elaborate spanking experiences out of your life. Perhaps it's not that bad to focus on this kind of fun in your twenties and then end up in the same place as most vanilla people ... except for lots of kinky memories and a much richer fantasy life! Still, I like it to read for once a story about an older couple exploring spanking together and doing "naughty things" even as grandparents.

The frame story is resolved only in the last three paragraphs and in itself it isn't much of a story at all despite the thorough strapping that happens. It does serve its purpose, though: It adds mystery to the first three parts and provides a heart-warming ending that I very much enjoyed reading.

I wish you happiness and peace for the coming year.

Kaelah said...

@ Michael M:
The story had to be a bit more complex in order to find a suitable context for all the suggested words and phrases. This was the last part of the story, though. I am happy you liked it! Maybe I will do something similar again one day. I hope you had wonderful Christmas holidays and a good start into 2017!

@ Svetlana:
One could indeed distinguish three different parts in the story. I saw the whole story about the kinky couple as the frame story which is why I talked about two parts only. I think you are right, there are surely times when spanking and erotic fun slides more into the background. And as you said, I guess having small children changes one's focus tremendously. I agree with you that having sexy memories from the past and knowing that one has already tried a lot of things is surely great in that situation. In my opinion, that's not only true for sexy fun, but for other things as well. For instance, some forms of adventurous travelling might not be a good idea with small children and maybe not possible anymore when one gets older and isn't as fit anymore. So, I think it is a good idea to make those adventures while still young and fit enough. Concerning spanking, it seems to me that some couples become more active again in the scene once the children are older. That's why I thought that it was quite plausible for a couple to start discovering their spanking kink after having been married for quite a long time and shortly before becoming grandparents. With their children having become adults, they have more time again for their own needs and their life as a couple.

I hope you had a great start into the new year and wish you all the best in 2017!

Donpascual said...

A very interesting story, Kaelah, especially the plot of a story within a story. In one of the comments, you discussed the thickness of a cane used. That made me look at one of my own ones which was used during the last Spanking Court.
One of our clients wanted a really harsh caning. Gabriele, our resident hostess and practising sadist had already armed herself with a run of the mill cane. I handed her the thickest one in my armitory instead. She took it without any hesitation. The guy got fity hard cuts with it. There were dark marks on his bottom but no real damage.
Just now, I measured the thickness of that particular cane: 1 cm with a length of 70 cm. It is quite stiff but not unflexible. Upshot: it is quite possible to use a thick cane, however, a more flexible implement is more interesting to use in my opinion.

Kaelah said...

@ Donpascual:
There is quite a huge range of cane sizes indeed! I get your point that a more flexible cane is more interesting to use, especially from a top's point of view! When being on the receiving end, though, I have to admit that I prefer canes which have a least a certain thickness because I like dull pain more than sting. :-)