Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Special Story (Part 2)

This is the second part of my tailor-made LOL Day story. You can find part one here.

Mr Johnson's words touched her heart and confirmed the decision she had already made. She didn't have any clue how a caning felt like other than that it would be incredibly painful. And she had no idea how to get through such a caning. But she knew that there was nothing she wanted more than to continue working for this company. And in a way, she also wanted to make up for her misdeeds. Thus she replied without hesitation: “I am very grateful for getting a second chance. I promise I won't ever disappoint you again! And I willfully submit to a severe caning as a punishment for my betrayal.”

A thin smile appeared on Mr Johnson's face. “I am happy to hear your decision, Ms Smithers. It makes me sad to think about what comes now, though. I suggest we get this over with as quickly as possible. What do you think?” She nodded, her throat tightening. “Yes, Sir.”

“Okay then.” Mr Johnson walked around his desk and stopped next to her. “Ms Smithers, would you please go to that cupboard over there and open it.” She did as she was told. It occurred to her that she had never seen what was in said cupboard. As she opened it, her mouth dropped open and her stomach clenched. It contained nothing but a handful of thick crook-handled rattan canes hanging down, neatly arranged next to each other. “Please take out the first cane from the right and bring it to me.”

With shaking hands she took the threatening-looking implement, closed the cupboard door and turned around. As she walked back to Mr Johnson, her gaze was fixed on the cane in her hands. It was about 2.5 feet long, roughly half an inch thick and felt rather heavy. Her hands began to sweat and one thought dominated her mind: Gosh, that is going to hurt!

She was in a daze, but somehow her body still worked well. When she handed the cane to Mr Johnson, it felt a bit like an out-of-body experience. “Thank you. Now stand in front of the desk, please, and bend over.” Again she did as ordered, though her legs were shaking. “Now please put up your skirt and pull down your knickers, Ms Smithers.” That order took her breath away for a moment. She was about to be caned on her bare backside by her boss! It hat never occurred to her that she would have to bare her behind for the punishment. Now she vaguely remembered that paragraph 11 actually said something about a bare bottom caning. Still, a part of her couldn't believe this was really happening.

“Please put up your skirt and pull down your knickers, Ms Smithers,” Mr Johnson repeated calmly. Hastily she raised the skirt of her navy suit uncovering her undergarment made of silk. She took a deep breath, tucked her fingers into the elastic of the blue knickers and peeled them down just to the top of her thighs. Cool air touched her bare backside and made her shiver. “That's alright,” she heard Mr Johnson say. “I suggest you hold on to the far end of the desk. It will help to keep you steady. You will receive 24 strokes. I expect you to stay in position for them, please, and to only stand up when I tell you so. Do you understand?”

Even in this completely surreal situation, the warmth in Mr Johnson's voice helped her to calm down. She gripped the far end of the desk as hard as she could and nodded. “Yes, Sir.” - “Very well, then.” She saw Mr Johnson move beside her and suddenly she felt the cold touch of the wooden cane on her bare skin. It made her quiver. All of a sudden she started to panic. A voice in her head screamed: Stop it! You can't take it!

Mr Johnson had obviously realised what was going on because he calmly told her: “Breathe. It will be over, soon. Just hold onto the desk and take the strokes one by one like a surfer the waves.” She tried to take deep breaths and nodded. It will soon be over, she repeated in her head, it will soon be over.

Suddenly, she heard a sharp swish followed by a loud crack that echoed in her ears. For a split-second, she felt nothing except for a pressure on her bottom. But then a burning pain ignited on her bare skin and she let out a shocked. “Ow!” She wriggled in a faint hope to ease the horrible pain and was still trying to catch her breath when she heard the next swish. The pain of the second stroke was even worse. Her whole body suddenly felt hot and her breathing became faster. She had no idea how she should take 22 more strokes of that horrible implement!

She didn't have much time to worry about that, though, because the next stroke already hit target. She buckled underneath it and it took all her will not to stand up and cover her burning bottom with her hands. Tears came to her eyes and started rolling freely when the next stroke landed.

From that point on, she only focussed on recovering from the stroke which she had just received and on the next one she had to prepare for. She didn't care that she was yelping with each stroke, that her legs and her whole body were trembling, her face was tear-stained and her hair a mess. All she thought of was getting through the next stroke. Soon, she had lost count.

The caning went on for what felt like forever. It took a while for her to realise that suddenly the room had become silent. No swishing and cracking. Was it over? She didn't know. But she lay there limb across Mr Johnson's desk and tried to calm her breathing.

“You've made it. Well done.” Mr Johnson's deep voice seemed to come from a place very far away. “Take your time to compose yourself and when you feel ready, you may stand up.” In a daze, she saw Mr Johnson walk over to the cupboard and put back the cane. Slowly, she stood up, cautiously rolled up her knickers over her hot and burning striped backside. She put down her skirt and straightened her hair. Mr Johnson, who had returned to her, handed her a handkerchief which she gratefully took. She cleaned her face and wiped away the tears.

She looked at her boss. “I'm really sorry, Mr Johnson!” - “It's okay, Ms Smithers. It's all settled and we shall not raise the issue again.” Mr Johnson smiled. “Now, it was an exhausting day, Ms Smithers. I suggest you go home to your younger sister and come back tomorrow refreshed and revitalised. Important negotiations are lying ahead of us. I will see you tomorrow at nine o'clock for our weekly meeting. And tomorrow afternoon we can talk about the conditions for the advance of salary which you need.” She nodded silently, a shy smile appearing on her face. “Thank you!”

She turned around to leave the room. Only then did she realise that her legs were still shaky. She had to walk slowly in order to keep her balance. When she left the office, her gaze fell on the clock on the wall to her right. It showed 18 minutes past three. For a moment, she pondered whether her fellow employees knew what had just happened in Mr Johnson's office.

After a few seconds, she decided that she didn't care. The only thing that was important was that she would come back to this place to work here again the next day. Her only deed left for today was to go to Andrew who sat in another open plan office down the floor. And so she slowly crossed the room, from time to time returning a friendly look or a smile from a colleague, mentally reminding herself to buy some cooling creme in a pharmacy on her way back home where she would be able to break the happy news to her little sister that she could go to college.

With that I fall silent and wait. For a while all I can hear is my own breathing.


Michael M said...

A great tale, well told. Good for the imagination. Hope you keep going with the idea of suggestions.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I did not know that you could write stories on demand. A fine talent.
It seems that canes are usually kept in cupboards. Good thing we don't have one.

Svetlana said...

This was fast! It surprised me that we already got to the caning by Mr Johnson, but that's only because I had overlooked the first paragraph of Part 1, assumed that this was the frame story and expected the "blue knickers" to feature in a flashback to her schooldays. Anyway, Part 2 turned out really good, particularly the caning itself: short and sharp as opposed to a blow-by-blow account that can easily get boring (particularly with 24 strokes). Now I'm very curious about how the frame story will proceed.

jimisim said...

Ive often thought that I'd like to read a spanking story by you.
I'm please4d to say that I wasn't disappointed and hope it won't be your last.
One pedantic point though and I'm sure its unfamiliarity with the English system of measurement. I doubt you meant the cane to be two inches diameter which is 50mm; I suspect you meant half an inch or 12mm dia, which is a very severe cane anyway.

Kaelah said...

@ Michael M:
I am happy that you enjoyed the first two parts of the story! I hope the next two parts will cater to your fantasies even more, since they involve a different constellation of spanker and spankee. :-)

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
I know you aren't into canings, so it is indeed a good thing you don't have a cupboard to keep one... ;-) I am sorry to say that the next two parts will involve canings as well, but there will also be at least a strapping (sorry, no paddling). Since you like to switch roles, I hope that the story as a whole is to your liking, though, since it will not only involve M/F action!

@ Svetlana:
The embedded story thing is indeed very hard to recognize in part one and part two of the story, because there is just one paragraph in each part that belongs to the frame story. Ludwig proofreads my posts, but only one by one as they are published. He also overlooked the first paragraph and told me he didn't realise what belonged to the frame story and what to the embedded story when I asked him after he had read part one.

Glad you enjoyed the description of the caning! I also don't like overly long stroke-by-stroke accounts, but of course I want to have a certain build-up and some details nonetheless. So that's what I tried to give the readers when I wrote the story.

I've just realised that the accounts of the upcoming spankings are even shorter because my focus was on the surrounding story in that part – I hope the spanking scenes are not too short!

@ jimisim:
I am glad that you enjoyed the story so far. :-) And thank you very much for telling me about my mistake! I've already changed the size to half an inch. I am indeed not familiar with the English system of measurement and always have to look up how many cm one inch is. I am not sure whether my mistake was because of the two different measuring units, though, or just because I wrote a huge part of the story down in one go and just thought: Oh, the cane should be a thick one, about as thick as a thumb. For some reason in my tired mind I might have made a thumb 5 cm thick which is of course not the case (unless it is a really, really big thumb)! I read the story again later to correct mistakes but unfortunately didn't double-check the plausibility of the sizes. It's a good thing you paid attention!

Anonymous said...

Delightful writing !

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous: Thank you! :-)