Monday, December 19, 2016

Your Questions Answered (Part 2)

This is our the second set of answers to the question posed by our readers. You can find the first Q&A instalment here. Thank you very much to our readers who came up with all those intriguing topics!

Our Bottoms Burn (Bogey) asked: "Would like to know your thoughts while you are spanking your husband."

That depends on the situation! Since Ludwig doesn't switch that often, many of the times I got to spank him were for video clips. In that case I am usually very much focussed on the creative process, the scenario, the camera angles, the speed, my aim, Ludwig's reactions and the marks. I don't really enjoy the spanking while it happens, then, but rather enjoy the result afterwards.

Sometimes I also spank Ludwig (often spontaneously) in private. Then I am usually focussed on teasing and pushing him a bit and on creating reactions which I enjoy immensely during the spanking. I suppose I am in full sadist mode then. Of course not in a way that I want to harm Ludwig. I only love provoking reactions and creating marks to an extend which I know is fine for Ludwig as well. Ludwig relishes being spanked the most when the spanker genuinely enjoys it as well. And he likes me to be in a demanding toppy mode when I spank him.

I also had some rare experiences when spanking Ludwig got me into a special flow that was almost meditative. In that state I am rather focussed on the rhythm of the spanking and on myself. Of course a part of me still has an eye on whether Ludwig is fine, but my main focus is on the act of spanking and how it feels for me. I wrote about such an experience in my post about the video clip which we filmed together with Leia-Ann Woods.

Spearthrower asked: "How do you manage the sound of spanking in the apartment and particularly when traveling?"

Well, our first advantage here is that both Ludwig and I aren't exactly noisy when being on the receiving end of a spanking. So, the only problem that remains is the sound of the spanking itself. At home that isn't really a problem because the walls are thick enough for the neighbours not to hear. When travelling it can be more difficult. Since we normally don't do very prolonged scenes, though, we usually rely on the hope that those who might coincidentally overhear the swishing sound of a cane or the clapping sound of a hand spanking won't be able to guess what it is and won't really care, either. I can't remember any incident when we for instance switched on the TV or played music in order to disguise the sound of a spanking as I have heard others sometimes do.

Svetlana asked: "If (a) either of you individually and (b) both of you together could make an under-cover visit to the past for one day to either observe or experience historical corporal punishment, what place and time would you choose?"

We are going to answer that question separately.

Kaelah: That's a very difficult question! At first I thought about, for instance, the punishment of a navy cadet in the 19th century or a school punishment or something like that. But I have the following problem: While I find certain formal historic punishment scenarios erotic as kinky role-play fantasies, I find the real thing morally wrong and disgusting and don't want any part of it!

So, the only kind of real CP I can imagine myself to watch is consensual CP between adults. I don't know for which historical scenario that would be given, but I know one place were that kind of consensual CP still happens today. The form of “CP” (if one can even call it that) which I am talking about is something I came across in a documentary some years ago which thrilled me. I am talking about a stick being used as a motivational instrument during a sumo training session.

In Japanese the rather rough treatment of new recruits at a stable is called "kawaigatte" which means "to treat lovingly". One might think that this is irony, but it is not meant to be, because the harsh treatment is indeed supposed to make the new rikishi work as hard as he possibly can and therefore find his way to the top.

I guess that is a kind of spanking that would have an erotic appeal for me although it is real and no erotic play. But it would only be okay for me if I had the feeling that the recruits involved have really voluntarily chosen to become a sumo wrestler, knowing about the training methods. And if I had the feeling that the trainers really care for their protégés and don't overdo it. So maybe I would indeed choose a historical scenario involving one of the rikishis at the receiving end who later became successful sumo wrestlers. Since I was a huge sumo fan and watched sumo very regularly about fifteen years ago, that would probably be someone like Musashimaru, Kotonishiki or Wakanohana.

Ludwig: I have the same problem as Kaelah. Because I'm against real (i.e. non-consensual) CP, I don't believe I could eroticise watching it, no matter how much I might enjoy seeing the same scenario acted out as a role-play by a couple of consenting kinksters. Moreover, I find that my CP fantasies are often based on good CP porn videos I've seen rather than on actual reality, and these videos themselves are only very loosely based on reality. To name an example: as I mentioned several times on this blog, I like the Headmaster's Study series by Lupus Pictures. I might incorporate a scene like that into my fantasies. However, when you think about it, the action being shown there is not realistic at all. Did you ever hear about a female pupil being tied to a CP bench, totally naked, and given 50 hard cane strokes? Things like that never happened, not even in 19th century Bohemia.

In short, I tend to build my fantasies out of things I've seen in film rather than first-hand historical accounts. I suppose I can answer your question like this: I would not be interested in observing historical CP, but I would have loved being a fly on the wall while the filming of some of my favourite CP videos took place.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

This will be my takeaway "Ludwig relishes being spanked the most when the spanker genuinely enjoys it as well." That is the only kind of spanker that interests me.

I think about giving and taking spankings. I love the anticipation. I love to tease and be teased about upcoming spankings. I don't know if you have those thoughts or not.

Svetlana said...

The comment about people overhearing a spanking neither knowing nor caring what they exactly are hearing makes me smile. Sometimes I wish our hobby was not something we have to make efforts of hiding from others, but there are also moments like standing during a bumpy bus ride after a hard spanking when there is a strange joy in having a little secret like knowing that those around me have no idea and don't even care about why I avoid sitting down.

The time-travel question is one that was asked at a party a couple of years ago and triggered an unexpectedly interesting exchange once people took it seriously (as opposed to just describing their favourite spanking fantasies). Not wanting any part of the "real thing" was a minority view in that (small) group, but there is a lot to be said for it and both of you articulate it well. For myself, I'm afraid my fascination with historical corporal punishment goes beyond my ability to eroticise it or judge it morally defensible. Using a non-spanking example, if I were in classical Rome for a week and had a chance to spend an afternoon at the circus, I am quite sure the "games" would disgust me as much as anyone from our time, but I would still want to go and watch.

Having said that, there is something very appealing to me about the "kawaigatte" scenario described by Kaelah. For me personally, that appeal is not really erotic or even aesthetic, but about the single-mindedness of purpose that allows someone to endure and accept such training methods as a necessary step to success. Unfortunately, I don't have much insight into Sumo or Japanese culture, but I do remember a cheesy Japanese TV cartoon series about a volleyball player that I saw as a kid. It did not feature spanking, but did glorify harsh training in a way that I've not seen outside Japanese culture. I would not even see that kind of scenario as morally unambiguous, but I can see the appeal.

Ludwig's point about our fantasies being based on CP porn videos rather than actual reality is hard to argue with. In fact, I'd go one step further and say that, for me, even good CP videos can disappoint when measured against fantasies inspired by reading tons of spanking stories and enriched by my own imagination. Still, if I had a chance to watch another Headmaster video (which I have not in years), I wouldn't say "no" ... and not only because I loved those costumes ;)

Kaelah said...

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
Nowadays, our spankings are often spontaneous, so there is not much anticipation and teasing. But when we have a scene which is planned in advance, I love teasing and the anticipation as much as you do!

@ Svetlana:
You are absolutely right, the Sumo training methods which I described aren't morally unambiguous, either. Which is why I tried to think of some additional conditions that would make it easier for me to believe that it was okay to watch and enjoy such an event.

I can absolutely get what you say about how having the chance to watch something like the circus games in ancient Rome could be intriguing, even though it might at the same time be disgusting. I think my problem is that I can imagine that a part of me would even be turned on by some non-consensual scenes if I watched them. Surely not the games at the circus, but maybe lighter punishments in a school setting or the like. Maybe that's why I am even more careful to distinguish between consensual erotic fantasies and non-consensual real CP. Because it would feel morally wrong for me if I eroticised the real suffering of another human being but I couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't happen if I watched a real scene that matches my erotic spanking fantasies.