Monday, August 20, 2012

Still No Betting Luck

After Kaelah and I published our football bet clip (also starring Leia-Ann Woods), our friend and fellow blogger Indy wrote in one of the comments: “I look forward to the next time Ludwig loses a bet!” Good old Indy – even in our mischievous community, there are few people quite as eager as her when it comes to throwing fellow spankos under the bus. Actually, by the time she wrote her comment, I had already lost another bet. Kaelah and I have not settled it yet, but we will soon.

It was a totally spontaneous bet. Kaelah and I had just watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which happened to be on TV at a hotel on one of our travels abroad. For some reason, we got to talking about what the German title of that movie series is. I thought that it is simply “Die Piraten der Karibik”, the literal translation of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I always watch movies in the original language (with subtitles if necessary), never in a German dubbed version, but I believed that I had heard “Die Piraten der Karibik” mentioned a couple of times. Kaelah, on the other hand, thought that the German title of the film series is “Fluch der Karibik”, which means “Curse of the Caribbean”. That is obviously wrong, I said. I thought Kaelah had messed up the title of the first movie in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, in her mind.

I was so confident of being right that I proposed a bet – the loser would get 25 cane strokes. Kaelah agreed, we looked the matter up online when we next had access, and wouldn't you know it, I lost another bet. As it turns out, the moronic German translators have indeed mangled “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” to “Fluch der Karibik”, “Curse of the Caribbean”. And ever since then, that series is called “Curse of the Caribbean” in German. In school, that would have been too loose a translation for even our most lenient, most pro-creativity English teacher. But when it comes to blockbuster movies, I suppose any nonsense will do!

Ah well, whatever. Kaelah and I are planning to switch a bit more regularly this year, anyway. Settling the bet will be an opportunity for her to dish out a longer and harder caning than what we have done before. And for me, it will be the most severe caning since the Ludwig's Comeuppance clip I did four years ago with Niki Flynn – it is my impression that I am getting somewhat more sensitive to pain as I get older (at least when it comes to CP), so it will be an interesting experience for sure! Most of all, it will be a good dress rehearsal for a very severe F/M scene which Kaelah and I plan to eventually do and publish on video before I retire from public life in the Scene.

We won't publish a video of the 25 stroke scene. This is one we plan to keep for ourselves. But you will probably get to see a picture of the marks, so stay tuned.

Oh, and as for betting: after losing a bet on a subject I know very little about (football), and another one on a subject I usually know a lot about (movies), I am cured. I am not betting on anything ever again.


Lea said...

Well that certainly puts an interesting twist on betting! With how terrible my favorite sports teams do though, I wouldn't put my ass on the line for them. ;-)

Donpascual said...

Very good decision Ludwig,

however - you know how it is with bad habits, e.g. quit smoking, no alcohol for one month at least and so forth! :-)).

I am looking forward to your next lost bet!

Val said...

Ludwig, excellent decision, you bet!

Ludwig said...

@ Donpascual: Actually, I never was much of a betting man - the two bets mentioned in this post are the only ones I have made in recent years. So it should be easy enough to let go of this particular vice, all the more so as I don't seem to be very good at it!

Kaelah said...

@ Lea:
I'm very careful with betting, too! As I have seen from Ludwig's experiences, it could be far too painful. ;-)

@ Donpascual:
Ludwig hasn't made any attempt to start a bet ever since he lost the last one. And that one was already quite some time ago.

@ Val:
I didn't find Ludwig's decisions to participate in the last bets too bad, either! ;-)

Donpascual said...

@Kaelah and Ludwig

Gotcha! That comment of mine was not meant seriously. But, once in a while a little fun does not harm, or?

Kaelah said...

@ Donpascual:
It was obvious that your comment wasn't completely serious. But, as with many jokes, there is some truth in what you said. I think Ludwig is really cured, though. Hmm, if people generally only made spanking bets and no money bets, they would at least not lose their houses. Or Amelia-Jane Rutherford, like Ludwig did in a game of dice with Direktor Sands of the SM Circus. ;-)