Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kaelah's Third Blogiversary

It's true, today is my third blogiversary! On August 28 in 2009 I published my first-ever post on this blog. In the meantime, I have shared many exciting kinky adventures here, and the last year has been my most productive one as far as blogging goes. I would like to use this opportunity to thank you, our readers, for your ongoing support. My special thanks go to our avid commenters who make blogging so much more fun!

Quite frankly, I am not sure whether I will still be around blogging in three year's time, though. As our regular readers have noticed, Ludwig already spends much less time in the kinky community than he used to and has moved on to other things which now have a higher priority in his life. He definitely plans to come back with some stories he would like to share and most probably with some movie reviews as well, which I know are deeply missed by some of our readers. But chances that he will become as much engaged in blogging as he used to be are rather low. I still have lots of ideas for posts, but aside from blogging kink has quite a low priority in my personal life at the moment as well. And maybe there will be a day when I decide that everything has been said and that it is time to move on.

But today is not that day! And who knows – maybe I will be blogging for much longer than I can imagine now? Anyway, blogging should be fun, and what could be cooler than some creative collaboration with you, our readers. I know that several of you enjoy our interactive clips, the ones in which you can participate by leaving comments and which are then published for free on this blog. So, here comes the next instalment!

After having completely underestimated the number of commenters the last time, I decided to keep the rules and the spanking simple this time. And, since there are quite a few fans of classical hand-spankings out there (Hi, Stan/E.!), my blogiversary spanking will be a good old-fashioned OTK hand-spanking. Because this is my third blogiversary, I decided that every commenter does not only add one but three strokes to the final tally. Anonymous comments don't count, though. If you don't have a blogger profile you can use the Name/URL option and give yourself a random nickname – there is no URL necessary!

The vote will be closed on Sunday, September 2nd, after 11:59 pm German time. Avid commenters, lurkers, bypassers, you are all welcome to say hi and play along. I am curious to see how many participants we will have this time! And I am looking forward to another exciting year of kinky blogging.


Fenris said...

Happy blogiversary.
I hope you and Ludwig will continue to blog as long as it is fun for you, I would certainly miss your writing.
My best wishes to you and Ludwig for your blogging and non-blogging future.

Spankedhortic II said...

Congratulations on your third Blogiversary. Add three spanks from me and say Hi to Ludwig for me.


Lea said...

Congratulations on the blogiversary! 3 years is like 30 years in the blogging world. ;-) I always enjoy reading here and like your variety of topics. Happy spankings!

Newone said...

Enjoy three more spanks. And give us many more than three of your Blogiversaries, PLEASE!

Rich Person said...

Ludwig, make sure these three count!

Thanks, Kaelah, for sharing your lovely kink with us. I'm looking forward to hearing from you for many more years to come.

Spearthrower said...

My favorite spanking blog. I check more than once a week and very much enjoy reading. Congratulations on three years!! I hate to think how many spanks you're going to end up with!

SpankCake said...

Congratulations on your three year blogiversary! Thanks, Kaelah, for maintaining such a great blog for the long run. May we be blessed with many more years with your company!


ronnie said...

Happy belated 3rd Blogiversary, Kaelah. I do enjoy stopping by. Loved the picture.


gustofur said...

Lucky Ludwig gets to add three more.

Ana said...

lol...now this is not fair! I don't want you to get more spanks, but I want to post and congratulate you. I know that a spanking is fun for you, but my head can't quite wrap itself around that concept. :) Anyway, congratulations and at least tell me that you enjoyed the 3 my comment made you get.

Erica said...

Happy 3rd, and we all hope you WILL still be blogging in another three years and beyond! (Is Ludwig a leftie? Me too!) ♥

Donpascual said...

Happy blogiversary Kaelah,

the first of my three spanks is for your your right cheek,
the second for the left one
and the third should be a bull's eye.
Ludwig, can you manage?


Val said...

Truly hoping that you will keep at it. It is a rare gift to be able to continue consistently with interesting topics at the high level of analysis and commentary of your blog. Thank you for letting your followers to enjoy this gift of yours.

Spiceman said...

Very impressive. You've got the most erudite and intellectually rigorous blog in the spanking world. Quite special. Thank you for all the thought you put into it.

Only 3 hand swats for this comment? Better make them count, Ludwig!

Monsieur Fessee said...

Congratulations :-)

For the next three spanks

Came by because of your comment at Another Country... where you agread about spanking and smiling...
That's the way I know it can be!

Regards, Monsieur Fessee

pete the pork said...

Congrats - looking forward to many more years of kinky blogging...!


(btw: very nice ass - [i like])

Steve from Kent said...

Congratulations, and I look forward to another year of kinky reading!

Stan/E. said...

Dear friends from Germany... I of course wish a very burning birthday to our Kaelah. I obviously leave Ludwig decide. For him to see how he'll spank the girl. If it was me "for real", it would be at least twelve good slaps on her delicious round ass.

A nice birthday to you...

Unknown said...

Hello Kaelah, congratulations on your third blogiversary - I'm very happy to be adding to the number of smacks your lovely bottom will have - what a shame that it won't be my hand! Thank you (and Ludwig) for your entertaining exploits and opinions. I should love see you being caned - do you enjoy that? Best wishes, Mike.

Kaelah said...

Thank you very much for your comments so far! I am curious to find out how many more commenters we will have until the voting is closed.

@ Fenris:
Ah, the first one to add three strokes! Thank you very much for all the nice conversation that we had during the last year. :-)

@ Spankedhortic:
Thank you, Prefectdt! Ludwig still reads all the comments here, so he has definitely seen that you were waving at him. :-)

@ Lea:
I'm sure I will get a quite intense happy spanking, given the number of comments which we already have. ;-)

@ Newone:
Great to see that you are still reading!

@ Rich Person:
Do you really think Ludwig dishes out swats that don't count? ;-)

@ Spearthrower:
Ah, that's sweet of you! Or did I see a little sadistic smile on your face there? ;-)

@ SpankCake:
Thank you very much for stopping by and for your kind words. :-)

@ Ronnie:
Thank you for stopping by. I'm happy to hear that you like the picture!

@ gustofur:
Welcome, and thanks a lot for commenting! Three strokes will be added to the score.

@ Ana:
That's so sweet of you! There is no reason to worry, though, I am definitely going to enjoy the spanking. But if you really feel uncomfortable with it, I don't have to add three strokes for your comment. Taking part in the game absolutely isn't a must if this isn't your thing! You just have to tell me then.

@ Erica:
Thank you very much! Ahem, Ludwig actually isn't a lefty. I had a stupid little mosquito bite on my right cheek (the one in the face ;-) ) and so we decided to shoot the picture the other way round. I thought about mirroring it later but finally forgot to do it. You were the first one to notice (or, at least, mention) it. :-)

@ Donpascual:
I think Ludwig can manage. We usually don't do spanks across the middle any more, though, because after some mutual tests we agreed that they press the skin against the tailbone which causes a disturbing, dull kind of pain and quite some bruising. But I guess a lighter stroke on the very low part of the bottom can be done!

@ Val:
Thanks a lot for your kind words! :-)

@ Spiceman:
Thank you for your kind comment! I'm sure Ludwig will make the strokes count.

@ Monsieur Fessee:
Welcome and thank you very much for stopping by! There will definitely be smiles during that spanking, just like in the photo at the top of this post. :-)

@ Pete the Pork:
Thanks for delurking and welcome! You have got an interesting nickname. Never thought about putting a "like" button on my butt. ;-)

@ Steve from Kent:
Thank you!

@ Stan/E.:
Don't worry, so far the tally already ads up to much more than 12 strokes. :-)

@ Mike:
Thank you very much for delurking and for your comment! The next clip will be one of me being caned. We already shot that one a few years ago but it still has to be edited. And we have planned to publish a series featuring canings as well. So, stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

OTK: my favourite method of spanking.
Happy Blog anniversary

LittleGiana said...

3 more... I have hope, that smacks will be hard ;)

Lanie said...

I missed one interactive clip http://rohrstockpalast.blogspot.com/2011/11/24-x-2-8-x-6-pain.html

I am happy, that now i can add 3 slaps :D

Ana said...

No worries, Kaelah, just be sure to tell me that you enjoyed them. :) And do please enjoy!

Mr. Robert said...

Next 3 are coming. That will be a long spanking... You are lucky.

Gaviao said...

Hello Kaelah. Congratulations on your new Blogiversary. Your blog is very interesting. Enjoy another 3.

Stan/E. said...

So, where are we now, "poor" Kaelah ? how many strokes on your bum ? And when will you add the "bloganniversary" movie ?

PanPasek said...


With my comment number of stokes will be 78 and almost 11 hours to the end of this greate game.

Kaelah said...

The vote is officially closed! Thank you very much to all of you who participated. :-)

@ Fred Bloggs:
Thank you and welcome back home. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures.

@ LittleGiana:
Welcome! Your three strokes will be added to the score. :-)

@ Lanie:
This time you are right in time for taking part. :-) As I told you, I was sure that we would do something like this again sooner or later.

@ Ana:
Okay, I am relieved then. And I'm sure that I am going to enjoy the spanking. :-)

@ Mr. Robert:
Welcome and thank you for commenting! I'm lucky indeed. :-)

@ Gaviao:
Great to see that you are still reading!

@ Stan/E.:
I will write more about the results and the upcoming clip in a separate post. It might take several weeks before Ludwig and I will see each other again, though, so shooting and editing the clip might take some time.

@ PanPasek:
Welcome and thanks for delurking! You are almost right about the number of strokes. The final tally is 75 (my own comment and the second comments made by Ana and Stan/E. don't count).

Mr. Robert said...

I see future in red colours.

Kaelah said...

@ Mr. Robert:
Me too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Blogiversary - time seems to be evaporating.. it seems like yesterday since you and Ludwig announced your romance!

But oh dear - I've missed the deadline for registration of extra whacks!

What a shame. However, given it's the first time I've commented on your blog, perhaps you'd make an exception and permit the addition of another three spanks?

Sassy-lassy x

Kaelah said...

@ Sassy-lassy:
Welcome, and thank you very much for delurking! Unfortunately, you are indeed a bit too late this time for our little game, but never too late as far as your comment goes. Delurkers are always appreciated! I hope you are going to enjoy the clip nonetheless. And rest assured that there will be another vote coming sooner or later, so stay tuned! :-)

Indy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to have missed my chance to add to the total. Nonetheless, let me extend my congratulations on three years of blogging. As you can probably tell from my sporadic production of late, I don't know how you manage to keep it up so consistently, but I am definitely glad you do!


Peter8862 said...

Kaelah - My life has been topsy turvy this summer, hence this tardy response. But my true congratulations to you on three years of highly readable blogging. That and a thesis - how ever do you do it ! Hugs Peter

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:
It's definitely a pity that you are too late for the vote this time, but I am sure the next time you will be there again to help "throwing me under the bus". ;-) I would say 75 strokes aren't exactly what I would call too few, though! Thank you very much for your kind comments, it's wonderful to have you around. I hope that we will meet again soon, maybe next year. Many hugs, Kaelah

@ Peter8862:
It's so good to hear from you again! And thank you for your very kind comment, Peter. Ludwig is going to write the next post, so that I can take some days off from blogging and focus on other things. Sending warm hugs back to you!

Hannilein said...

one, two...three
come on, slap it for me!

Kaelah said...

@ Hannilein:
Welcome, and thanks a lot for delurking! I'm afraid that your comment is a bit too late to count as a vote for the spanking clip, though. But it is still very much appreciated, and I hope you will enjoy the clip nonetheless. There will surely be another chance to vote for a clip as well. By the way, could it be that your nickname was inspired by Hape Kerkeling? It definitely is a great nickname. :-)

Anonymous said...

+1 for every week late ;)

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous:
It seems like someone is looking forward to the clip! ;-) Joking aside, Ludwig didn't have any chance to film the clip earlier because we didn't see each other very much in the recent weeks. But now the clip has been filmed and it will be released very soon. So stay tuned!