Thursday, August 16, 2012

Holly's Severe Caning

As the long-time readers might remember, I found Ludwig's blog via Spanking Tube where I had stumbled across his clips with Niki Flynn which I liked very much. Ludwig's videos weren't the only findings that I valued, though. There were two more clips that had a special value for me, one amateur M/M fun clip and one preview clip for a Realspankings video. Today, I want to introduce you to the latter and tell you why this clip was so special for me when I started out in the spanking community. A post about the M/M clip will follow soon.

The clip is called Holly's Severe Caning. And that already says what the clip is basically all about. As some of you might know, I was scared by severe scenes when I was a newbie in the scene. Especially when they depicted non-consensual scenarios with screaming, crying and shaking women. Holly's severe caning is different. It is a consensual scenario in which she is trying out something that she wants to explore. Mr. M and Holly are visibly partners in crime here. Furthermore, Holly handles the caning very well and doesn't panic at any point. And, last but not least, I found her very nice and likeable right from the beginning, not to mention her cute look.

This clip was very important for me and holds a special place in my heart because it was the first severe caning scene (apart from Ludwig's Comeuppance Clip) that I felt comfortable watching and that I even really enjoyed. It seems that I am not the only one. The clip has a five star rating and got many positive comments, some of them explicitly mentioning how much they liked that the scene is so obviously consensual. Of course, the one or other odd comment about the caning not being severe enough because Holly enjoyed it too much was among them as well. Well, everybody has different preferences. But I think there are enough videos out there for those who are into consensual non-consent, screaming and tears, so I don't see any reason why those who are into that have to complain if one clip is different. I for one was very happy to find out that there were other ways of doing this as well.

And here is the clip I am talking about:

How about you? Can you remember any spanking videos that held a kind of revelation for you? Do you have any favourites? I am curious to hear about your experiences.


Val said...

I remember this Holly video well, and I had the same reaction exactly - I liked it, and felt very comfortable watching because it reflected my feelings on why I am into spanking: thrill of the exploration, limits, communication. Whether one agrees on the film being severe or not is disputable, the marks in the end proved that it was probably at least serious.
Memorable vids? Sure, such as the very first spanking video which I have ever watched, before the time of the internet: actually stepping into the adult store and selecting a video, handing it over to the clerk then watching it in one of those viewing booths, that was quite an adventure. It felt thrilling, uncomfortable and safe at the same time, I was just a tourist in a foreign country and no one knew me there... ;-) The video was "Office Discipline," a British production if I remember correctly.
Then there was the tutorial series titled "Learning The Ropes" by Ona Zee, which I have watched along with my partner, memorable for the closeness and communication.
More recently, two videos from Lupus looked interesting, exactly because tongue in cheek they play on the kinky streak: "The Peacock," and "From The Headmaster's Study - Immodesty."
I agree, there is plenty of role play and depiction of non-consensual scenarios. By far I prefer viewing the "I like this play" attitude of the players, no need to go for an example further than these very pages: see your and Ludwig's productions.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Our all time fav is nothing like this, it's called Uncle Wayne's Woodshed. We like the mouth on the lass. Funny to us.

Lea said...

I don't watch a whole lot of videos, but I'm with you on being nervous about "severe" scenes as a newbie. That is part of why caning was a hard limit for me for so long, the idea of it terrified me. Since then, a few good tops have shown me that it doesn't have to be severe. And this self admitted wuss is happy about that. ;-)

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences! It's funny that you know the video and had a similar reaction to it. Maybe it isn't the Mood Pictures level of severity but I also think that from the marks, the caning is at least serious. And from my experiences, there isn't such a big difference between severe and very severe anyway, as far as the feeling goes. I think the rhythm and whether there is a warm-up or not makes a bigger difference.

I don't have any moral problems with consensual non-consent but I definitely personally prefer at least semi-consensual scenarios. And I'm very glad that you like our videos! :-)

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
Kink and humour can indeed make for a great combination! :-)

@ Lea:
I don't watch too many videos, either. And most of the videos I like are M/M. :-) You bring up an important point: Everyone should play according to their personal preferences and limits. I don't think there is any right or wrong when it comes to severity (as long as it is consensual and no permanent damage is done). A soft hand-spanking is as much a spanking as a severe caning. And a severe caning isn't any different ethically from a softer spanking as a long as the above considerations are met.

Anonymous said...

Holly´s Severe Caning is one of my favorites in all the time I have seen such videos. I like the way they talk to each other without shouting or crying, with some sense of humour too.

I even like some more severe canings if the victim stands it very well an it is done properly like Ludwig discribes somewhere in this Blog, but every kind of spanking can be enjoyable if it is well done between the two persons even with the hand otk. What I nearly don´t like is the paddle. Often it hurts like the cane but the marks ar not nice, more like accident. Well, finish, someone can write a lot about this and I think, I have seen some scenes where the wrong treadment of a victim spoiled a good video or film.

Ursus Lewis said...

I prefer non-consensual scenarios no doubt about that. But I like this Holly video as well.

Like Val I have good memories of the first spanking video I ever watched (I rented it from an Adult store as well). However the memories are better then the reality, because I rewatched the tape after a while again and did not like it anymore.

I guess the important thing about this video was, that it me realize what I like and who I am.

What do I like now? I like good, believable stories and I like if the producers put some efforts the set and costumes. Lupus Pictures earlier productions for example, like the Headmasters Study's series. (The newer ones I dislike because of the sex part in most of them).

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous:
I'm absolutely with you. Every kind of consensual adult spanking can be interesting, as long as it is done accurately, no permanent damage is caused and the chemistry between the participants is right. And the lack of any of these things can destroy an otherwise good scene. I'm not a huge fan of paddles and the marks which they cause, either, especially when it comes to wooden paddles. From time to time, a paddling can be nice as well, though, as long as it isn't too severe.

@ Ursus Lewis:
I remember that you are mostly into punishment scenarios. By the way, is that true for the cases when you switch as well? I assume that many former fans of Lupus don't enjoy their newer videos so much because of the vanilla sex. But I assume that there must be a market for that, otherwise they wouldn't produce these videos.

Spiceman said...

Another entertaining post. Ludwig set a high standard which you have maintained well, Kaelah. You both write better English than most of the people here in the U.S. Holly's Severe Caning was an early favorite when I discovered the scene three years ago. What makes it unique is the set-up with Holly watching herself being caned on the monitor in front of her. She takes great interest in her vivid marks. I like it when Michael, adjusting the camera, zooms in and says, "And there's your vagina." I also enjoy her comments, after the extra-hard last stroke, "You actually broke my ass with that one" and "I've never been so happy leaving here" (which can be taken two ways, I suppose). I agree that the consensuality makes it even hotter. A real classic.

Kaelah said...

@ Spiceman:
Welcome, thanks for delurking and thank you very much for your kind compliment! :-)

The fact that Holly is watching the caning and the marks is indeed a special and nice feature. I have to admit that I had all forgotten about the "And there's your vagina." comment because I am not so much into close-ups of private parts in spanking clips. I have to admit that I find them rather distracting and sometimes even annoying. But in this clip it was just a funny comment that showed the light-hearted mood - and the main focus of the camera fortunately remained on the bottom. It's nice to see that so many people obviously liked the clip, too!

Quai Franklin said...

I've been at least mentally "collecting" scenes and videos since I was a teenager (back in the early 80s) and now that I think about it, there are probably at least 20 or so that have had a major impact on me. I should thank you for inspiring what could end up being a blog post for me. I've been meaning to discuss spanking erotica aesthetics.

The Holly video, as a matter of fact, did have a strong effect on me. I tend to prefer videos in which punishment is portrayed rather than people playing a scene together, but this was very interesting both because of the obvious joy both participants took in it, as well as the fact that she got to see her own caning live.

It also clued me in to a self-revelation on my part, that one of the reasons I wasn't enjoying some spanking video/scenes as much, although they had all of the features and aspects that I enjoy, was that the spanking model in the scene was displaying much more of the sexual pleasure she got out of it, than the distress I enjoy witnessing as a sadist. And I realized that's okay. There's nothing wrong with my preference and nothing wrong with those producing such a scene. Although it's all spanking or CP, there are many variations on the theme.

Kaelah said...

@ Quai Franklin:
I'm glad that my post provided you with some inspiration for your own writing! :-)

You are absolutely right, there are many variations of CP scenes and all of them are okay, as long as no permanent damage is done and the participants are adults who have given their informed consent. Although I prefer semi-consensual scenarios and like empowering scenarios as well, I usually don't like the mixture of formal scenes with sexual aspects, either. I have written a post about that topic which you can find here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kaelah,

I have seen this clip, and agree that it is a particularly good one, especially because of Holly's very evident enthusiasm and delight! I was also very taken with the idea of seeing your own punishment live - so you see the stroke and feel it at the same time!I don't suppose I shall ever meet a mistress who offers that facility, but I'd love to try it some time! Unfortunately in the normal position you can't really see very much - except perhaps a squinting view of the mistress wielding the cane!


Kaelah said...

@ Ernest:
The idea of watching one's own whipping while it is happening is indeed an intriguing one! Mirrors can do the trick when place in the right angle, but using a camera and a monitor of course allows for a more close-up view.