Monday, May 28, 2012

Broken Implements

Some days ago Ludwig and I had a lovely little scene that held a novelty – me (partially) miscounting. Ludwig had placed me in front of a large mirror, my hands touching the cold surface and my bottom stuck out. He told me to watch carefully. As you probably know by now, I love mirrors and I love to have the opportunity to watch a scene while it is happening. Ludwig whacked me with our leather paddle, an implement that we already used in our very first play and that I am very fond of.

I haven't been spanked much recently, though, because of all the stress that is currently ruling Ludwig's and my life. Thus the paddle stung a lot and caused the one or other "Ouch!". Ludwig insisted that the paddling had to be a proper one, though, despite of the fact that it was supposed to be a "nice" paddling. But he was kind enough to start out a bit more gently. Then, after stroke number 29, Ludwig stopped for a short break to inform me that the last six strokes would be really proper ones.

Now, those of you who know me a bit might be aware that I need my cosmos of numbers to be in order. And so, the break after stroke number 29 tripped me up. When the next blow hit me, I automatically resumed my counting routine without taking a break to think about the next number. At the moment I began to speak my brain fired a warning signal: "This is only stroke number 30, not 31!" So, I would most probably have been fine, had I counted in English. But since the "one" in 31 comes first in German (we say "one-and-thirty"), I already heard myself saying it before I could act on the warning signal. The final word that I blurted out was a mixture of 30 and 31.

Ludwig of course recognized my mistake and threatened me to start over. He was kind enough to repeat only one stroke, though. Which in a way was a nice thing – it increased the final tally to 36 which is a much rounder number than the originally planned 35. I have to admit that I am thankful to Ludwig for not having started over, though, because my bottom was already very red and stung well enough from the 36 strokes and I even had a little bruise. So, we stopped the paddling and focussed on different forms of joy.

The scene very much reminded me of another first. Because that one also happened in front of the very same mirror during another highly erotic scene. It took place back in 2009 and the implement wasn't a paddle but a plastic hairbrush. I love those. We hadn't had a chance to play for a while and I was longing for a spanking. So, Ludwig made me strip and placed me in front of the mirror. He told me to stand on tiptoes and to stick my bottom out. Then he used the hairbrush forcefully on my bare behind while I was watching the scene in the mirror.

Suddenly there was a cracking sound and something flew through the air. It was a piece of the hairbrush that had broken off. Ludwig tried to use the intact part again, but another piece soon followed. It was very hot and the scene is one of the most erotic scenes Ludwig and I ever had. Normally, I am not a fan of destruction, but in that scene the fact that Ludwig broke the hairbrush on my bottom only added to the eroticism!

I haven't destroyed another implement with my bottom since, but I still have very fond memories of that special scene. I have broken one implement actively, the cane from Mood Pictures which Ludwig and I used for our severe scene. It didn't break on anyone's bottom, though. Half of the tip broke off during a training session with a pillow.

How about you? Do you find the breaking of implements sad or does it give you a special thrill? What was the first implement which you ever broke while spanking someone or while being spanked? Have you made any special experiences or watched any special scenes with broken implements? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!


otk4us2 said...

But Kaelah, you look so cute with that pert red bottom in that top picture..... I love it! No I haven't broken any spanking implements yet, but I am still working on it :)


Simon said...

Over the years my Mistress has broken a few canes on my bottom. It's ridiculous I know but I always get a brief feeling of pride if this happens. "Aha" I think " I'm tougher than your cane". Of course this feeling is short lived as she will then use another cane or implement on my tender backside. She also used to have a swishy crop with a leather cats head at the end which was one of her favourite implements and when the head broke off when she was using it on me I could tell she was a little upset. The replacement never seemed to be quite the same. Also on the subject of mirrors I also like being punished in front of them although I am sometimes surprised by the silly faces I can pull when being punished.

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Oh je ....

Erst ein böses Zwangsouting Ludwig als Softi und dann noch als Krönung die Bestätigung eines bösen Vorurteils:Frauen und Technik! Sie bekommen alles kaputt!

Fräulein was soll ich jetzt bloß von dir Denken! *grins*

Donpascual said...

I always thought to be a top with no intention to switch.
But one nice weekend, I asked a good old family friend so spank me, opening my wall cabinet with a nice number of implements to choose from.
She selected a cane and it broke with the very first hit :-)).
Fortunately, the other implements did not. I myself had never broken anything.
Maybe that was the beginning of a new career as a switch. I definitely enjoyed not to be forced to think too much during that spanking - except of course about the broken cane. I now has a nice length for OTK.

Spankedhortic II said...

I think that you can put me in the "Special thrill" group. It was back in 2009 (if memory serves) whilst I was having a pay to play session with a German Mistress, who managed to break two canes on my old hide, within ten minutes of each other. I don't know why but I felt really proud of this, that Rocky reaching the top of the steps in the first film type of proud. It felt like a right of passage. That was the only time that any toys went west on my behind though.


Chief said...

Hi Kaelah
Very hot indeed! I was just thinking about the time Irelynn Logeen broke my hairbrush recently when I saw your post, it must be fate so I just *had* to reply!

I was filming a scene with Irelynn and Leia (LAW)and the damned thing splintered and split in 2. Unfortunately, both I and Leia could see it had cut Irelynn's skin (only a little) but for filming purposes here in the UK we can't show such stuff online as it is illegal (hmm). Anyhoo... Irelynn wanted to keep it as a trophy and I have a great picture of her smiling in triumph holding up my favourite hairbrush afterwards...

Oh btw, if you are ever over in the UK later this summer I would love to film with you and Ludwig for our site, times and schedules permitting. I love finding new talent, but I just prefer working with people that are really into the kink and can contribute a little more depth.

Anyway, I am a lurker of this blog and have now been "de-lurked". Yikes!

Chief (aka John Osborne AAAspanking)

Kaelah said...

@ overherlap:
Welcome and thank you very much for your kind compliment! I cross my fingers for you that your hard work will lead to the successful breaking of an implement one day. ;-)

@ Simon:
I have to admit that I envy people who have managed to break a cane with their bionic bottom! I guess mine is a bit too round for that... The destruction of a special implement that one likes very much is of course sad. We have some implements in our collection as well that I wouldn't want to lose. I usually don't look at my face when watching a scene in the mirror. I think that's for the better. ;-)

@ Spankingfreunde / Rainer:
"Fräulein was soll ich jetzt bloß von dir Denken!" - Na, ist doch klar: Dass Du Dich besser weder mit meinem bionischen Hintern noch mit meinem Spanking-Arm anlegst... ;-)

@ Donpascual:
Wow, a broken cane at the very first time! You seem to be a talented bottom indeed. :-)

@ Spankedhortic:
I want to break a cane one day, too! But, as I already mentioned in my reply to Simon, I guess my bottom is a bit too round for that. The people who are braking canes regularly seem to have rather slim bottoms without much padding...

@ Chief:
Thanks a lot for delurking! It's wonderful to know that you are reading our blog. Thanks a lot for your kind and flattering offer! I can't tell you much about Ludwig's and my plans for this summer, yet, since there is still a lot of uncertainty at the moment. But I think I will know more in a few weeks' time. The story about "Irelynn vs the hairbrush" is great! I can very much relate to the fact that she felt proud. Hmm, the clip Ludwig is currently editing definitely couldn't be published in the UK then...

Ludwig said...

@ Spankingfreunde / Rainer: Tja, ich bin nun mal ein Softie! Das sage ich ja auch immer.

Nur die Forums-Moralisten, die mich nach meinen Gastauftritten bei Mood und Lupus als "Psychopathen" und als "kranken Mann" beschimpft haben, wollen es mir nicht glauben. Aber was solls, die kapieren eh nichts... *grins*

Val said...

Lovely story, hot indeed.
For my part, I recall two distinct instances, and a recurring circumstance. I will explain.
One, an acrylic cane broke on my bottom in 10 cm-or-so segments, one at a time, in three subsequent stokes. The top didin't think about it, but the straight and sharp breaks actually cut the skin, so that was not a nice set.
Second, I had rattan canes split lengthwise at the tip and even further down the length, me on the receiving end. (The peeled ones will fray and split in multiple little strands.) After study and tests, my opinion is that the splitting can be avoided with proper maintentance and most importantly select canes which end in a knot.
The recurring circumstance has to do with freshly cut switches (me being very partial to them) - inevitably they will fray and split and break at the tip, the effect is quite dramatic actually, you can see destruction, and not only feel it developing on one's bottom. :-)

Spankingfreunde.DE said...


vermute ich richtig das du von den Forums Moralisten sprichst die seit Ende 2010 heimatlos sind und nun an anderen Orten Kochrezepte tauschen?

Was meinst Du welche bösen Geschichten die über mich zu erzählen wissen!

Ihre persönliche Art Spaß zu haben!

Höchstens Respekt vor der flinken Zunge und den ebenso flinken Fingern. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das du in Deutschland mal Gesicht zeigst bei relevanten Veranstaltungen.

Ludwig said...

@ Spankingfreunde.DE: Ein paar Idioten gibts auf so gut wie jedem Forum. Aber ich habe eigentlich nur Erfahrung mit den englischsprachigen und mich in meiner Äußerung auch auf diese bezogen. Auf deutschsprachigen Foren habe ich nur sehr wenig gepostet, und auch das hauptsächlich wegen Niki Flynn, die mal auf SL Mitglied war. Da kenne ich mich also wenig aus.

Zum Thema Gesicht zeigen: Kaelah und ich waren schon auf der einen oder anderen Veranstaltung, etwa beim letztjährigen "BDSM-Tag". Welche man dabei mehr oder weniger relevant findet, bleibt dem persönlichen Urteil überlassen. Aber insgesamt, da liegst du richtig, sind wir keine großen Veranstaltungs-Besucher.

Spankingfreunde.DE said...


Das mit den Veranstaltungen, kann so alter Hirsch wie du halt auf Dauer nicht verbergen. Ich kann die Gründe nachvollziehen und habe mich in den letzten Jahren aus wohl den selben Gründen von Veranstaltungen fern gehalten.

Ach du hast Niki über die Schulter geschaut? Idioten gibt es überall ohne Frage! Aber muss man ihnen unbedingt Platz einräumen?

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
The incident with the acrylic cane indeed doesn't sound very nice! But shredding switches into pieces with one's killer bottom sounds good. :-)

@ Spankingfreunde / Rainer:
As Ludwig already mentioned, we have been to the BDSM Tag, a political forum, and we also visited the BoundCon several times. You won't find us on big play events with scheduled play sessions, though, because that isn't our kink. We have been to the Shadowlane Party in the US because it was a chance to meet friends from the online community (I prefer to meet with people with whom I had private communication before) and there were no scheduled group play events. The party just brought people together for a chat and play in smaller groups for those who liked to. And since I prefer to play only with people whom I know very well and since I select my play partners very carefully that was exactly the right approach to me. The personal chats with online friends meant at least as much to me as the play time, anyhow. So, the reason that we don't go to lots of events in Germany isn't that we have any problems with the people who are there or with the events as such, but that group play simply isn't our cup of tea.

Spankingfreunde.DE said...


themost partys are not group play partys. It´s only a meeting with friend. Sure spanking is over all. But you must not play. Only you must not cry and run you watch anyone get his/her bottom colored.

Kaelah said...

@ Rainer:
Don't worry, it's not that easy to shock me! ;-)

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Your sure?
I am nit sure!

Kaelah said...

@ Spankingfreunde / Rainer:
Well, the first time I watched others play was at a Lupus Pictures Shoot. As they say: That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger! ;-)

Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Only a Shoot not a Session :D

Kaelah said...

@ Spankingfreunde / Rainer:
Well, I have been to private parties and to the huge public Shadow Lane party afterwards and also played there myself. But believe me, nothing ever was nearly as intimidating as finding myself on a professional film set with a big crew in a foreign country, with a language that I don't understand and the prospect of witnessing very severe canings and whippings. And all that only a very short time after I had played for the very first time myself. Luckily, the Lupus crew was very nice and Ludwig, Abel and Adele all took care of me knowing how intimidating the situation must be for a complete newbie. And so it turned out to be a good experience after all!