Sunday, December 4, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Ludwig and I have been tagged with the Versatile Blogger Award by two of our fellow bloggers, Fred Bloggs and Pandora Blake. We are flattered and say: Thank you very much, Fred and Pandora! Normally we are not such big fans of memes, but we liked the premise of this one, so we've decided to play along.

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are: Apart from thanking those who granted the award (check), one has to share seven things about oneself, pass on the award to 15 other bloggers one enjoys reading and let them know about the award.

Ludwig has already participated in a similar meme in 2008, and you can read seven fascinating and also strange things about him here. So we've decided that I am going to write seven things about me this time. Here we go:

1. In my youth the two best known junior detective series in German were “The Three Investigators” and the German series “TKKG”. Most kids preferred either the one or the other. I wasn't opposed to TKKG, but I was definitely a “Three Investigators” kid.

2. I love Asian food, especially Japanese set menus and Chinese dim sum.

3. I was a big fan of Police Academy as a teenager – I fell for the combination of smart uniforms, dedication and humour. It's still a good mixture for kinky fantasies.

4. I finished first in my graduate year at school. No one ever mentioned it at the official ceremonies, though, which made me very sad at the time. Today I make sure to celebrate my achievements with friends, no matter whether any officials acknowledge them or not.

5. When I was sixteen, I attended a course in paragliding. It was an interesting experience, but continuing would have meant investing a lot of time and money. So I decided not to take any advanced courses.

6. Several years ago I went to one of the official Sumo tournaments and to a Pro Wrestling event in Tokyo, all on my own. Both events were great! And I still dream of shooting a spanking clip in which I get slammed through a table...

7. The hospital I was born in is now a home for the elderly. That's the circle of life!

I don't want any of my fellow bloggers to feel obliged to participate in this meme, and I am aware that some of the blogs which I like have already been tagged by someone else. But I still wanted to use this opportunity to introduce you to 15 blogs that I enjoy reading and that certainly deserve this award.

1. Indy / Not So Submissive: Indy is not only a lovely person and one of the most experienced specialists when it comes to throwing fellow spankees under the bus, she is also an excellent writer. On her blog you will find witty real-life spanking accounts as well as insightful discussions and ramblings.

2. Prefectdt / Spankedhortic II: Apart from his regular columns “Thought For The week”, “The Saturday Swishing” and “Sunday Blog Stuff Roundup” you will find many more interesting stuff on Prefectdt's blog, including excellent spanking humour and spanking-related pictures and clips involving all possible gender constellations.

3. Erica Scott / Erica Scott: Life, Love & Spanking: Erica is a famous American spanking model and a very sweet person. She has a tough blogging schedule and blogs about every second day. In her posts Erica takes her readers with her to shoots, private spanking exploits and her everyday-life adventures and thoughts. Her posts are full of both honesty and wit.

4. Mija / El Tercer Ojo: Mija writes not only about spanking, you will also find political ramblings, personal stories and even beautiful calligraphy on her blog. Right now Mija's intention is to blog daily until Christmas. But Mija isn't only a skilled writer, she also is a very lovely person!

5. Paul / Paul At North Gare: Being the avowed (but lovable) misanthrope that he is, Paul will surely hate me for bothering him with a nonsense small-talk meme. But his blog is simply too good to miss this chance to point it out to you. You will find very interesting in-depth discussions here.

6. Leia-Ann Woods / Leia's New Musings: Leia-Ann Woods is a witty and kind person and an experienced spanking model, on the receiving as well as on the administering end. On her blog she writes about her shoots as well as her private play and all the questions that come to her mind during her exciting journey.

7. Bogey and Bacall / Our Bottoms Burn: Apart from Mija and Paul, Bogey and Bacall are the only other switching couple I know. And these two switch regularly. On their blog you can read more about their adventures and their thoughts on spanking-related topics.

8. Underling / Underling's Humblings: On this blog you will find fantastic F/M drawings and stories created by Underling himself! If you like male bottoms, fantasies about strict women and creativity, this is your place.

9. Amelia Jane Rutherford / Playing To Lose: Amelia Jane (or Ariel Anderssen, her other identity) is a beautiful, kind and intelligent spanking and bondage model. She doesn't blog regularly, but when she does, her posts involve either very aesthetic pictures or thoughtfully written in-depth discussions or both.

10. Abel / The Spanking Writers: Many people know and adore Abel for his spanking stories and his ability to pervert almost every vanilla incident. I am especially drawn to his thoughtful discussions of complicated and fascinating aspects of kink, though, as well as his kind and caring personality.

11. Ronnie / Heart And Soul: On this blog you will find beautifully written accounts on Ronnie's spanking experiences with her husband P. Plus a lot of humour, interesting observations and much more.

12. Kami Robertson/ On The Way Of Exploration: Kami is a spanking model, a sociable kinky enthusiast and a young woman who isn't scared of exploring new things. She has started her journey as a bottom, but now she offers topping sessions as well. For quite a while there was silence on her blog, but now she is luckily back to share her adventures.

13. Hermione / Hermione's Heart: Hermione has a very impressive daily posting rhythm. Her blog features regular columns such as “Friday Fail” and “Complete The Caption” as well as posts about private exploits with her partner Ron and much more.

14. Todd and Suzy / American Spanking Society: Todd and Suzy frequently write about their own private exploits as a couple, their kinky friends and everything that has to do with spanking. In their weekly column “Thursday Night at the Roundtable” Suzy and Todd invite their readers to vote on a question about spanking and to share their thoughts on the topic.

15. Emma Jane / A Painful Awakening: Emma Jane is an amiable kinky spirit. She is fascinated by a great variety of kinky fantasies. On her blog she shares her private exploits, from schoolgirl spankings to interrogation scenarios. Her blog hasn't been update for a while, but I hope she will be back.


Hermione said...

Hi Kaelah - Thank you so much for including me in your list of notable bloggers.


ronnie said...

I'm honoured to be included in your list of such wonderful bloggers.

Thanks you Kaelah.


Kaelah said...

@ Hermione and Ronnie:
I'm glad that you aren't angry about being tagged with a meme. I would never manage to post as regularly as the two of you do. Keep up your good work! :-)

Abel1234 said...

Thanks for including me, and for such kind words.

Now to explore one or two other blogs you mention that I don't actually know. Lovely post :-)

Kaelah said...

@ Abel:
Thank you for both, your kind comment and all the effort that you put into blogging! :-) I hope that you liked some of the other blogs I mentioned which you hadn't known, yet.