Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Caning

In Germany, the Christmas festivities already start in the afternoon of the 24th. Ludwig and I are using the holidays to relax and share time with our families. Yesterday was a rather kinky day for us, though.

First, I read some Christmas related posts on other kinky blogs and watched Erica Scott's free Christmas video clip which was very funny. Then our own Christmas present, the LOL-Day clip titled 48 was crossed. I had a nice email-exchange with Stan/E. from Au Fil Des Jours and realised a short time later that he had written a post about our conversation and linked to the clip as well. Finally, Pandora Blake's new site Dreams Of Spanking was launched and with it my first clip as a top.

In the evening it was play time. Ludwig and I participated in Abel's "Spankvent" calendar. It was inspired by the German advent calendar tradition and many different people from all over the world took part. Ludwig and I had claimed the 23rd as our day, and so we were up for a spanking that somehow included the number 23.

We hadn't made any conctrete plans, though, and decided to come up with an idea spontaneously. We hadn't even made up who was going to be on the receiving and who on the administering end. I was in a rather toppy mood at first, but Ludwig made it clear that I wouldn't get my hands on him that evening. He already has at least two scenes on the receiving end to come, which is more than enough from his point of view...

So, I would be the one to take the spanking this time. We started with back massages, though, because both of us needed some relaxation. Then Ludwig gave me a joyful and crisp hand spanking on my bottom and upper thighs which made me wriggle and moan. Leia-Ann Woods has recently written a very interesting post about pain thresholds. I assume it was due to my tiredness that mine was a bit low yesterday. Which meant more vivid reactions and more joy for Ludwig.

I didn't give in without a fight, though, and tried to get some revenge by tickling him. Soon we were in the midst of a wrestling fight which I was of course bound to lose. But at least I managed to take Ludwig's head into a leg scissors for a moment and used his surprise to tickle him and make him wriggle.

Ludwig finally decided that he was in a gracious mood and that he would give me 23 strokes with our "nice" flogger. He told me to touch my toes for them, though, because I had mocked him about being more flexible than him during our fight. I did as I was told and received 23 full force strokes with the flogger. While this particular specimen is much nicer than the rubber one we have, it has a good sting nonetheless when applied with vigour. I duly counted the strokes and managed to go through the flogging without making a fuss or breaking position.

Ludwig looked at my bottom after the strokes and told me that there wasn't much marking, except on my right hip where the tips of the flogger had landed. Our initial plan had been to take a picture for our readers, but there wouldn't be much too see so far. I didn't hesitate long, went to the toy bag and brought Ludwig an unpeeled short cane. He gave me a questioning look. "You can give me another 23 with that cane OTK", I explained. And added: "They don't have to be too hard, you know?"

So over his knee I went. And five strokes later I deeply regretted my idea! The strokes weren't too hard, but Ludwig has a deadly wrist-flick and that nasty little cane stings like hell. I told Ludwig that this obviously hadn't been a good idea. Not surprisingly his point of view was different. Dutifully he applied stripe after stripe pushing down my neck with his left hand while I was counting, wriggling and moaning.

When he even speeded up the spanking towards the end, I nearly didn't have any time left to catch my breath. My whole body was getting hotter by the second and I started to sweat. Then the last stroke fell, which was of course the hardest. Funnily, it was almost easier for me to take than the previous lighter ones, as I had already experienced earlier.

I lay over Ludwig's lap gasping for breath and trying to recover. Tears swelled in my eyes from the struggle and the subsequent relaxation. Ludwig stroked my back and told me that I didn't have to worry, that my reactions had still been very restrained. He gave me a few light smacks with his hand and I duly started counting them before asking him whether I actually had to. Ludwig told me that I didn't have to count and that I could get up. This time there were lovely marks on my bottom which could be captured on photo.

So our Spankvent evening ended with a little photo session. The light wasn't great, but Ludwig managed to take the nice picture above nonetheless. With that we wish you all a happy and peaceful festive season and those who celebrate it a Merry Christmas!


sixofthebest said...

When I see a photo of a beautiful naughty ladies bare bottom that has just been caned, its Christmas past, present, and future, all combined. Thank you Ludwig, and Seasons Greetings, to you and your fine blog.

Pandora Blake said...

Lovely writeup! Thankyou for sharing this scene, and I love that you asked for the extra 23 out of wanting better marks to show off - my kink often works the same way ;) And I'm completely with you on finding harder cane strokes easier to take than horrible whippy ones. I'd rather a thick cane over a thin one any day.

Thanks so much for the link too, can't wait to share the rest of your movies on the site!

Fenris said...

Merry kinky Christmas.
By the way, I am just about to buy a membership for Pandora's site. That is the Christmas present for me, by me.
As we say in Germany: "Man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts" (I don't know how to translate that, maybe someone has an idea?)
I am especially looking forward to the video starring Kaelah. Didn't you shoot another video except "The Taxman cometh"?

Mr A said...

What a lovely account of your #spankvent Kaelah.

It was lovely to meet you both at Shadow Lane and I hope we’ll meet you and Ludwig again in 2012. Have a superb festive period and break.

Respecting Mistress said...

Really enjoyed your Christmas caning. It's seems a lot of us are celbrating the festive season in this way! I agree with Pandora too, whippy cane strokes just sting too much and harder ones are easier to deal with. Seasons greetings to you and Ludwig

Abel1234 said...

Thank you for joining in Spankvent, and for writing up such a lovely account of it.

Merry Christmas to you both :-)

Ludwig said...

@ sixofthebest: Thank Kaelah, not me. She is the one who got spanked, and she wrote the post.

Kaelah said...

@ sixofthebest:
Glad you liked the picture!

@ Pandora:
Yep, I guess our kink works quite similarly in several aspects... :-) Congratulations on the launch of your site! I'm looking forward to writing the behind-the-scenes reports for the other clips we shot.

@ Fenris:
Merry kinky Christmas to you as well! Sounds like you got yourself a nice Christmas present. :-) Yes, we shot two more scenes which will be published in the upcoming months. One was a severe caning scene which features me on the receiving end. The second scene is a secret so far. Ludwig and I are going to write behind-the-scenes reports for the two clips once they are available on Dreams of Spanking. “Man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts.” is indeed difficult to translate. Maybe one could say: “It's my one and only treat. ”

@ Mr A:
A happy and peaceful festive season to you as well! It was indeed very lovely to meet you and I'm confident that we are going to see each other again next year. Most probably in England, as a trip to the USA isn't part of our plans for 2012.

@ Respecting Mistress:
Happy holidays to you and your mistress! I've read about your Christmas caning on your blog. Sounds like it was much harsher than mine, though. Ouch! But I'm glad to know that everything works so well for the two of you these days.

@ Abel:
Thank you very much for organizing Spankvent! I've already read the first part of your accounts of all the different Spankvent scenes. Merry Christmas to you as well!

Poppy said...

A very happy Christmas to you both and those pictures are lovely.


Erica said...

What a lovely picture -- ouch, and mmmmmm! :-)

Thank you for the shout-out on my video. Happy 2012 to you both!

Kaelah said...

@ Poppy:
Thank you very much and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

@ Erica:
Thank you. :-) Your clip is really hilarious! I found it cool that our two videos were crossed alongside. In a way you are partly responsible for our Christmas clip as well, anyway, by having commented on our blog on Love Our Lurkers Day! ;-)

Indy said...

I love this write-up, even if I am flabbergasted that you chose a prime number for Spankvent day. You really didn't insist on one more stroke to make it a multiple of six? :-)

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:
I know that the number is strange and usually I really care about these things as you have already experienced live (it's really shocking how well you know me ;-) ). But there weren't many days left when Ludwig and I signed up, and I knew that we were going to see each other on the 23rd. And for some reason I didn't insist on an additional stroke that day in order to make it an even number. Maybe because I didn't have any breath left after that rapid fire of cane strokes... ;-)