Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Conventional Weekend

I spent most of last Friday and Saturday at BoundCon V, the fetish convention in Munich. Josephine was going there as a model and asked me to accompany her and make sure that she is on her best behaviour. While we were still at her flat, I gave her an over the knee hairbrush spanking with that goal in mind, as a precautionary measure. Afterwards, I helped her lacing her corset and promptly managed to remove a large patch of skin from my right index finger in the process. Classic case of rope burn! But at least the corset was as tight and sexy as Josephine wanted it.

This was my first BoundCon, but as returning visitors pointed out to me, everything was a bit bigger and more festive for the fifth year anniversary, with dozens of exhibitors showcasing their wares. Fetish clothes in all shapes and sizes, ropes and cuffs, racks and other torture devices, DVDs and photographs... Actually, only spanking implements seemed to be in short supply. I guess that is why they don't call it WhackedCon. But I finally found a booth where they sold canes, and handpicked five nice and fresh 8mm rattan specimens.

There were bondage shows throughout the day, displaying dozens of different knots and loops and nooses. That is one area I, as a top, admittedly know very little about. It's all still terra incognita to me. Corporal punishment will always remain my central kink, I suspect, but I really want to learn a few of those elaborate bondage tricks one day. If nothing else, to immobilize the victim in a more classy way before I fetch the whip.

The main event on Saturday evening was less successful, though. A few bondage performers attempted a bit of stand-up comedy while tying each other up, and even with all the goodwill in the world, it just wasn't funny. I was sitting at a table and eating a snack, barely watching the show. Halfway through, the audience started getting impatient and the first whistles and boos could be heard. Suddenly, someone at a table to the right of me screamed: "Great show!" A guy at a table to the left: "This is shit!" The other one, on the right: "No, this is total shit!" "Please stop! Have mercy!" "I want my money back!" Stereo heckling, with me sitting in the middle, suppressing a grin while I continued to eat.

The would-be comedians left the stage within half a minute after that. I felt a tad sorry for them, but truth be told, the hecklers had been a lot more entertaining than the show itself.

As for Josephine, she was delightful and charming. We had a great time together. Chatting, meeting a couple of friends, browsing the assortment of wares. And playing around a bit, of course. At one point, I ordered her to kneel on the floor in the restaurant section and left her there for a couple of minutes while I bought some drinks. It was just a spontaneous idea, on a whim. Naturally, such an episode is considerably less interesting at a kinky convention than it would have been, say, in a Glasgow pub. But Josephine still got some bemused looks, and even though it was only "public shame light", I found the experiment interesting. It felt intense, much more so than I would have expected under the "just for a laugh" circumstances. I always regarded myself as a sadist first and foremost, but maybe there is more of the stereotypical control freak top inside of me than I previously thought.

Later on, the newly purchased canes saw some action, too. I always intended to try them out at the first appropriate occasion. After all, Josephine had persuaded one of her photographer friends to get her a model pass, and I was of the opinion that, in return for the free entry and cheaper snacks, she should do a little more than just stand around and look pretty. Besides, when we had dinner, she contaminated my chili with a huge spoonful of noodle salad, so she obviously agreed that a thrashing was needed to round out the evening.

I calmly finished my meal, carefully avoiding the noodles while Josephine watched me with a smug grin. Then I put down the cutlery, grabbed her by the hair and neck, lead her to one of the playrooms and caned her in front of some 15 to 20 intrigued spectators. Josephine had been spanked with others watching, but never in the presence of strangers, let alone an audience of this size. She was absolutely terrified, scared witless, a joy to behold. While I instructed her to pull down her panties and bend over, she meekly mumbled to me that she felt more nervous than before her first ever kinky play. Judging from her goosebumps and trembling, it was no exaggeration.

But Josephine is a brave girl and took her chastisement with admirable composure. Actually, she tried extra hard to remain stock-still and quiet, seeking to save as much of her dignity as possible under all the watchful eyes. I can understand that, but needless to say, I had to give her a reasonably severe punishment for the proper "thou shalt not play around with food" educational effect. I decided that I wouldn't prolong her public ordeal more than necessary and only gave her 15 strokes, but they were all fairly hard. Despite Josephine's best efforts, she was buckling at the kneeds and let out a few loud moans. I noticed a few audience members wincing in sympathy and two subs exchanging admiring looks. It's a pity that Josephine couldn't see it, she was facing the other way to show off her developing welts (and rather absorbed in the pain, almost forgetting about the other people, as she told me afterwards). But she got a round of applause when it was all over, and I was immensely proud of her.

All in all, we had a great weekend. I am very happy for Josephine, she is doing a good job with her economics studies and deserved a bit of a break to recharge the batteries. The exams are a little over a month away now, and I am sure that she will give me more reasons to be proud.

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