Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Krampus is Coming to Town (Part 4)

I hope all of you have shared great and peaceful holidays with your loved ones! Ludwig and I had a wonderful, quiet time with our closest family. No huge presents, no labour-intensive seven-course meals, just a good time together, talking, having fun and enjoying tasty food.

As announced, here is the forth and final part of my tailor-made LOL Day spanking story. You can find part 1, part 2 and part 3 here. In the last part, her first-ever birching is awaiting our hero Rosie. So, without further ado, let's see how that one turns out:

The Krampus seemed to have mercy on her, though, because before she could panic even more, she already felt the touch of the birch on her naked bottom. She flinched involuntarily and the trembling of her body became even worse. The birch withdrew, Rosie heard a swish and with little crackling sounds the branches landed on her backside. For a second Rosie didn't feel anything, but then it was as if hundreds of little needles pierced her buttocks.

The stroke certainly hadn't been extremely hard, but it definitely was enough to drew Rosie's breath away. A wave of heat went through her body and she wriggled her bottom, trying to shake away the pain. Oh my gosh, that was different from every kind of pain she had ever felt before! Rosie wasn't sure whether she could take any more of it. While the Krampus gave her time to let the sensation sink in, it came to her how lucky she was that her bottom had already been thoroughly warmed up before. She didn't even want to imagine how a birching on a cold butt must feel like!

She didn't get time to imagine anything, anyway, though, because right at that moment she heard another swish followed by a loud crack. Another wave of pain went through her body and it seemed to be even worse than the first one. She buckled and hissed, and it took her a while to regain her composure again. “Ouch, that stings like hell!” she exclaimed. “Well, then I guess you are lucky that I haven't put the birch into water,” the Krampus stated calmly, “see what a kind guy I am!” Rosie who was normally known for her sassiness and her sharp wit didn't know what to reply to that statement. “It hurts me that the people never seem to appreciate my kindness,” the Krampus continued with a sigh that sounded almost convincing.

Rosie didn't know whether she should laugh or shout at the beast that the birching didn't feel kind at all. She didn't have to make a decision, though, since the third crackling stroke landed on her poor bottom right away, the pain consuming all her attention and energy. This time she let out a shriek and threw back her head. Her knees buckled again and it took her a while to get back into position.

From this stroke on the Krampus settled into a steady, yet slow rhythm. Rosie felt right at the edge of her limit, taking one stroke after the other. She hissed and cried out and wriggled under the strokes and always needed time to recover and get back into position. Sometimes the Krampus supported her by either gently helping her up when she had sunken into the cushions in front of her or pushing her back down into position when she had jumped up from the pain. From time to time it rubbed her bottom with its paws, reigniting the pain on her chastised buttocks with its claws while at the same time soothing it through its soft, hairy touch.

Somehow Rosie managed to get through much more strokes than she would have thought she could. After twelve strokes she was covered in sweat and already thought it might be over, but to her surprise the birching continued. At around stroke 15 she somehow seemed to get used to the pain, being able to absorb it better than before. Rosie stopped struggling and simply let things happen, riding the waves of pain like a surfer. Still she yelled and breathed heavily and squirmed, but inside she felt strangely focussed and calm.

The Krampus's voice seemed to be very far away as it stated: “That was number 23. One more and I think we are done. Seems you are able to take a birching very bravely!” It's paw softly touched her bottom. “You know what they say about the last stroke, though, don't you?!” Rosie absently nodded but didn't give a reply. “Well, this one will show you just what a kind dude I am,” the Krampus said.

Rosie was too worn out already and her body too full of endorphins for the announcement to raise too much fear. She simply waited for what was about to come. The Krampus seemed to take more time preparing for the last stroke making sure that its aim was perfect. Several times the birch softly touched her backside. Then it withdrew and came back with a swish that was much sharper and louder than all the ones before. The swish was followed by a crack that echoed in her ears as the birch crashed into her bottom. Rosie sunk or almost jumped into the cushions in front of her with a loud shriek that resounded through the bedroom, clutching her butt with her hands. She wriggled from side to side rubbing her buttocks in a vain attempt to release the excruciating pain, inhaling and exhaling sharply as she tried to catch her breath. “That … was … mean!” was all she managed to bring out, as she was finally able to speak again.

After a while she stopped moving and lay still, feeling exhausted and calm. Her head had sunken into the cushion, her face to one side, a single tear of relief rolling down her cheek. The Krampus put the birch, or what was left of it, onto the bed and sat down beside her. She crawled into his open arms and let him hold her, enjoying the incredible inner peace she was feeling. Her body was pleasantly warm and the pain in her bottom was suddenly completely gone. The soft fur on the Krampus's body made her feel even more cosy. How long she was lying there she didn't know. Her feeling for space and time was gone.

Eventually she began to move and the Krampus gently helped her up. “Nice marks,” it stated. Rosie took a look in the mirror and was a bit shocked to see her bottom being dark crimson with lots of little dots at the edges of the huge dark red area. She went a bit closer to the mirror to inspect the marks further and even found two little spots that seemed to be slightly bloody. No bloody welts like she had seen in some spanking videos, but that was something she wasn't into, anyway. These marks were just right. Impressive enough to satisfy her and give her a feeling of bravery, but not over the top. She had heard that a birching easily caused little cuts, so the two she had found on her bottom didn't bother her. The Krampus certainly didn't overdo it, although it had brought her right to her limit.

As her gaze wandered back into the room, Rosie was surprised to see the mess the birching had caused. The floor was full of little twigs which had flown into almost every corner of the room. The formerly impressive birch fittingly looked rather worn out as it was lying there on the bed. Rosie smiled at the sight. So that had been her initiation to the birch. It had almost been better than the spankings in the many stories written by Enzo which Rosie had devoured.

She looked over to the Krampus to see how it felt about what had just happened. Only then did she realise that the creature was already back at its original place by the door, reading in the opened golden book. Damn, the Krampus had talked about three offences! it occurred to her. Rosie was sure that she definitely wouldn't be able to take another spanking that evening, though, not even a soft one with the hand.

The Krampus looked a bit irritated, as if it was rereading a certain passage again and again. It shook its head and looked at her. “I can't believe it, you have been such a naughty girl and still St Nicholas has decided to give you a present.” With those words it closed the book, laid it back on the chest of drawers and opened the top drawer.

For a moment the Krampus rummaged in the drawer and then it took out a little box. It held the box up and looked at it from different perspectives. Then it shook the box, the sound confirming that there was something solid inside. Rosie watched in anticipation and tried to imagine what the box might contain. Finally the Krampus opened the lid and looked inside. Rosie was too small and too far away to see what was in there, though.

As the Krampus took out the item the box had contained and Rosie could finally see what it was, her eyes got wider and wider. The Krampus stood up and made its way towards her, carefully carrying the shiny glass dildo in its paws. “Now let's address those naughty, inappropriate fantasies you have. Why don't you bend back over the bed? And spread your legs this time.” Rosie immediately felt a warm rush and a wetness in her nether regions. She smiled as she turned around, briefly catching a glimpse of the snow that had started falling more heavily again through the window. This was going to be the best St Nicholas day ever! Simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...


Gustofur said...

Very good, Kaelah. I wonder if your story could be turned into a screen play?
Thank you for the entertainment.

Kaelah said...

@ Gustofur:
I'm very glad you liked the story! Maybe someone will take it as an inspiration for a screen play one day. I have to admit that I wouldn't be able to bring the story to life on camera, though – it's a bit too sexual and intimate for me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kaelah,
Even the story is not so severe as I like them and was lucky to live through with mine former girlfriend. We were both switches as you and Ludwig are.
However, it is a great story and you are very talented to write. When can we expect your first novel?

Kaelah said...

@ Canelover:
I am happy that you enjoyed the story despite the lack of severity! And it's very kind of you to say that I've got writing talent. :-) I think I am not good enough for writing a novel, though, not to mention that I wouldn't know how to find the time for writing one! ;-)

And thanks a lot for sharing a bit about your experiences with severe scenes! I have to admit I wasn't aware that you are a switch, too.

Enzo said...

Hi Kaelah,

Finally found some time to read your story - Congratulations! You did well incorporating all the various ideas, words and suggestions.


PS I hope you find time to read some of my existing stories, would love to hear your feedback.

Kaelah said...

@ Enzo:
Glad you liked the story! Unlike you I am not an avid writer of fictional stories and writing in a foreign language makes it even a bit more challenging. Of course the whole Krampus storyline wasn't a really serious one, but why not mix up spanking with a bit of fun...

I have already taken a look at one or two of your stories, but I've got the same problem that you have – real life often comes in the way and consumes my whole time. But I think I'll find more time to read the one or other story in the future!