Sunday, October 4, 2015

Guerilla Filmmaking

Today Ludwig and I shot my blogiversary clip. Thank you very much to all of you who participated in the vote! The final tally added up to the round number of 30 strokes. I hope you will enjoy the resulting clip (which might take a few weeks to edit, but I'll try to finish that task as quickly as possible).

In order to make the video, Ludwig and I stood up at 6 am. Ludwig said he couldn't remember the last time he had got up so early on a Sunday morning. Me neither. But special occasions require special measures.

Our first excursion - it was still completely dark - led us to a birch tree where we cut branches (you know what for). Then we went back home and packed all the things which we would need for the shoot. I had ordered a new dress especially for this video because I always wanted to make an outdoor clip in an elvish dress. Before we left, I freed the birch twigs from their leaves and bound them together in a nice, fresh birch.

The main task now was to find a spot that looked nice, held enough space to set up the cameras and was secluded enough to protect us from being seen by passersby. We didn't know such a space and hoped for good luck. Our second problem: It was raining quite heavily. But the weather forecast said that the weather was supposed to be better in a region nearby. The map told us that there were some small forests in that region, too. So we decided to try our luck.

When we arrived, the night had gone completely, but it was still raining a bit and there was no sunlight to see. We went on a little hiking trip and found a place that, while not being perfect, suited our purpose. In the meantime, the rain had indeed stopped so that we could set up our equipment. We had to hurry a bit, though, because we weren't sure that the area was as secluded as we would have liked it to be.

I had never been birched before, so I was very curious to find out how it feels like. That's why I chose this implement for the clip, despite of other good suggestions which had been made by some of the commenters.

As I already mentioned in my blogiversary post, it wasn't my intention to do an extremely severe scene this time, since Ludwig and I already have another severe caning video in line (I will tell you more about that one soon). A birch seemed to be the right implement for the purpose of a medium severe scene, since the German Wikipedia article says that the birch was replaced by the cane in schools because canes were more severe and didn't need to be applied to the bare bottom in order to make an impression. I should have looked at the English article of course, which explains how much the birch was dreaded, for instance, amongst prisoners!

The only time I had tried how a birch feels like was when I had made one for my Santa Claus pictures. This birch was made of branches from some bush, though, which were quite dry. Twigs were flying around everywhere when I tried it on myself. The strokes didn't hurt all that much, although the tips easily caused little bloody spots.

I expected that the experience with our new, real birch would be similar. How completely wrong I was! That f***ing little b**ch
1 hurt like hell. There was no shredding at all since the twigs were still completely fresh and bendable. There were no extreme marks and no blood-drawing, either. There was only pain. Lots of pain. I guess the fact that it wasn't exactly warm outside didn't help, either.

Ludwig was so worried that we might get caught that he dished out the first eight strokes  at a fairly high speed until I cut because the pain became overwhelming. There was no chance that I could take 30 strokes like that without being a complete mess afterwards. I told Ludwig and he continued with a slightly lower speed and less impact. It still hurt, but it was bearable.

When it was over, I took a short look at the footage. I realised that the position I had been in wasn't the most favourable one given the shape of my bottom and the fact that I suffer from cellulite as many women do. In addition to that, I was of the opinion that the later strokes looked too tame on video (important insight: birches aren't good implements for spanking videos – while they sting like hell, they don't easily leave strong marks and don't really look severe). I told Ludwig, who was already taking down the cameras, about my observations.

"I want to repeat at least the last strokes", I said to him. "Why didn't you make up your mind right away?" he asked, "Then I wouldn't have taken down all the equipment already..." As you can imagine, Ludwig wasn't too happy about the prospect of setting everything up again, spending significantly more time on the site and risking being caught. But he obliged. He knows me well enough to be aware of how grumpy I am when I am not happy with the result of something I have put lots of effort into.

So, we set the cameras up again and started a second time, beginning at stroke eleven. At first, I accidentally started counting in German instead of English, so we had to start over a second time. The strokes were severe again this time and I had to struggle through them, crying out and hissing the whole time. But when we were done and I took a short look at the footage, I was content.

Of course, the footage isn't perfect, but that's the drawback of guerilla filmmaking. There is no time to set the cameras up for a perfect angle, there is no time to wait for the perfect light (there was no sunlight at all during the shoot, in fact it started raining again at the end) and the the sound is far from perfect, too, unless you have an external microphone.

We will try to make the best out of the footage and I am positive that we will find a way to enhance the sound a bit, too. I hope I will be happy with the resulting clip (still not content with the looks of the first ten strokes) and I hope you will like it, too.

By the way, I later tried the birch on Ludwig as well. After all, my sadistic side needs some attention, too! The test proved that I hadn't been wimpy. In fact, Ludwig said that in his opinion, the birch we made is worse than a cane. I'll tell you more about that little scene in my next post. For now, I hope you enjoy the preview pictures from our outdoor blogiversary clip.

 1 fascinating little branch


Jimisim said...

Delightful photos, delightful bottom, and the birch as well.
Looking forward to the finished article.

Peter said...

To take a birching in the rain before breakfast shows the height of dedication to the cause and I commend your determination. And you even wore a superb new long dress for the occasion. Good for you !
The birch looks so benign and its light weight is truly deceptive but on the bare it can be a killer. It would have been interesting to have tried a few strokes over the dress (sans panties) to discover the difference in sting. There might even have been one or two commemorative little red spots on the white dress to prove your prowess.
Hope all goes well for you both. Peter

Simon said...

I think it was commendable of you to reshoot if you weren't happy with the originals. I know how much a birch can sting, the pain seems to bear no relationship to the size of the implement. Also unless used very carefully it always seems to creep round to the side of your thighs and that is usually a very sensitive area. The fact that it was cold and wet must have added to the pain and the chance of being discovered would have meant that you were in a very different mood to that experienced during a normal punishment. So well done and I look forward to seeing the finished film.

Svetlana said...

Pretty dress!!

It sounds like you put together some birch. I must still have an article about birch making somewhere that I copied from one of the first spanking sites I discovered. I think it was even named Birch Island ("Eilean Beithe"). My own experience is limited to a couple of strokes that were given just for fun ... nothing as severe as the birching you took ... and retook for the sake of filmmaking. Congratulations!

P.S.: Love that footnote :)

Bob S said...

Love the dress!

sixofthebest said...

I love those birching photo's, they turn me on. WOW !How many swish's did she receive, on her bare bottom.

Kaelah said...

@ Jimisim:
Thank you! I look forward to the finished clip, too.

@ Peter:
Glad you like the dress! Unfortunately we didn't try any strokes over the clothes. Maybe next time. Everything goes well for us at the moment, thank you for asking! I hope you are well, too.

@ Simon:
Fortunately, we managed to avoid almost all wrapping! The birch looks benign but can be a really severe implement. It seems that our little specimen was especially mean, though, maybe because it was so extremely fresh. I recently tried a much more impressive looking birch and it hurt much less!

@ Svetlana:
Thank you for your kind words! The strokes I took didn't look too severe, either, but they certainly felt severe. It seems to differ from birch to birch, though, and obviously birches feel less severe when they are a bit older. We put the birch into a can with water for several days and when we used it again afterwards, it was much less painful, as Ludwig and I could both attest.

P.S. Ludwig's comment was even better than the footnote itself. When he read the post and came to the footnote, he exclaimed teasingly: "Hey, you've got humour! First there are all those tedious description about were we went, what we did and so on. And all of a sudden, you're making a joke." ;-)

@ Bob S:
Thank you!

@ sixofthebest:
Glad you like the pictures! I took 51 strokes in total.

Ramon Herzog said...

Reading your request to propose "working tools" for your blogiversary clip, there was no doubt in my mind about it.
During years of running my "Spanking Court", I have vivid memories walking through wet, high grass and soggy, muddy forests in order to find that one birch tree, the branches of which could be reached without needing a ladder.
As a consequence of the hated wet feet, my satisfaction was proportionate when my defedants in court were groaning discovering again one nice long birch amongst the many nasty implements in our spanking arsenal. They knew what to expect and now, you know it, too.
That, of course, dear Kaelah was the reason for proposing this innocent looking tool for your outdoor shoot. That it came together with rain and muddy ground was fitting, indeed :-))).
But I love your pictures and am looking forward to the clip. Thank your suffering for a worthwhile cause.

Anonymous said...

WOW an outdoor adventure to look forward to! and a re shoot to make it better - you guys a wonderful!
- Eric

Rich Person said...

You are a real sport, Kaelah. This is not a common implement to see used, and I'm sure it added a new dimension to your experience. I should say "dimension" in quotes, shouldn't I? Thank you so much for doing that!

Kaelah said...

@ Ramon Herzog:
We were indeed lucky to find such well-grown branches! Funny, the birch which we used for the outdoor scene was more painful than the one we had for the Spanking Court (as you might remember, I tried that one, too) although it looked much tamer. Maybe the reason is that we used it almost directly after the branches had been cut...I hope the final clip will be fun to watch. Due to my health problems I still haven't managed to edit the clip.

@ Eric:
Thank you!

@ Rich Person:
It added a new dimension indeed! ;-)