Thursday, October 8, 2015

Informed Spanking

In my recent post From Bottom to Top I wrote about how my experiences as a bottom helped me to grow into the role of a top. In the comments section, both Simon and Gustofur explained how their journey had led them from topping only to being on the receiving end of spankings, too. Simon proposed that his experiences as a bottom in his view also made him a more considerate top.

I have said before that for several reasons I prefer playing with tops who are willing to switch. I don't want to indicate that "pure" tops can't be considerate, but in my opinion having experienced a spanking on the other end of the cane or strap or whatever can indeed be helpful. So, the least I expect from a top is knowledge of what a certain implement feels like and how severe it is compared to others. Of course, that can be learned on a theoretical level only, but in my mind the best way is to try out the implement oneself.

Which is why I was happy to have the chance to try out a birch for the very first time during our Guerilla Filmmaking experience last Sunday, because chances are good that I will administer the one or other birching during the upcoming weekend. After my first experience I told Ludwig: "I certainly won't start too rapidly with this implement." Of course it has to be taken into account that different bottoms have different preferences, pain thresholds and limits. But now I know from personal experience that despite its innocent looks and the rather soft marks that it produces, a birch is definitely on the severe end of implements. Thus I can dish out what I would call an informed birching.

And since I am a very considerate person, I wanted to return the favour and give Ludwig the chance to make the same informative experience. Which is (the only selfless reason) why I suggested that I would try out two or three strokes on him, too, after we had returned home from our video shoot.

Ludwig thought he remembered that he had tried out a birch with one of the professional dominatrices whom he visited when he started living out his kink. But since he wasn't 100 per cent sure and obviously didn't remember how a birching feels like, I insisted that a refresher was a good idea. Plus, it would also allow me to practise how to handle a birch as a top.

Ludwig had a lot of work to do, so when we arrived home, he quickly went back to work. He didn't get much stuff done, though, because I turned up at the door, slapping the birch against the palm of my hand. Ludwig turned around and looked at me questioningly. "Time for our try-out session", I told him.

Ludwig sighed. "Right now?" I nodded. And so he followed me to the bedroom, stepped out of his trousers and underpants and bent over the bed. I didn't have much space to swing, but it turned out that I didn't need to. After the first stroke, Ludwig exclaimed: "Ouch, that fucking thing hurts like hell!" I smiled and replied: "And I haven't even used it with much force. Plus, your first hits came in a much quicker succession when we filmed the clip." With that I added two more strokes, one right after the other. Ludwig jumped up. "Ouch, this thing is horrible! Okay, that's enough of an impression."

He grabbed his pants and got ready to put them on. By now, my inner sadist had been awakened, though. So I grabbed the pants in Ludwig's hands and tried to take them away from him. "You can have them back after ten strokes", I told him. "But you said two or three strokes as a try-out", replied Ludwig, "I am not in the mood for being spanked." He tried to pull his pants out of my hands but I didn't let go. After some moments of struggling (and me maybe mentioning that I had taken a lot more strokes and wanted to have some fun, too), Ludwig gave in.

He went back over the bed and I got to administer seven more strokes accompanied by some beautiful reactions from Ludwig. He also told me when the birch was wrapping around a bit too much or tips of the branches hit the middle crease of his bottom. That seems to be a special problem of that implement because the twigs have different lengths. So the birching really had some learning effects for me, too, aside from the fun. Afterwards Ludwig exclaimed that the birch was almost worse than the cane. Which reassured me that I hadn't been wimpy when I had been on the receiving end.

So, I think we can now both dish out an informed birching, should we get to do so next weekend or some time in the future. And of course I am glad that I could help Ludwig out. I am always ready to selflessly offer him that service. After all, "informed spankings" are very important in my view!


Spearthrower said...

Kaelah, your generosity in helping Ludwig understand the effect of the birch is impressive and selfless! I am sure he appreciated your "guidance." Nice story.

Gustofur said...

Your post deserves a comment. "You guys are good sports".

Kaelah said...

@ Spearthrower:
Yes, I am indeed selfless generosity personified! ;-)

@ Gustofur:

Anonymous said...

Very much in favour of top and bottom both knowing what toys feel like. I have experienced the back of a solid hair brush. Consequently I would never use it on anyone. It is likely to leave two bruises that can be altogether very unrewarding, depending upon the severity. Give me twice that number with the cane any day.

Love the fascinating little branch and your warm sense of humour. xx SimplyRed

Kaelah said...

@ SimplyRed:
Thanks for your comment! Ludwig and I aren't really into hairbrushes, either. The birch made for an interesting new experience, though.