Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our First Spanking Party in Germany (Part 1):
Meeting Fenris

A week ago, Ludwig and I went to a special spanking event here in Germany, together with our reader and friend Fenris. We are going to tell you more about that soon. But before we do, we would like to write about our very first spanking party in Germany which we already visited two years ago but haven't posted about, yet. At this party, I introduced Fenris to the cane and got a double-topping from Fenris and Ludwig. But let's start from the very beginning.

Ludwig, Fenris and I have decided to write this post together, to give you all the different perspectives. Fenris's comments are bold and Ludwig's italic.

We got to know Fenris through our blog. He started commenting in December 2011. A short time later, Fenris sent us an email which was the start of a regular correspondence.

Fenris: Followers of the blog may have read my comments, although I have been a bit lazy for a while. As Kaelah stated, I started to comment almost 4 years ago but had been a regular reader before that. I have had a fetish for spanking / CP at least since primary school. Of course, long before puberty, I did not know that this strange interest was somehow linked to my sexuality.

I vividly remember how embarrassed I feltwhen there were descriptions of corporal punishment in books we read in school. I was afraid that, if the teacher had asked me to read aloud in class, every single classmate would have spotted the pervert in their midst. Chances are that I am not the only spanko who never thought there might be others with the same interest, let alone a scene or people who actually do "the thing we do". I was about fifteen or sixteen when I got my first internet access and, of course, looked for all things about spanking and CP. This was long before Web 2.0 and blogging. I was probably in my early-20s when I started to realize that there are actually other people with the same interest.

At the end of 2011, I was totally burned out from a very stressful job I had at the time and suffered from depression. Kaelah’s and Ludwig’s as well as other blogs really kept my mind busy with something I could enjoy and I read every single post at the Rohrstockpalast from the very beginning. When I read about Niki Flynn’s book "Dancing with werewolves", I immediately downloaded the kindle version and devoured it voraciously. It was like an awakening. I contacted Kaelah and Ludwig primarily to thank them for their blog and the enjoyment it provided to me.

[Ludwig: I remember clearly when Fenris first wrote to us. Kaelah and I get a lot of mails, but while most people just briefly say "Hi, and thanks for the blog!" or ask me if I can help them get a guest role in a video so that they can cane a spanking model, Fenris sent us a long, personal and highly articulate email. That is rare even for us. I remember thinking right away that this could become an interesting correspondence.]

After a while, we also met a few times for dinner, all in a very vanilla setting (although the topics we talked about weren't vanilla). As you know, Ludwig and I don't play a lot with others and are more interested in chatting. But over time, Fenris turned from a stranger into a friend, and when he asked us whether we would like to go to a spanking party in Germany with him, we happily agreed.

Fenris: I always enjoyed blog posts about spanking parties, especially in the UK. If I remember correctly, I just googled "spanking party" and realized that there are actually parties in Germany. Alone, I could not muster the courage to attend. A party with total strangers can be bad enough, but when something as intimate as BDSM is involved, things are even worse. So I just asked Kaelah and Ludwig, although I hesitated quite a bit, as I did not know whether they actually would like to attend a party with me.

[Ludwig: Truth be told, Kaelah and I aren't eager party-goers. It may sound strange for two people who run a blog and publish videos, but we are both fairly shy individuals, actually. When we meet other spankos, it's usually in smaller groups rather than at a big, "official" event with a crowd of strangers. However, we knew the organisers of this particular party by reputation, and they sounded very nice. Also, we would be going with Fenris, whom we had already met in person. So it all sounded rather pleasant and exciting.]

We didn't know how much we would like to play at such a public event, but we were curious to see how the parties in Germany were compared to the ones which we had visited in the UK and the US. So we chose to go to a Spanking / BDSM / Fetish party which was organised by Yoko and Randy and took place at the BEDO studio in Dortmund. Fenris, Ludwig and I already met before the party at the place where we had decided to stay for the night after. Thus, we could drive to the location together. I felt great, going to a kinky party with two men at my side, my boyfriend and a good friend of ours, both smartly dressed and looking very handsome in their leather jackets.

Fenris: I felt very comfortable in Kaelah’s and Ludwig’s companionship and was actually looking forward to the evening. When we met before the party and I saw the implements they brought (having never seen a cane in real life), my anticipation skyrocketed.

When we arrived at the studio, we were greeted amiably by our hosts and at first took some time to explore the location. The BEDO studio is a rather huge BDSM location consisting of two floors with huge open spaces, lots of equipment and a few differently furnished smaller rooms for more private play. The first difference between this party and, for instance, Shadow Lane could easily be seen. The furniture and equipment of the studio catered to a wide range of BDSM kinks, not only spanking. The party we visited was quite focussed on spanking, but there seems to be a closer connection between spanking and other BDSM activities in Germany than in the UK or the US. Of course we had to try out at least some of the equipment and take a few pictures (the photo quality isn't too good, but I think you get a good impression)!

[Ludwig: Kaelah and I have already noted on several occasions that there is less seclusion between the spanking scene and the "wider" BDSM scene in Germany than in English-speaking countries. It's interesting to speculate about the cultural reasons for this. In any case, there were many locations and devices in this big studio to look at and examine. One was a rather regal chair, so of course, being "Mad King Ludwig", I had to sit on it and have my picture taken. Kaelah loves taking photos and gathering material for the blog on such occasions, she's always planning ahead. Within a couple of minutes, we had enough for three or four future posts. That's German efficiency right there!]

The party started with a very tasty buffet and we had time to get comfortable and also chat with some of the other guests. It was great to meet another reader of our blog in person who had also commented before, der_Wolf. A look around revealed a second difference between this party and the ones which we had visited before. The average age of the guests was much higher. Apart from us there were only very few other people aged younger than 40. But everyone was friendly and having fun, so we didn't care much about the generation gap.

After a strengthening meal, we strolled around the studio again and finally found a semi-secluded place were we settled for some play. Fenris had only made one experience with kinky spanking before and he hadn't tried many implements, yet. This was about to change now.

(To be continued...)


Simon said...

I too have discovered the joys of spanking parties within the last two years or so. Until then my experiences had been one to one with my Mistress with occasional assistance from one other person. Then she persuaded me to attend a fem dom spanking party with her, and since then I have attended several more. They usually consist of 2 or 3 Mistresses and 4 or 5 men who are punished in different ways (depending on experience and preferences) by each of the ladies. The first time I was nervous about baring my bottom and being beaten in front of an audience and there is a very different feeling about this situation. Since I had almost exclusively been beaten by one Mistress I hadn't realised that different women might have different styles of punishment and that for example a caning from one Mistress would feel different to one from another. Also because I have seen what the other gentlemen like I have broadened my horizons somewhat. The strangest part of the parties is the meal, there is something very bizarre about a group of men, who were probably strangers until an hour before, sitting around in a state of undress and with sore backsides eating a buffet and exchanging normal conversation with a lady who 5 minutes before had been thrashing their bare bottoms with a strap or a cane.

Anonymous said...

Kaelah: Nice dress, nice hairdo, nice posing - and nice report! :-)

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow! I love you on knees at Ludwig feet! that is love! klumarer

Peter8862 said...

Kaelah - a small point of detail please. In Part 1 of your joint account of the German party, the pics show you stripped down to a long skirt. May we know how this was achieved while your wrists were cuffed to the ceiling ?
The account, written in depth as usual, makes very enjoyable reading and will be much appreciated. Peter

Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
You are so right about the meals! I will write more about that topic in my report of the recent party event we went to.

@ Anonymous:
Thank you!

@ Klumarer:

@ Peter8862:
Peter, I would love to tell you a thrilling story about how I was stripped off my clothes while being cuffed to the ceiling. The real story is rather boring, though. I simply took off my clothes before I was cuffed to the ceiling.