Monday, February 23, 2015

Marks Development

The caning that I received on the Valentine's weekend left quite a few visible marks. The picture above shows how my bottom looked like directly after the caning. I got 32 strokes in total (I was supposed to receive 30, but the last two went a bit low and so we decided to repeat them for the clip). I love the accurate lines which are almost evenly spread over my whole bottom.

It seems that the marks are going to stay with me for a while and I decided to share some pictures with you for those who are interested in how cane marks develop over time. The second picture shows my bottom on the next morning. Quite a few dark blue spots which prove that the caning wasn't about love taps. And you can still see some of the typical lines which the cane produces.

Another day later and in a slightly different light the bruises looked even a bit darker than on the morning directly after the scene. In case some of you are wondering, no, my bottom didn't hurt despite of the strong marking. Actually, it usually only hurts during the caning, afterwards I only feel the bruises slightly when sitting down on a hard chair.

The last picture was taken yesterday, exactly one week after the caning. As you can see, the marks have started to fade. I guess after another week the most visible bruises will be gone. I have to say that for me the marks are the most beautiful directly after a caning. The dark bruises aren't really sexy in my view. But I like to take pictures of them nonetheless because they serve as a reminder that a caning was of a certain severity.

How about you? Are you a marks fetishist? Which kinds of marks do you like best?


Jimisim said...

A marvellous set of pictures of your beautiful bottom Kaelah. The first set of marks are superb, but I also really like to see the way marks develop over time. For an author of spanking stories like myself (who is now too old to indulge in caning of this severity), it was a superb reminder and aid to realistic writing. I like to write about the marks and the recipient's lover's treatment of them afterwards almost as much as the actual caning.
Thankyou for this set which is for me one of the best I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful images of the progression of marks! So after about 5 weeks are you ready for another sever spanking! - Eric

Spearthrower said...

A delightful set of marks at each stage of development.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your marks. You have a beautiful bottom. I must ask did you use any cold cream or Aloe or ice pack to reduce swelling and bruising?

Anonymous said...

I wish more day after, two days after, etc pics were taken by sites and blogs as a spanking/caning,whipping is suppose to be a "reminder" of bad behavior and having the results with you for a few days is part of the punishment/experience. Looking at those marks in the mirror or feeling it, and reading a description like yours is missing from 95% of what gets posted on the net. Stephen

Bob S said...

At what point did it stop hurting?

Anonymous said...

wow!! your bottom seem a painting, perfect licks on it are visible!!!


Val said...

Yes, for sure, marks fetishist here! I enjoy seeing and feeling them - both visually, tactilely, and their necessary sting if appropriate, either on my partner or myself. Cane marks come first, then single tail. Straps and tawses, well, they leave bruises and wide red areas, yet a wrapping tail does puff up nicely... same from single tail. A paddle or hairbrush's well defined hit-spot does hold its charm as well.
All-in-all, there is so much to marks appreciation... :-)

Peter8862 said...

Well done both of you; those are marks to be proud of ! Peter

Kaelah said...

@ Jimisim:
Thank you for your lovely comment!

@ Eric:
Yes, I think after five weeks I would theoretically be ready for another severe caning. But I have to admit that I like to keep those severe scenes rarer than that. The advantage is that I still get nice marks after several years of spanking play.

@ Spearthrower:
Thanks, glad you liked them!

@ Anonymous:
Thank you for your comment! This time I only used some arnica ointment afterwards. After the two even more severe fifty strokes canings which I have done before, I also used ice packs to reduce the swelling and bruising.

@ Stephen:
Happy to hear that you enjoyed the documentation of the marks development. I am interested in the development of marks, too, and was even more curious about it when I hadn't done a caning like that myself and had no idea how it feels and how the marks develop over time.

@ Bob S:
Actually, for me it stops hurting once the caning is over. I can slightly feel the bruises when sitting down on the first days after a caning like that but it doesn't really hurt.

@ Klumarer:
Thanks a lot for your kind words!

@ Val:
I think there are lots of marks fetishists in the spanking community. :-) Cane, switch and single tail / flogger marks are my favourites, too.

@ Peter8862:
Thank you! I really liked the neat marks.

Kr said...

Really love this story and this mark... and you say I am a spanking addict..
congrats for your blog

Kaelah said...

@ Kr:
Welcome, and thank you very much for your kind comment! :-)