Monday, November 24, 2014

Office Discipline (A LOL Day Clip)

The final LOL Day for Ludwig and me as bloggers has passed. Thank you very much to everyone who left a comment! It was wonderful to read comments written by old friends and hear from readers who haven't written a comment in a long time. And of course we were especially happy to welcome a few true delurkers, namely an anonymous lurker, taurusegest and Katie. We hope to hear more from you in the future.

Many of you also participated in our LOL Day vote. We offered you to publish a caning clip for free and you had the choice between three options: The Ballgown, A Bedtime Caning and Office Discipline. There was a short information about the three clips in our LOL Day post, but to make the vote more interesting, we didn't tell you everything about them. Only that one of the videos is F/M and the other two M/F and one caning is over the clothes while the other two are on the bare.

The vote was really close (votes from first-time commenters counted twice), but in the end we had a winner.
Ludwig did all the editing in high speed to make sure that the clip would be ready in time. And so we present Office Discipline today! Here is the result of the vote:

Office Discipline (8 votes):
Anonymous Lurker (first-time commenter)
taurusegest (first-time commenter)

The Ballgown (6 votes):
Secret Spanko
New one

A Bedtime Caning (4 votes):
Downunder Don
Katie (first-time commenter)

Some of the comments made me grin. First of all, there was Chross who suspected that A Bedtime Caning might be the F/M clip. Nope, it isn't! And then there was Secret Spanko who explained his choice like this: It's a tough call- I like the idea of disrobing from a classy ballroom gown, I like the idea of an intimate bedroom scene, and the office scene is an archetype for good reason- it's hot to think about. But I'll go with the classy ballroom, because as y'all struggle with been there, done that... well, that scene seems to be the most original. Well, I am not really sure how archetypical our Office Discipline video really is (those who know us a bit might have realised that Ludwig and I rather enjoy playing with archetypes and expectations) – but decide for yourselves!

This is the plot in a few sentences: Mr Ludwig is a kind but ambitious boss, who sets very high standards. His secretary is used to Mr Ludwig's expectations and work ethics, and tries to support him as best as she can. This involves a rather unusual ritual which takes place every week. Each Friday evening at 5 pm sharp it is time to look back and talk about the things which could be improved. And so Mr Ludwig's secretary dutifully knocks on his office door for their weekly jour fixe...

Here is the file for you to download:
WMV format, resolution 720 x 576, 99 MB: link

(Click on "Free Download", wait for the counter to count down, then solve the captcha and download the file.) 

The other two clips will of course be released as well, some time in the future. But for now we hope you enjoy the Office Discipline video. Please let us know if you like it!


Simon said...

It's a great clip, I like the ambiguity and the role reversal. I must also congratulate Kaelah on the accuracy of her caning, beautiful parallel lines all in exactly the right area.

DONPASCUAl said...

I tried to download the clip. The biggest peace of what I got was around 40 MB and looked good.
But each time I tried again, the download stopped after a short time. Besides, the speed was pitiful.
I tried the premium site, but that was blocked due to a virus warning.
Funny that Simon got suceeded to get it.

Ludwig said...

@ Donpascual: I've just tested the filehoster again and it works for me. It also works for the other people who, acoording to stats, are downloading the file. It seems you are just having bad luck. I'd try again over the coming days.

Use the free download. There is no need for the "premium" thing.

Yes, the speed isn't great. None of the free one-click filehosters have great speed. That is because they are free.

Chross said...

will download this, of course :)

Somehow I am quite happy the clip I voted for didn´t win ;)


Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
I am happy that you enjoyed the clip! Thanks a lot for your kind compliments.

@ Donpascual:
I am sorry to hear that you were having difficulties downloading the clip. I've tried it as well and it worked fine. Don't try the premium services, it is not necessary to pay any money for the download. The free download is rather slow, but the good thing is that you can let your computer do the download in the background while doing other things on your computer or you can start the download and then do something else offline and return to the computer once the download is finished. At least that's how I handle these things.

@ Chross:
I'm sorry, I guess my comment confused you! Your assumption that the ballgown clip is M/F was correct, it was the assumption that the bedtime caning was the F/M clip which was wrong. I thought everyone would notice the last picture in this post and realise that it shows Ludwig, not me. ;-) I hope you weren't irritated too much when you downloaded the clip! Thanks a lot for having linked the post in your Spankings of the Week, I just hope that your readers aren't disappointed when they realise that the video is F/M.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the exciting clip, it was perfect catering for the fantasy of everyday, natural and matter of fact flagellantism. And for us flagellants, who doesn't care so much if it's his or hers, but care more for the actual deed, it was nice to see the flaming red stripes. Of course it would have been nice to see Kaelahs beautiful bottom, she is a winner-candidate in the new hype on big and beautiful bottoms, but Ludwig certainly has something as a replacement. I certainly look forward to the other clips. Regards tppbnk20

Chross said...

Ah yes, the perils of fast-scrolling while browsing a bazillion blogs at once...!
And I was thinking afterwards that the ballgown clip had to be rather peculiar... ;)

Well, it´s my readers´ choice to click my links or not and their eyesight might not be impaired like mine.

Still chuckling and waiting for the other clips!


PS: zippyshare is a rather nice free file host

Kaelah said...

@ tppbnk20:
Welcome, and thanks a lot for your kind words! I am happy that you enjoyed the clip. The other clips will be published soon.

@ Chross:
Grins. I hope that at least some of your readers enjoyed the F/M clip as well. The two M/F ones will follow before long.