Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

I would like to wish all of you readers a happy new year. I hope that it will be a contented, successful and healthy year for you - and that some spanking adventures will be in store for you as well! Kaelah and I had a good transition into 2013, having spent the Christmas holidays and New Year's Eve together. Now we are in our separate parts of Germany again.

For some people, this is the time to talk about their new year resolutions. Back in 2009, I actually made some spanking-related new year resolutions as well and wrote about them here on the blog: the five kinky things I wanted to achieve that year were attending my first spanking party in the UK, trying out at least two new CP implements (one actively, one passively), adding at least one more nationality to my list of spanking "victims", making more spanking videos than the previous year and reviewing more spanking videos and websites than the previous year. I ended up meeting the first three goals and missing the last two.

For 2013, I am not going to make any spanking-related new year resolutions. As Kaelah pointed out several times in her recent posts, the last months have been pretty stressful for both of us, and more changes lie ahead. I really don't feel like adding yet more stress by setting out goals and deadlines in my kink, a part of my life that is supposed to be recreational and fun. I have made many spanking videos and spanked quite a few different "victims" over the past four years, I don't feel like I have to prove what a big badass top I am anymore. Actually, I would be perfectly happy to never spank (and be spanked by) anyone but Kaelah for the rest of my life.

Blogging-wise, 2012 has been a great year with a record 94 posts, even though I only wrote a handful of them. Most of the posts were by Kaelah. Over the last few years, as I have drifted out of blogging, Kaelah has gotten more and more into it, and with her being such a good writer and readers liking her stuff as much as they do, it's easy to be lazy and sit back and just let her take care of it all. I have tried to get back into blogging more regularly a few times, but it hasn't worked out so far - sometimes, the inspiration is there, but not the time, and then when the time is there, the inspiration is lacking. On the last attempt in autumn last year, I tried to get back via resuming my movie reviews, but then I did not have enough time to do that properly (a movie review takes longer than an ordinary post because you have to factor in the time to watch the movie once or twice, so instead of 45 minutes at the end of a day, you would need two and a half hours).

Frankly, I am getting sick of it, as you undoubtedly are as well. I think if I am going to start blogging regularly again at all, I have to stop setting specific goals or trying to plan in advance for specific kinds of posts. I just have to let inspiration take me where it wants to, when it arises and when I hopefully have the time as well. And I must not insist on writing something truly outstanding and excellent in order to "make up" for my absence, because that kind of self-applied pressure inhibits me.

So, I am going for a "wait and see, and catch the opportunity as soon as it presents itself" approach. I am not making any firm promises, except to say that I intend to write more posts this year than I did last year. I only wrote a measly six posts last year, and seven is definitely achievable without adding any undue pressure! So that is going to be the one blog-related new year resolution I am going to make.

Have you made any new year resolutions, spanking-related, blogging-related or otherwise? If you have and if you feel like sharing them, write a comment!
But keep in mind that we all have enough duties and responsibilities in our lives as it is, and that kink is, more than anything, supposed to be fun.

A happy 2013, everyone!


Guvnor said...

G'day to both of you.

Have really enjoyed following your writings for the past few years, and only now I'm making my first comment on your blog.

What has inspired me?? When I read this, "Actually, I would be perfectly happy to never spank (and be spanked by) anyone but Kaelah for the rest of my life." I thought that was such a lovely thing to say, and judging by what Kaelah has said in the past, I'm sure she feels the same way.

In truth I wish all the very best for both of you, and not only just for 2013.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to the both of you.

I want to create a relationship with a female spanker in 2013 for monthly canings.


Kaelah said...

I think you are absolutely right, Ludwig, setting oneself under pressure regarding blog writing isn't the right way. I tend to do that as well, though, because I want to keep up a regular posting routine if possible.

Finding your spontaneous post made my day yesterday! I had planned to write one myself, but wasn't sure about the topic, yet, and wasn't really inspired, either. So it was wonderful to see that you had found some spontaneous inspiration and already published a post.

Maybe we will both find more inspiration again, when we've had some time for ourselves and our private (kinky) fun. Thank you for having gone through all that stressful time with me last year (despite of me having been a grumpy dachshund quite often)! I hope that we will have more time for us and for light-hearted activities this year.

@ Guvnor:
Welcome and thank you very much for your first-ever comment on our blog! It's the regular commenters as well as people like you who one day decide to say hi and tell us that they have been accompanying us as readers for a long time who inspire me to keep on writing.

And you are right, what Ludwig said in his post was lovely! It's actually something I dreamt of when we became a couple.

All the best for you as well and I hope to hear from you again one day! :-)

@ Joey:
I keep my fingers crossed for your New Year's resolution to become true! :-)

Spearthrower said...

My New Year's resolution: Keep reading the Rohrstock blog each week! Seriously, I highly value this blog and visit each week or more frequently. I have been reading the blog from its inception. I like reading Kaelah's blog postings but am looking forward to more from Ludwig.

Peter8862 said...

If there are reasons for longevity, one must surely be never to constrain oneself with New Year resolutions. I never have and at 91 it has served me well.

There is a fair chance that one of you each month will be sufficiently inspired to write the blog. And if neither of you happens to be in the mood, we shall all understand. You've both been much too generous with your time over the past three years.


Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you both.
I have been a long time reader here and my new year's resolution is the opposite to your suggestion, I have decided to blog.
I think I can use it as a way to process and develop my spanking fascination. I feel like I have a thousand things I want to write about- we will see if it lasts.
I have no idea if it will work or not- but travelling hopefully seems like a good thing to do.

Lea said...

I don't tend to make resolutions. Not serious ones anyway. I figure that if I didn't care enough to get something done in the entire past year, why would I do it now just because it's January? I hope 2013 is better than 2012 and that's about all. Wishing a happy new year to you both!

Ludwig said...

Thank you all for your good wishes.

@ Guvnor: Thanks for delurking! It's always very gratifying to hear from someone new who has, in fact, been reading the blog for years.

@ joeyred51: I wish you all the best with the pursuit of your goal.

@ Kaelah: I'm definitely feeling more inspired for blogging than I have been in a while. Let's hope that we will both have the required time to write as well, to make this a true joint venture again. That would be great.

@ Spearthrower: Thank you very much, it's nice to be held in such high esteem.

@ Peter8862: A very happy new year to you, my friend. It always is a pleasure to hear from you, our most long-lived reader (the most long lived known reader, that is - maybe there is a lurking centenarian out there somewhere?). And yes, given your expertise on the subject, your advice is well taken.

@ Abby Sage: Best of luck with your blog. When I started this one years ago, I also felt like I had a thousand things I wanted to write about and could hardly contain my excitement. But I deliberately chose to pace myself, and only posted every four days even though that seemed like an eternity in the beginning. It was the right idea. One of the tricks of blogging is to pace yourself so that you don't run out of steam. Another is to build up some stuff in reserve, so that you have that to draw on when you one day hit a phase of low inspiration or little time, as you inevitably will sooner or later.

Lea: I agree that new year resolutions are a flawed concept. If a person feels like they can't make a change or get something done unless they make a new year resolution about it, then making that resolution probably won't help, either.

Kaelah said...

I love the times when this blog truly is a joint venture! Let's hope that we will have the time and inspiration to make it a real joint venture this year. I am sure that Spearthrower wouldn't be the only one appreciate the mix. :-) But I agree with Peter, constraining oneself with New Year's resolutions isn't a good idea. Starting new adventures on the other hand is great. The best of luck for your blog from me as well, Abby! And thank you very much for your first comment here on our blog. :-)

Donpascual said...

Have a successful 2013 in your professional lives and - of course - in this difficult weekend relation.

I have no special resolutions because - as an old man, I might not see either to happen, the end of the year and the fruition of my resolutions. LOL.

Kaelah said...

@ Donpascual:
Thank you for your kind wishes, and may 2013 be a wonderful year for you as well (and may many more great years follow)! I don't think you have to make any kinky new year resolutions, I am sure you won't miss out on all the fun, anyway. :-)