Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Girls Will Be Boys (Part 1)

Ludwig and I had a wonderful chat about kinky fantasies yesterday on the phone. And so I decided to present one of the fantasies I came up with as a spanking story. This is only the second fictional spanking story I have ever written, after The Reunion Part 1 and Part 2. Again the story will be in two parts. I hope you like it! I managed to sneak in a catch phrase from one of my favourite British comedy series. Does anyone spot it?

He turned around the corner and continued his path down a long, dark corridor. Suddenly, he became aware of two figures who quietly and very quickly walked down the hallway in front of him. It was around 10.45 pm and the boys were supposed to be in their dormitories, not in this part of the school building. "Wait, you two!" His call reached them when the two had almost made it to the next corner. They stopped and he caught up with them. When he came closer, he could make out the school uniforms the two were wearing. So, they were indeed two of his students. He still couldn't see who they were, though, since they stood with their backs to him, whispering to each other. "Turn around, boys", he demanded when he had finally reached them. Both hesitated for a moment, but then slowly did as they had been told.

They had already been sure that they had successfully mastered the most critical parts on their journey when they suddenly heard footsteps and saw someone turning around the corner only a few seconds later. They quickened their steps, making sure to stay as close to the dark wall across from the windows as possible. They had almost reached the safety of the next corner when a sharp call made them both freeze. For a moment they thought about running, but that wouldn't have worked out anyway. So instead, they discussed what to do, while the steps behind them were quickly coming closer. Neither of them had a good idea, though, and so they finally simply followed the order to turn around and face their captor.

He raised his eyebrow and let out a surprised hiss when he realised that the slim figures in front of him were actually two young women, who were wearing clothes which very much resembled the school uniform of the St Patrick's school for boys and had pinned up their hair. Kate and Nancy didn't know what to say or do. Their gazes alternated between the young man who was now mustering them, each other and the floor. They both hadn't seen their captor before, but Kate figured quickly that this must be Mr Lugner, the young maths teacher who had only joined St Patrick's a couple of weeks ago.
"What are you doing here, and at such a late time?" Mr Lugner had found his voice again. The young women looked at each other, unsure what to say. Nancy finally spoke up. "We are here to plan the graduation party, Sir", she replied truthfully. "At 10.45 pm, disguised as boys? Why don't you plan that party during the normal visiting times?" Mr Lugner sounded strict but very calm. "Because it is going to be a big surprise party", answered Nancy. "We won't tell you with whom we were going to meet, though", Kate added quickly. Under no circumstances would they get their friends into trouble. Mr Lugner didn't respond to the last comment. Instead he asked: "How did you get in?" Again the young women exchanged looks and then Nancy answered: "We climbed the fire escape stairs and came in through an open window." Kate pointed out the direction through a corridor window. Mr Lugner's gaze became even stricter. "It's wet and the stairs are very slippery. You could have slipped and injured yourselves!" Kate thought that he sounded genuinely worried.

"Come with me, ladies." The sudden order given in a sharp but still calm voice made both young women wince. But they didn't see the use of arguing and so they silently followed the teacher through the empty, dark hallways which were only illuminated by the moonlight falling through the windows. After what felt like an eternity, at least for Kate and Nancy, the little unorthodox procession came to a sudden halt in front of a high oak door. Mr Lugner opened the door and turned on the light. The tag next to the door identified the room as "Office Mr Lugner" which confirmed Kate's assumption about the teacher's identity.

Mr Lugner beckoned the young women to follow him into the room. He closed the door behind them. Then he went to sit behind the heavy oak desk that dominated the room while Kate and Nancy were looking a bit lost as they were standing in front of the desk, quickly glancing around the room, then at each other and finally at Mr Lugner. "You are students from St Claire's, I take it?" Kate and Nancy bit their lips, images of what was about to happen forming before their mind's eye. In a minute, Mr Lugner would call Mrs Decker, St Claire's old headmistress. They would be sent back to St Claire's where a furious Mrs Decker and hours of drama would await them. But it didn't make any sense to deny were they belonged. Mr Lugner would easily be able to find out who they were, and denying it would only add to their troubles. So they both nodded silently.

Mr Lugner looked out of the window for a moment, contemplating the situation. "We have two possible ways of handling this incident, I think", he then said, calmly looking at Kate and Nancy. "Breaking into the school at night is a misdemeanour that can not go unpunished, as I am sure you will agree. So, I can either call your headmistress, what's her name … Mrs Decker, is it not?" Without waiting for an answer, he continued: "Or, we can deal with the matter right here and now, the way we handle these things here at St Patrick's." After a brief pause, he added: "I leave the decision to you, young ladies." Kate and Nancy stared at him, both trying to process their situation and the choice they had just been given. "Can we discuss that for a moment, Sir?" Nancy asked. "Yes, you may. Tell me when you have made up your minds." And with that, Mr Lugner turned to some papers on his desk.

Kate dragged Nancy to the far corner of the room. "What are we going to do now?" she whispered. Her voice was fearful. "Do you really want the old dragon to find out about this?" asked Kate. Old dragon was the name the girls at St Claire's used to refer to Mrs Decker, as long as she was not within earshot, of course. Imitating Mrs Decker's tone of voice Kate continued: "You girls are a disgrace! You don't have a spark of decency! All you can think of are boys, you filthy little things!" In her own voice she asked: "Do you really want that?" - "No," sighed Nancy, "and besides, I already have two demerits this month which means that I would be grounded next weekend and miss out on our big cinema afternoon." - "And I'm sure she would claim that we came here to do titillating things with the boys, as she would call it. Chances are good that she might even call our parents", Kate violently shook her head. - "Yeah, forget about war, poverty, crime, selfishness. That's a normal part of our society. But women consensually having sex with men? And maybe even enjoying it? That's the demise of the Western civilization", Nancy rolled her eyes.

"So, what then?" Kate asked. "Do we let Mr Lugner deal with the matter?" - "What do you think he meant when he said the way they handle things at St Patrick's? I mean, he can't treat us like his male students, can he?" Nancy gave Kate a questioning look. "I think that's what he meant", Kate replied after a moment, "and my gut feeling tells me that he is serious about it." They both looked over their shoulders to Mr Lugner who was still focussed on his documents. "What do you think he will do with us?" Nancy asked, her voice sounding very worried now. "Hmm", Kate stared on the floor, thinking, "I assume the same thing he would do with two of his students who left the school without permission." - "And what do you think is that?" - "From the things the guys have told us, I would assume that he...", Kate hesitated. - "What!?" - "...that he is going to cane us." Now Kate had said it.

Nancy looked at her in disbelief. For a moment there was silence. Only Mr Lugner's papers made little rustling sounds. "I've never been caned", Nancy's voice was a barely audible whisper now. "Me neither", Kate said, and with a forced tiny smile she added, "maybe it's not much worse than the ruler?" Nancy shook her head and Kate had to admit to herself that she didn't believe it, either. The guys had told them about the strict corporal punishment regime at St Patrick's, and they had even described how awful a caning felt like. "Haven't you?" Kate asked, "I mean, hasn't Bill once shown you … his cane marks?" Nancy gulped and nodded silently. She didn't have to give Kate any description, the look on her face said everything.

"So, what are we supposed to do?" Kate asked. "At least it is over within a few minutes", was Nancy's reply. Kate took a deep breath. "Okay, so we let him deal with it?" she asked. - "If that means that he really doesn't tell Mrs Decker." - Kate sighed and nodded. She quickly glanced over her shoulder to Mr Lugner and then looked back at Nancy. A small grin suddenly appeared on her face. "I know that this isn't the right time and place", she began, "but don't you think that Mr Lugner is pretty handsome?" Nancy snorted and shook her head disapprovingly. "This indeed isn't the right time and place, Ms Pine", she scolded. But then a small grin appeared on her face as well.

With one more deep breath the two young women turned around and went back to Mr Lugner's desk. "Excuse me, Sir", began Kate. Now there was no way back. The teacher put his documents aside and looked at them expectantly. "Now?" - "Mr Lugner, if you deal with us, does that mean you won't tell our headmistress?" asked Kate. "That is correct." Kate threw one last quick glance in Nancy's direction. "Then we would like to ask you to handle the situation the way you do here at St Patrick's." It had been said.

"Okay then, young ladies." Mr Lugner calmly and slowly stood up from his chair. "Do you know the procedures?" Kate and Nancy looked at each other. "No, Sir", replied Nancy, "the only thing we know is that Mr Stewart is an avid advocate of corporal punishment." Mr Stewart was the headmaster at St Patrick's, a quiet and friendly but also very strict man in his late fifties.

"I see", said Mr Lugner, "I'll explain it to you then. Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once." Mr Lugner put his hands behind his back and started walking slowly back and forth behind his desk. "Leaving your own school after curfew and breaking into school grounds are serious offences. You are going to receive twelve cane strokes each. The punishment follows a strict protocol. You will fetch the cane on my request and both bend over the table. You won't leave that position until you have my explicit permission. Not keeping the position during punishment will result in additional strokes. You can grip the far end of the desk in order to better keep yourselves in position. You will count each stroke and thank me. No talking other than that. Do you understand everything?"

At first, neither of the two young women replied. They both looked at the teacher with widened eyes. Twelve strokes? That was a lot worse than they had expected. The teacher just looked at them and waited. And finally, he heard a meek "Yes, Sir" from both of them. "Then let's get this over with." Mr Lugner looked into Nancy's direction. "If you would fetch the cane, please." Nancy looked around somewhat confusedly and the teacher pointed her in the right direction. On taking a closer look, Nancy realised for the first time that there was a rack on the wall beside her which held crooked-handled canes of different sizes. "Excuse me, Mr Lugner, which one am I supposed to fetch?" she asked when she reached the rack. "The second one from the top", was the reply. Kate, who was watching the scene, gulped nervously. The second cane from the top was the second heaviest one. Mr Lugner had been serious about handling this the way they do it at St Patrick's.

Carefully, Nancy took the cane from the rack. Her hands shook so much, though, that she nearly knocked down the biggest cane from the top of the rack in the process. When she held the cane in both hands, almost like a precious item, she realised that it was much more flexible than she had expected given its heaviness and diameter. She turned around, her eyes firmly fixed on the cane, and went back to the desk. Mr Lugner had come around the desk and was already awaiting her. Kate's gaze was fixed on the cane as well. Nancy offered the cane to the teacher. Pictures of historical scenes in which swords were ritually presented to knights popped up in Kate's mind.

Mr Lugner took the cane from Nancy's hands. He made a step aside. "If you would bend over the desk, please, next to each other, two feet space between." Kate and Nancy silently followed the order. At least it seemed like they wouldn't be caned one after another but both at the same time. Kate firmly grabbed the far end of the table and Nancy followed her example. From the corner of her eye she could see Mr Lugner standing behind them, flexing the cane in his hands.

He then positioned himself left from Kate. The teacher tapped the cane a few times against the young woman's trousers, taking aim. For an instant, Kate thought back to how they had donned the trousers before they went out, disguising themselves. She closed her eyes while Nancy watched with horror. Now it was really about to happen.

Suddenly, everything went very quickly. Mr Lugner drew back the cane and the young women heard a sharp swishing sound followed by a loud crack as the cane met Kate's bottom. [To be continued...]


Val said...

Lovely, good suspense, looking forward to Part Two. Very credible, keeping pants on, at least until now.
No idea of the comedy catch phrase, but intrigued by the use of "captivator" at the end end of the second paragraph.

Lea said...

Wonderful story, Kaelah! Looking forward to Part 2.

Olli said...

I'm not shure - haven't I seen this story and this setting in - wait... - hundreds of clips in the internet?

I really hope that part 2 is going to make the difference between a nice, Kaelah-like story and a dumb retelling of e.g. a typical Clip from this austrian guy (can't remember his name) or one of these GBS-clips. Please give the story the "touch of Kaelah" - and (please please!) don't let the girls have to get out of their string-tangas, just to blame them with being naked...

But, on the other hand... I'm sure, you'll give us a fine story. Looking forward to it!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Yes, a new use of the word captivator.

Ludwig said...

@ Olli: In more than ten years of watching spanking clips on the internet, I don't remember ever seeing a single one featuring a story of girls dressing up as boys and sneaking into a boys school.

If you really have seen hundreds of clips like that, please point out to us where they have been hiding! I think Kaelah would be very happy to watch them.

@ Val, Our Bottoms Burn: I thought I had seen the term "captivator" used to simply mean "someone who takes captive", but I guess that was a misinterpretation. My mistake, since I was the one telling Kaelah that it's okay to use when she asked me about it.

Oh, and of course, I recognised the catch phrase Kaelah was alluding to immediately. But I am not going to spoil the fun for everyone.

Kaelah said...

As it turned out, Ludwig and I both confused captivator with captor. ;-) I wrote captivator, but then looked it up in a dictionary because I wasn't 100 per cent sure whether it was the right word, and it said that captivator meant wizard, not someone who takes captive. But since Ludwig also thought that he had seen the word captivator used in the latter sense, we decided to leave it as it was. I've corrected it now. Maybe I should have left it as it was, though, and pretended that I used it on purpose because I am such an ingenious writer and there is some deeper meaning. ;-)

@ Val:
Glad to hear that you liked the story so far!

@ Lea:
I hope you will enjoy the second part, too.

@ Olli:
When you look at it from a very high level perspective, the storyline is indeed a very typical one: Schoolgirls break the rules, get caught and punished. But in my opinion the story is still very different from the stories/clips you are referring to in many aspects. The most obvious one is the cross-dressing and that the girls are being punished like boys from a teacher at a school for boys. There is much more to it than that, though.

Just to give you a few examples: The young women remain fully clothed and Mr Lugner wouldn't even dream of telling them to drop their pants. There is no scolding, belittling or "I know best" attitude. The teacher is very formal and polite, no screaming or humiliating. The young women are neither deserving little girls nor naughty or stupid. There is no "women need a special treatment" agenda, the two are punished just like their male counterparts would have been. And so on. I think you get the point.

In short, I wanted to write a typical M/F punishment story this time, but a Kaelah-style one which lacks the parts that usually turn me off when reading those kinds of stories (or watching clips) and which has some additional aspects one usually doesn't find in those kinds of stories but which turn me on.

By the way, of course there are similarities to other stories. The one that comes to mind being "Frank and I". And St Patrick's is a bit like Schreckenstein, as will become even clearer in the second part of the story. I hope you will like it! :-)

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
Wrong use, I fear! That's the trouble with not being a native speaker. ;-)

@ Ludwig:
Good to know that you recognized the capture! Well, I guess I tormented you often enough with that series. ;-)

Fenris said...

I quite enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to part 2. Although the scenario is classic, it does not mean that it has to be boring. If you are going to watch a football (or soccer, for the american readers) match, it is obvious that 22 guys will play the game for about 90 minutes. For the more literary inclined: A sonett or haiku is based on a strict form. Nevertheless, the results can be more or less entertaining.

vincent said...

"Read very carefully, I shall write this only once." ??

Good start, quite how the girls are going to explain their stripes is another matter.

Donpascual said...

A very good story.
To add to the déja vue issues:

There is a very interesting book "Der gestiefelte Eros" written by a Hans von Leydenegg. Hero is a young man who first becomes a fetishist for foot wear and then gets accepted in a girl's boarding school as a transvestite. Makes pretty good reading.

As far as videos are concerned, there is one with that exact title by Northernspanking. But Leia Ann and the other girls don't really make convincing boys; there is too much to hide :-)).

Kaelah said...

@ Fenris:
Thank you for your kind comment, Fenris. I'm glad that you enjoyed the story so far. :-)

@ Vincent:
"Allo, Allo! This is Kaelah speaking. The eagle is in the nest. I repeat. The eagle is in the nest." Translation for all those who think I have gone mad: Vincent has found out which line I borrowed! :-)

As for the stripes: Fortunately, Kate and Nancy are already young women who will graduate from school in a few weeks. That means they share a dormitory with only two beds. I assume they are smart enough to make sure that nobody is going to see their bare behinds in the next days. ;-)

@ Donpascual:
I'm happy that you enjoyed the story so far. :-)

I think I had read something about the Northern Spanking video you mentioned quite a while ago (maybe on Leia-Ann's blog), but I had no idea that it had exactly the same title as my story! When I chose the title, I had a song in mind which either includes the line "boys will be boys" or maybe it's even "girls will be boys". I have never heard of "Der gestiefelte Eros", but it sounds interesting!


Looking forward to part two and wondering if the girls will commit the ultimate punishment sin and "Blub".

your written English is a lot better than my written Dutch. So I for one will not be criticizing the odd miss used word. I know how hard it is to work in a language that is not your first.


jimisim said...

An excellent story, which considering English isn't your first language is amazingly good.
The theme has an original slant, girls invading a boys' boarding school, for reasons supposedly other than sex.
I agree that keeping trousers on is realistic, but twelve strokes isn't and with the girls only being two feet apart on the table, ensuring accuracy may be difficult.
I look forward to your second part.


Kaelah said...

@ Spankedhortic:
I hope you will like the next part as well, Prefectdt! I think that Dutch is much more difficult than English, so I can absolutely understand that your written Dutch isn't perfect.

@ Jimisim:
Thank you very much for your kind compliments! You are of course right, twelve strokes aren't realistic (still much closer to realism than the 50 strokes canings in some spanking videos ;-) ). What I think is even less realistic, though, is the fact that the young teacher decides to deal with the matter himself, at night, in his office, alone with two young women, instead of informing the headmaster of his school and the girls' headmistress. But if he did, the fantasy scenario wouldn't work out, so I guess a bit of creative freedom and suspension of disbelief is okay... :-)