Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Girls Will Be Boys (Part 3)

This is the third and final part of Kate and Nancy's adventure at the St Patrick's school for boys. When breaking into the school for a secret meeting in preparation of a surprise graduation party with their male fellow students, the two young women got caught by the new teacher Mr Lugner, as you can read in part 1 of the story. To avoid being reported to their old Headmistress Mrs Decker, they agreed to settle the issue the St Patrick's way, which resulted in their very first caning at the hands of Mr Lugner, which is described in detail in part 2. So let's get back to our heroines who have finally made it through their punishment.

"With that, the incident is forgiven and forgotten", Mr Lugner concluded. And after a short look at his watch he added: "It's 11.30 pm. You better get into bed as quickly as possible. Are you ready or do you need some more time to compose yourselves?" "I'm ready", Kate replied. Nancy slowly stood up from the sofa stool. She was still a bit shaky, but already feeling much better than a few minutes before. "I'm ready, too, Sir."

"Alright then. I will let you out at the side entrance. I don't want you to climb any slippery stairs again." With that Mr Lugner opened the office door and Kate and Nancy stepped out into the dark corridor. "Did you close the window through which you came in?" Mr Lugner asked. The reply was a simultaneous nod. The young teacher switched off the light in the office and closed the door behind him. Again the two students followed him through the empty hallways, this time without pounding hearts and dry throats, but with glowing bottoms instead.

They had almost reached the entrance when Kate caught up with Mr Lugner. He looked over to her. "Excuse me, Sir", began Kate, "may I ask you for a favour, please? Could you...", she hesitated for a moment, "...would you please not tell anyone about the surprise party?" The teacher unlocked the door and answered smilingly: "My lips are sealed." - "Thank you, Sir", Kate was relieved. - "I assume you know a way to get back into your dormitory?" Mr Lugner asked. The two young women who were already standing outside looked at each other. Then Nancy replied with a shy smile: "Yes, Sir."

"Alright then", Mr Lugner nodded. "Oh, one more thing. I guess you know ' Mission Impossible', right? Should you get caught when returning to St Claire's..." - "Our lips are of course sealed", Kate answered with a sheepish grin. The teacher raised an eyebrow and gave her a stern look, but a little twitching in the corner of his mouth showed his amusement. "Off you go", he shooed the two students, "and no dangerous climbing!" Mr Lugner didn't get any reply. Nancy and Kate had already disappeared into the shadows of the night.

The young teacher locked the door and started his way to the dormitories. It was time for his final round before he would go to sleep. He smirked while walking through the silent corridors, thinking about the very unusual incident which had happened today. Two smart and very polite young ladies indeed. It was no surprise that the boys had chosen them for the party planning team.

He still remembered his own graduation party five years ago very well. He had been part of the party committee, too. The preparations had cost them several sleepless nights as well. The memories made him smile. All the work had definitely paid off, though. Not only did their fellow graduate students enjoy the party, several teachers told them afterwards that it had been the best party in years. That had made them all very proud.

Their party had been a St Patrick's only event, though. He was looking forward to the joint surprise party the graduate students seemed to be planning this year. It would surely be great. Mr Stewart, St Patrick's headmaster definitely wouldn't have any problems with a joint party. He wasn't so sure about the old dragon … Headmistress Decker, he quickly corrected himself, though. Would she throw one of her famous tantrums? If she did, Mr Stewart would certainly find a way to calm her down again. That was one of his special abilities. With these thoughts, Mr Lugner reached the hallway that led to the boys' dormitories. Everything was quiet as usual. It seemed that his round wouldn't take him long.

Meanwhile, Kate and Nancy had reached St Claire's. Without speaking a word, they went to a small entrance which led directly to the side wing where the dormitories were located. They were lucky - it was still open as they had left it. Quietly they sneaked in and Nancy cautiously closed the door behind them. Now they only had to make it to their room on the third floor without getting caught. They put off their shoes and continued their way on their socks. Almost without making any noise, they climbed the dark stairs. They had nearly made it to the second floor when the lights in the stairway were suddenly switched on.

In shock, they looked at each other. They had nowhere to hide. Kate put a finger on her lips, signalling Nancy to be quiet. They heard footsteps. Someone was coming up the stairs from the ground floor. On the first floor the person stopped. Kate and Nancy held their breath. Then they heard the door to the corridor being pushed open and the footsteps continued, moving away from them. The door closed and a short while later the lights switched off again. The two students climbed the rest of the stairs as quickly as possible and cautiously opened the door to the hallway. It was dark and seemed to be empty. Without making a sound, they closed the door to the stairway behind them and continued their path through the corridor. Fortunately, their dormitory was only a few steps from the stairway. They reached it within seconds, opened the door and sneaked in. It was only when they had closed the door behind them that they both breathed out in relief. What good fortune that the students at St Claire's were assigned double rooms in their final year and that Kate and Nancy shared one of those. So they didn't have to worry about waking anyone up.

"Quick. I'm sure that it was Mrs Appleby in the stairway. She is on her night inspection and will soon be here", whispered Nancy. Without switching on the light they both undressed. The moon was shining through the window, allowing them to orient themselves. Nancy winced when she pulled down her trousers too quickly, having forgotten about her sore behind. They quickly threw their clothes into a box which they then hid deeply in their wardrobe where nobody would easily find it. Then they put on their nightgowns. They grabbed the cushions which they had put underneath the duvets of their beds to make it look like they were sleeping and threw them back on the sofa. Finally they jumped into their beds. This time it was Kate who forgot about the stripes on her bottom and let out a little yelp when her backside connected with the hard mattress.

Only a few seconds later they heard the stairway door open. Nancy and Kate closed their eyes and pretended to sleep. Footsteps passed by their door and continued down the hallway. From the sound, Nancy was sure that it was indeed Mrs Appleby who took care of the nightly routine this time. About two minutes later, the footsteps returned. The two students could hear the door to the dormitory next to theirs opening and closing again. The footsteps came closer, but for the second time they passed their door. The stairway door opened and closed again after a few seconds. They were surrounded by silence. Still, Nancy and Kate waited one more minute without moving to make sure that Mrs Appleby really didn't come back.

Then Nancy switched the light on. They both sat up in their beds and looked at each other. After several seconds, Kate broke the silence. "I can't believe what has happened today", she whispered, "maybe it was just a dream?" "I wouldn't have expected that we would managed to get caned at school, and five weeks before our graduation", said Nancy, "we two of all people!" - "Yeah, Miss Goody Two Shoes and Miss Eager Beaver", Kate hadn't even finished the sentence completely, when they both broke into giggles.

"Are you okay?" asked Kate. Nancy nodded: "It's not so bad, it only hurts when I forget about my sore bottom." - "I want to know how it looks like!" With that, Kate jumped out of bed, went over to the large mirror which was standing in the corner of the room and pulled down her pyjama trousers and her panties. Nancy followed her. Together they looked at the dark red stripes that were all over Kate's bottom. Kate cautiously touched her rear end with her fingertips. "I can really feel the welts", she exclaimed. They had hardly been able to believe that when the boys had told them about it earlier.

"Wait a moment", said Nancy and went over to their desk. She took something out of a drawer. Kate looked at her questioningly. When Nancy came back, Kate started giggling again. "No, Nancy! You can't do that!" she protested. Nancy grinned: "Of course. Hey, no one will ever believe us without a proof." With that, she activated the photo camera and made a snap shot of Kate's striped behind. Kate took the camera from her hand and pulled up her pants. "But then I make a picture of your bum, too." Nancy bared her behind and Kate pressed the camera button, still giggling. Nancy admired her striped bottom in the mirror and ran her fingertips over the chastised flesh like Kate had done before. "We have to make sure that nobody finds these pictures", Kate warned. "Don't worry." With that Nancy readjusted her clothes, took the camera and put it back where it belonged. "We better make sure that no one sees our sore behinds, either", Kate added.

They both went back into their beds, but they still left the light on. Kate had a thoughtful expression on her face. "I think I begin to get it, you know?" she said. "What the guys said about the code at St Patrick's, I mean. I never understood why they, for instance, insisted on not lying, not even to the teachers. I couldn't get why someone would voluntarily admit to some misdeed, especially since the punishment regime at St Patrick's is rather harsh. But now... I mean, did you notice how Mr Lugner treated us? No hours of lecturing, no belittling, no yelling."

"Yeah, and most importantly, he believed us!" added Nancy, "no mistrust and no allegations. That's totally different from the atmosphere around here. Last week, for instance, I helped Mrs Sanders with her exam preparations class for the first year girls. Little Stacy Smith was five minutes late. Mrs Sanders almost jumped at her. She was so furious, the poor little girl didn't dare saying a word. Stacy was sent to the corner and stood the for fifteen minutes, crying the whole time. Afterwards I had the chance to ask her why she was late and it turned out that Mrs Appleby had asked her to accompany Clara Summers to the school nurse because she was feeling sick. Being yelled at and getting fifteen minutes corner time for accompanying a friend to the school nurse! Can you imagine that? I'm sure things like that don't happen at St Patrick's."

Kate nodded and added: "And even if you do something wrong and admit to it, everything is forgiven and forgotten after the punishment. But fortunately, we have a few good teachers here at St Claire's, too. Mrs Appleby, for example and Ms Thomas." - "Yes, and Mrs Baker", Nancy said, "you are right, fortunately not all of our teachers are like Mrs Sanders and the old dragon." - "Since you mention her, I'm curious to see how the old dragon will react to our surprise party. I hope she doesn't ruin it all. And what about the preparations now?" Kate looked at Nancy expectantly. - "I think we should meet during the official visiting times on Saturday", Nancy suggested, "I'm sure we will find a quiet place where nobody will disturb our meeting." - "Sounds good", Kate agreed, "certainly better than breaking into school grounds at night." Both young women smiled at each other, knowingly.

"Maybe we will also see Mr Lugner again on Saturday. Or at the party the latest", Kate continued. It sounded casual, but Nancy sensed that the words contained a special meaning. Kate's voice and her body language had something unfamiliar, something she had never come across before. "Wait a moment, you have fallen in love, haven't you!?" Kate's face turned almost as red as her glowing bottom. "He is very handsome, isn't he? And, I mean, he is an adult. And I am an adult, too. We won't be students any more in just five weeks. And he is just a few years older than me", she defended herself. - "Hey, don't worry. It's okay. I just haven't ever seen you in love",  Nancy tried to calm Kate down. She added: "We can ask the guys on Saturday whether he is indeed still available." - "But don't tell them!" Kate looked scared. Nancy shook her head: "Of course not!"

She didn't manage to be serious for too long, though: "Hey, when the two of you become a couple and you are studying Maths at the university, he can help you with your studies. And if you don't work hard enough, he can motivate you with a nice caning." Kate determinedly shook her head. "That's so not going to happen!" But then a sheepish grin appeared on her face: "I would like to know how his cute firm bottom looks with some nice stripes, though. Or without." - Nancy slowly shook her head and replied in the most reprehensive tone of voice she could master: "You know I really like you, Kate Pine, but I have to tell you that you are a very sick girl indeed." For a second they looked at each other in silence and then they both cracked up laughing. When they had calmed down, Kate said: "I think it's really time to get some rest. Good night." She switched off the light. Nancy yawned: "Good night, sweety. Have a nice dream!"


jimisim said...

An excellent story, I enjoyed it very much and hope for more.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story. Please do write more.


Anonymous said...

Excellent story.


Olli said...

That is really a very excellent story, great, indeed, and here are my spontaneous thoughts:

I enjoyed it very much and I think I have to apologize for at least a part of my very first statement upon it. (Uhm, and I thought about even that yesterday evening and, after that, also everytime I take seat today...^^)

Nancy won't, but Kate seem to get a kind of pleasure... Maybe the "St. Patricks day" is coming up with a brand new meaning for her? ;-)

Many postings ago I mentioned about nearly two feet of my bookshelf - all 27 volumes of the Schreckenstein story - and I realized lots of parallels, especially in the third part.

Finally, to say it with facebook: I like!

Kaelah said...

@ Jimisim:
Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging comments! I'm sure that I will write another piece of fiction sooner or later.

@ CM:
Welcome and thanks a lot for commenting! I'm happy to hear that you liked the story. :-)

@ Joey:
Thank you!

@ Olli:
Yes, there were definitely parallels to Schreckenstein, especially in the third part! Glad you enjoyed the story. Of course the end was a bit kitschy, but, hey, why not? ;-) I'm not sure whether Kate enjoys being spanked, but she definitely enjoys being with Mr Lugner! ;-)


I enjoyed that story very much. The little switchy element at the end was a nice touch......Will there be a sequel?


Lea said...

What a great series of stories, Kaelah. I really enjoyed reading them!

MrChips said...

10/10 for the story, Kaelah. Interested to hear what happened when some of these characters bumped into each other the following year. What a delicious prospect...

Kaelah said...

@ Spankedhortic:
Glad you enjoyed the story, Prefectdt! I hadn't planned to write a sequel, but your question inspired some ideas. I think I need to take a little break from writing fiction before giving it a new try, though, since writing fictional stories in English is more difficult for me than writing real life accounts of philosophical ramblings.

@ Lea:
Thank you very much, Lea! Glad you had fun with the story. :-)

@ MrChips:
Thanks a lot for your kind compliment! There are many possible follow-up events one could think of. Maybe there will be a sequel one day. :-)

ronnie said...


Was that really your first spanking story? Excellent, really did enjoy it. Thank you. You should write more.


Kaelah said...

@ Ronnie:
Thank you very much for your kind comment! I am happy that you like the story. It is my second fictional spanking story. The first one called "The Reunion", which is linked in the first part of the new story, was a mixed M/F and F/M story. I wrote it in the aftermath of LOL Day 2010. Its special feature is that it contains lots of strange words which the readers had suggested in their comments on our LOL Day post and which I had to use in the story.