Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bent Over in New Zealand

As those who have read my recent posts might have realised, I am in need of a holiday. Unfortunately, now is not the time for it (yet). So, what does one do in such a situation? Yes, exactly, looking back on a wonderful holiday one had in the past and gaining new strength from the memories. I decided to share some of those fantastic holiday memories with you.

The pictures in this post were all taken on a trip to New Zealand. It was the first time for both Ludwig and me to visit this great country and its beautiful landscape simply blew us away. As you can see, being in such a amazing environment brought up naughty thoughts on my behalf. And so we created this little photo series.

The photos were of course all made in a hurry because we tried to make sure that nobody was watching. But quite frankly, I don't think that the Kiwis are so easily shocked by kinky naughtiness. Take a look at this advertisement we came across and decide for yourselves. Of course in my pervy mind the ad is even naughtier than it was presumably meant. Because when I read the word "mistress", the first thing that comes to my mind isn't a female lover...

Looking at these holiday memories makes me smile. I hope you enjoy the pictures, too. Because of the great landscape, I mean. Taking these pictures wasn't even our only kinky adventure during that wonderful holiday trip, though. We came across a very special pervertible implement as well. So, stay tuned for more New Zealand fun.


Anonymous said...

Terrific kinky photos in a beautiful setting. Thank you for sharing.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Oh, my gosh! Both to your photos and the one of the card. You certainly are gutsy! I'm not sure I would ever dare to do that, let alone photograph it. :)

Normally the name/URL thing does work just fine, but that day your interface hated mine. Maybe it needed a spanking.

As to the needing a holiday part, I certainly hear you. I hope you get one soon.


Those landscapes and your posterior both look amazing. Did you meet any Orcs? :)


Gaviao said...

Beautiful scenery and a spectacular ass. Awesome!

ronnie said...

Great photos, wonderful scenery. NZ on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.


Lea said...

It looks like a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the pics and I hope you get a holiday soon.

Simon said...

Your outdoor photos are terrific again! I love the setting, and, knowing the thrill of taking such photos outdoor, I'm amazed. I thought doing it in the middle of a forest was risked but you clearly dare more than we.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I am a New Zealander, a kiwi. I loved your photos. I can assure you that there a number of New Zealanders who just love kinky naughty stuff. I am a male submissive and really love the leather strap. I am very fortunate in that my wife is very happy to attend to my spanking needs. At times, like right now for example it is hard finding some time when our house is empty of other people to indulge our interests. Just thought I would like to share these thoughts with you. Glad you love our beautiful country. I go tramping, as we call it in New Zealand, that is hiking on tracks as you very obviously do too.

Kaelah said...

@ Joey:
Thank you! I am glad that you like the pictures.

@ Ana:
Ahem, well I'm obviously not so shy when it comes to taking kinky pictures in public. But I should add that Ludwig and I are very careful not to be seen by any unsuspecting passers-by.

@ Spankedhortic:
The landscape is terrific! We didn't meet any Orcs, but we paid the Hobbits a brief visit. ;-)

@ Gaviao:
Thank you for your kind compliment. :-)

@ Ronnie:
I can definitely recommend a visit to NZ if you get the chance. It's an amazingly beautiful country!

@ Lea:
NZ definitely is beautiful! I really hope that I will get a holiday soon.

@ Simon:
Glad to hear that you like the pictures! It might look risky, but Ludwig and I are actually quite careful. I don't think anyone saw us.

@ Anonymous:
Welcome and thank you very much for your comment! It's great to have a commenter from NZ. Your country is terrific! :-)

Anonymous said...

Never mind Orcs and Hobbits, just watch out for the Keas.

Those beaks can kill a sheep and vandalise a car!

What might they do to a tempting behind?

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous:
Your comment made me grin! I was indeed lucky that there weren't any Keas around when we took the pictures. ;-)