Friday, October 12, 2012

Real Life

I arrived at my destination after a smooth journey by train filled with lots of naughty thoughts. Ludwig already awaited me at the station. After a tight hug and a kiss, he gave me a playful swat on the bottom right in the middle of the platform, not caring about the people around us. "It was very careless of you to work so much without giving yourself a break", Ludwig whispered into my ear, "we are going to talk about this later, young lady!" The promising sternness in his voice made me tingle with anticipation.

When we arrived at Ludwig's place it wasn't long after we had put away my bags that I found myself over Ludwig's lap, my pants and panties lowered to my knees, for a lesson about a healthy work-life-balance. Ludwig's hands did a proper job and my bottom was bright red when the lecture was over. "If you want me to keep a better work-life-balance, you could help me with some relaxation", I teased. And that is exactly what Ludwig did after having tied me to the bed. Afterwards I slept like a baby.

The next days saw me tied to a post up in the attic and whipped with a single tail, bent over a desk for six of the best with a cane and spanked in the kitchen with a wooden spoon in a rather spontaneous scene. And we went into the woods where I was first tied to a tree and then made to kneel on a stump, blindfolded and in my lingerie only. Lea asked in her comment whether we would share the second part of the story, too. Well, I wouldn't mind sharing the part with the switching, but I am too shy to share the rest (especially not any pictures).

The morning of the day I had to leave, Ludwig made sure that I wouldn't forget about his initial lecture any time soon. This time the hairbrush spoke as well. And so I went off on my journey back home with a sore bottom and lots of kinky memories and naughty thoughts which are going to carry me through the days until the two of us will be reunited once again.

Envious, anyone? Or maybe thinking that all those adventurous kinky bloggers seem to have so much more fun than you? Well, I guess a real spanking enthusiast could be jealous – if anything of what I have written above were true. It isn't, though. But sometimes, when I read other people's blogs, I feel like their lives must be like that. When I wrote the story above, though, I almost felt compelled to finish it with: "And they lived happily ever after." Because to me, it sounds much more like a fairy tale than the story of a real relationship between real people.

Of course kinky bloggers usually share the fascinating kinky stuff only on their blogs. Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast is a blog about erotic CP and not about boring vanilla topics like the heaps of dirty laundry that require my attention or Ludwig's visit to the dentist. And I think this is totally okay. I wouldn't want to write a blog about my everyday life. But I assume that writing about kinky adventures only (which Ludwig and I don't do, anyway, with all our philosophical ramblings and the like) comes with the risk of creating the impression with some readers that the lives of those who write kinky blogs are much more adventurous, glamorous and full of permanent creative sexual fulfilment than their own lives. I, at least, sometimes get that impression when I read kinky blogs.

So, I thought it would be nice to share the real story of my recent time with Ludwig with you, at least the short version. Safety warning: This could be very boring! But, anyway, here we go:

First of all, my journey wasn't really smooth. There was some problem with the railway track which meant lots of chaos and that I finally missed a connecting train and had to wait more than one hour for the next one. I called Ludwig on the phone to tell him that I would arrive about two hours late and to make sure that he wouldn't worry. I was quite proud of myself, though, because I remained quite relaxed despite of the delay. I sat down on a bench in the sun. But not to engage in any fantasies about the punishment of good-looking railway engineers who had found out to be responsible for the technical breakdown. No, I simply began to work. And working was what I also did during the trip.

When I arrived at my destination, I was very content with my work progress and happy to see Ludwig again after so many weeks. We hugged and kissed and Ludwig helped me with my luggage. A bit later, we had a yummy dinner. I was relieved that I finally had a chance to let go a little with Ludwig being around. But I wasn't really in the mood for any kinky play. I think we had a bit of "vanilla fun" that evening, but mostly it was just cuddling and relaxing. And then we slept for 12 hours, recharging our batteries.

The next days were filled with quite a lot of work (I had to meet a deadline and Ludwig kindly helped me with a few things), some refreshing walks, much sleep, family time, a visit to the famous Oktoberfest, an evening with friends, film-watching, good food, the occasional vanilla intimacy (spiced up with some kinky thoughts) and lots of pampering and cuddling. There was an occasional playful slap but neither of us brought up the idea of a real spanking, let alone an elaborate scene.

What I really longed to do, though, was shooting some sexy photos outside in the autumn sun. As we explained when we recently discussed our results of that fun BDSM test, Ludwig is much less of an exhibitionist than me. Which means that he doesn't like taking kinky pictures in public because he hates the idea of being caught by unsuspecting passers-by. I'm not keen on that idea, either, but I enjoy shooting erotic outdoor pictures so much that I am willing to take the risk.

Despite of his worries, Ludwig accompanied me, because he knew that taking photos would make me happy. He would have preferred going for a normal vanilla walk, though. We found two suitable places which were secluded enough to be acceptable for Ludwig, I stripped, we quickly shot a few pictures and I put my clothes back on again. And that was that. Fortunately, we were both happy with the resulting pictures and post. And so it was an overall good day for both of us.

On our last day together, I broke down, though. I had met my deadline but was quite exhausted, a certain date reminded me of my mum's much too early death, I felt scared about what awaits me next year and the thought of having to leave the next day became unbearable. So, I cried a lot that evening and the next morning as well. Ludwig held me and soothed me, but he was struggling with an upcoming cold and not really fit, either. That didn't leave much space for any naughty thoughts.

Ludwig accompanied me to the train station the next day and asked me whether he could really send me on my journey because I was very tearful again. I reassured him that the pain of having to part would soon start fading. So, I went on the train. I drew a little heart with my finger on the window, like Ludwig often does when he leaves, and we waved goodbye as the train departed. I managed to calm myself down and called Ludwig a short time later to tell him that I was okay and that he didn't have to be worried. And that was the end of our last time together. In fact, it didn't involve so much as one real slap.

But, honestly, while a part of me now wishes that I had been a bit fitter and had asked Ludwig for or otherwise encouraged him to at least one spanking, how we shared our time together is almost better in my view than the kinky fairy tale version. Because this is how, for me, a good couple supports each other in real life. And, even though our life seems to involve less spanking than the lives of some fellow kinksters, it isn't usually as spanking-free as it was the last time we met.

Even though I am still very busy right now and will be for the next two weeks (sorry in case I shouldn't manage to comment a lot on other blogs during that time), I have started practising my caning technique again. After all, Ludwig and I still have a bet to settle. And there is the promised blogiversary clip as well. So, I am quite confident that there will be more spanking action the next time Ludwig and I meet. And we will of course share our adventures with you here on the blog!


Ana said...

I agree that the real version is much nicer, although I am sorry to hear of your hard times. Those anniversaries can be a tough one. I am glad you could have a sunshine day outdoors to do something you love.

I also think that we have to be healthy and strong enough to be able to let go. It makes sense that you needed protection this time rather than to push limits.

Hugs and best wishes.

Donpascual said...

Very encouraging that your life isn't so much different from that of "normal" people.
I very much remember my efforts to escape the treadmill when engaged in narrow deadlines.

Life generally is not yummy and rosy. All the more, we enjoy the happy hours of carefree fun.

I am surprised that Ludwig took you to the Oktoberfest. Munich citizens usually loathe these two weeks of avoiding the dirt and grime of that terrible "Fest".

But you mention taking pictures outside in great haste fearing somebody might surprise you. Now, that is something, I am very fond of. The risk of getting caught literally with your sub's pants down, is something I have practised with a friend for years. Only once, it was close. Usually she managed very well.

Try it once and to hell with passers by. You will love it, once the hurdle has been cleared. There is something very sexy about a naked butt out in the woods and the sound of a solid leather paddle. :-)))

Steve from Kent said...

Thanks for sharing such a genuine story with us. There are certainly times when your immediate needs are more important than your fantasies.

I hope it won’t be too long before you’re able to get together for the blogiversary spankings and other fun things.

Val said...

Kaelah, thank you for this glimpse.
Yeah, the first description sounded too rosy, a lot actually.
The second version of the story is more like it, although it too strains credibility: did DB really mess up their track?! ;-)
Congratulations on "Normal."

Indy said...

Ha, you had me going until you got to the hairbrush! I was almost ready to be jealous even of that before I got suspicious that a cheerful tone and a hairbrush just don't mix... Well, that and the fact that you don't do RL discipline.

I'm glad you made your deadline and also glad that you were with Ludwig on your sad anniversary. I hope you'll feel up to a bit more play the next time you see him-- and that it won't be too long.


Peter8862 said...

Good to hear the real life version Kaelah. But I'm amazed to hear that your train broke down. I thought only English trains did that when the wrong kind of leaves fell on the track.

Lea said...

I definitely tend to blog about the highlights and kinky adventures because I figure my everyday life would be boring and unread. We're all real people behind the screen though and probably not that different from each other in many ways. Whether or not it was full of kinky fun, it sounds like it was good for the both of you to get some time together. I often will remember a hug longer than I will a spanking.

Kaelah said...

@ Ana:
Thank you for your kind words!

@ Donpascual:
I very much like the idea of an outdoor spanking, but I guess both Ludwig and I couldn't really enjoy it if the chance of getting caught were too big. Poor Ludwig already has to cope with my fondness of taking kinky photos outdoors. :-)

@ Steve from Kent:
Ludwig and I again didn't manage any private play when we met recently. But at least we managed to film the blogiversary clip! It will be published very soon, so stay tuned.

@ Val:
I assume that it wasn't even their fault this time, most probably someone decided to end their life in a rather ugly way (poor guy or girl). Despite of all the not so nice things life brings, I think life is much too beautiful to end it like that.

@ Indy:
You got me... ;-) By the way, I think taking good care of myself might be the only premise under which a real-life related spanking (not real DD) might work for me. As I already mentioned in my reply to Steve, Ludwig and I again weren't up for any play the last time we met. But at least we filmed the blogiversary clip, and chances are good that we will be in a more playful mood the next time because I have just achieved an important milestone for one of my projects. :-)

@ Peter8862:
Nope, the German railway isn't much better than the English one! :-) Although, as I already said in my reply to Val, I think it wasn't a technical problem this time.

@ Lea:
"I often will remember a hug longer than I will a spanking." - What a beautiful way to put it! :-)