Saturday, October 20, 2012

Short, Sharp Shock

A few days ago, I took a day off from my working routine and went to the sauna in order to relax a bit. The sauna has a pool filled with cold water (19° C / 66.2° F), which not only offers the opportunity to cool down after a sauna session, but is even big enough so that one can actually swim in it for a while. After my first sauna session and a shower, I decided to take the challenge. After all, I am a masochist with brave girl fantasies – and who doesn't like the feeling when the pain starts fading afterwards?

I made an interesting observation, though. My method of entering the cold pool is quite different from what most visitors do. The majority of people definitely seems to prefer the short, sharp shock tactic. Which means entering the pool as quickly as possible, swimming for a short time only and then getting out again almost as fast as one got into the pool. That's not for me. I literally enter the pool step by step. Every time I walk in a bit deeper, the coolness takes my breath away for a moment. I wait until my body has acclimatized to the new level, and then I take it one step further. If I tried to run into the water as others do, I would be gasping for breath for quite a while and feel like I might suffocate. So, I take it slowly. But once I have entered the pool, I stay in there for much longer than most of the others do and I enjoy the feeling of swimming in the cold water. Afterwards,  I leave the pool relaxed and happy.

Now, why do I tell you this? Well, it struck me that what I described is a common pattern for me. I was never good at any sports discipline that requires a short intense explosion of power. I am much better with the things that require less explosiveness but a longer endurance. And: I am not into short, sharp shock spankings, either. Especially with severe spankings the chance that my body freaks out and that I am not very happy and relaxed afterwards is rather high. On the other hand, I don't mind to bend over again and again for sets of severe strokes, as long as the breaks are long enough to give my body a chance to adapt to the situation and to prevent it from freaking out. I know that for several fellow spankos, it is exactly the other way round. Severe short, sharp shock spankings are okay for them, but having to adopt the position again for a second round after a break is what they find horrible.

I am not sure whether this only has to do with different body conditions or whether it is a mental thing as well. I wonder, though, whether those among us who prefer the short, sharp shock tactics when it comes to spanking are the ones who also jump into the cold pool as quickly as possible and the ones who prefer to run short distances? And are those who go for slow spankings with breaks the ones who, like me, take their time when entering cold water and prefer to walk longer distances? I am curious to hear about your observations!


Anonymous said...

I like the cane and I also like the quick shock approach. I guess they are similar.

Anonymous said...

I am banned from sauna and the plunge pool since I had a pacemaker implanted in Feb 2001. But I was a short sharp shock user of the plunge back in the day.

But for spankings, the cane in particular, I prefer a slower more measured pace.

Simon said...

I've never actually had a sauna but I dislike sudden shocks so the quick plunge probably wouldn't be for me. When it comes to punishment my Mistress and I like to take our time and take frequent breaks. Our sessions can sometimes last for 5 hours and can involve a considerable number of strokes from a variety of implements. By the end I am usually totally drained and elated at the same time.

Lea said...

I would rather jump into a pool and get it over with. But I'm with you on the spankings. I prefer something longer in sets that I can get used to and have a break in between. Really quick and hard spankings are hard for me to handle.

Indy said...

Hmm, I think I'm somewhere in the middle. If the water isn't too cold, I prefer to dive in. However, in the US, this is rarely allowed, and jumping just isn't the same, as you can't start swimming immediately.

When the water is really cold, though, I prefer to go in to about my waist. After that, it's colder to proceed cautiously than to plunge.

I'm still not sure what this says about my kink preferences, but I do prefer to have a nice warm-up before it gets serious!

Ana said...

So much of it is mental. If our mind freaks out, our body freaks out. I am usually a slow and cautious person if it's something unknown, but then sometimes I get impatient and want it over with.

Olli said...

Hey, I LOVE to get a second round after a while, or even a third one. It's just the first 10 or 15 strokes, i.e. with the wooden spoon, that hurts in the original meaning of "hurt".

After that, I feel more and more comfortable with the spanking and start to enjoy it, and, finally, get very excited in a sexual manner.

However, when the spanking is over, my girlfriend sometimes let me wait for a while before having sex. Meanwhile we have supper, for example, or doing some housekeeping, or she demands a massage (i like that very much...). And very often I feel a great desire for a second, severe round of spanking, not with the wooden spoon again, but with a cane or a switch.

On the other hand, a quick, sharp spanking "in passing" is quite not my cup of tea...

Val said...

Vanilla, to mirror kink, or not to mirror, that is the question...
I also sign up in the Masochist column, however I will jump quickly into the cold water, although I will then take my time and stay however long is needed. Spankingwise, the harder and quicker you start, the better, and go on as long as you please. I can also wait for "desert" if that is what it takes. So overall I think that in this aspect vanilla matches kink.

Kaelah said...

@ joeyred51:
I like the cane, too. Well, actually not the pain it produces (too much sting), but its classiness and the resulting marks. I have to take it slowly, though, especially when it comes to severe canings. Otherwise the chance that I start panicking is too big.

@ Fred Bloggs:
So maybe my idea of the two short, sharp shock approaches going along together is wrong...

@ Simon:
Ah, another person who prefers a slower approach! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

@ Lea:
Another hint that my idea might be wrong!

@ Indy:
I'm absolutely with your about nice warm-ups. :-)

@ Ana:
I am sure that a part of it is mental. But I also think that my body has some physical limits. If I cross them, I can still be mentally in control, but my body freaks out nonetheless.

@ Olli:
I absolutely prefer longer spankings with a gradual build-up, too!

@ Val:
Seems like you belong to the short sharp, shock faction, then. :-)