Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jason the School Decorator

A while ago, I introduced you to the first-ever severe caning clip with a female bottom that I found on Spanking Tube and liked. I already mentioned then that there was another clip (apart from Ludwig's clips which led me to this blog and are responsible for me finding my mate) which was a kind of revelation for me.

It is an amateur M/M spanking clip, produced by Jason King and his friends. Now, one could certainly find several reasons why said clip isn't perfect. For example, there is only one static camera perspective, the top isn't fully visible, and Jason's clothes could have been arranged better for the caning in order to present the target more fully.

But I love the clip for several reasons. First of all, it definitely is a labour of love made by real amateur spanking enthusiasts. Secondly, while it is not perfect, the clip has a good quality overall, a creative storyline, actors who appear quite natural, a handsome bottom and a solid caning. For me, the clip generates the feeling of watching a light-hearted scene between fellow kinksters with a serious storyline, but a not-so-serious atmosphere between the participants.

Jason the School Decorator was the first M/M clip that touched my heart and made me realise that clips which fit to that rather unusual core fetish of mine really exist. That's why I am very thankful to Jason and his friends and why this little clip will always have a special place in my memories. And here it is:

I have to admit that I am not always keen on the amateur clips at Spanking Tube because of the often bad quality, heads which are cut off for anonymity reasons and missing storylines. Well made amateur clips, on the other hand, can have a certain charm that many professional clips haven't got. How about you: amateur or professional spanking clips – which do you prefer?


Anonymous said...

In general, I am not a big fan of spanking clips. But, I do watch a few clips with a cane from time to time, but all of them are professionally made.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I prefer amateur to professional. Bacall goes the other way. There are a few amateur clips with real dialog and laughs.

Ana said...

He is lucky that he can work standing up! I had to laugh at the "For f-'s sake." The cane makes me want to say that, too. ;)

I don't have a real preference either way, but some of the amateur ones make me wince when the spanking looks dangerous (belt landing far too high, for example).

Donpascual said...

We certainly have had that theme covered pretty well, Kaelah. You know that I am not critical of M/M play, but this clip does not touch any button for me.

It just underlines the age old truth that there is an infinite number of ways to turn you on without doing anything for somebody else.

Lea said...

I don't watch a lot of videos, but I do tend to like amateur stuff better since it seems more real. I have actually seen this one before. Good video.

Respecting Mistress said...

I prefer amateur clips 100% especially those that depict a couple in a real life punishment situation. I don't have any real dislike if M/M canings - in fact some of the harsher punishments are intersting to watch as I'm fascinated by the interaction of any couple udirng punishment - but this one doesn't really do anything for me as it's clearly contrived for camera. My personal favourites are on Spanking Tube posted by daveken48. Check this one to appreactied an authoritarian lady, a severe caning and a very brave sub!: http://www.spankingtube.com/video/15123/

Indy said...

Aw, this is a lovely little clip. My only real complaint is that we only got a short look at his bottom before the shirt fell down again. Too bad, as it's a really beautiful one!

Kaelah said...

@ joeyred51:
Thanks for sharing your experiences! There are some very nice professional spanking clips out there.

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
It's interesting to hear about the difference between Bacall and you in this matter, Bogey. For some reason my assumption would have been that men are more likely to prefer professional clips and women are more likely to prefer amateur ones. Maybe I am wrong!

@ Ana:
I am absolutely with you about amateur clips that feature spankings which lack accuracy. Unfortunately some professional clips aren't any better!

@ Donpascual:
You are definitely right. Eroticism and kink are very individual things. What doesn't push any button for one person can be exactly the right mixture for another person.

@ Lea:
Glad to hear that you like the video, too!

@ Respecting Mistress:
I think it very much depends on one's personal kink! Since I am not into real-life DD, real punishment videos tend to make me feel uncomfortable. It absolutely makes sense to me that for you the playful clips don't push any buttons.

@ Indy:
I absolutely agree with you about the visibility of the "target area"! ;-)