Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kaelah's Corner (Feb 2012):
Dachshund Calling

Monday, shortly after 7.30 pm. The same routine as every second day at the times when we are parted: I pick up the phone to ring my mate. When Ludwig answers the call, chewing sounds confirm to me that I got him in the midst of dinner. We decide to delay the phone call for about twenty minutes.

A few minutes to 8.00 pm. I ring Ludwig again. This time my voice echoing from the walls tells him that I have run myself a bath in the meantime and am now enjoying the hot water. I often take a bubble bath while we are chatting on the phone, so Ludwig is used to that.

We talk about what we have both done during the last two days and of course the conversation also turns to the blogging news. I admit to Ludwig that I am feeling a little burned out when it comes to blogging, and that I don't really know what to write about for this month's edition of Kaelah's Corner. Our stats have dropped in the last weeks, and I have become aware that they probably won't get any higher if I continue to mainly write about the things that interest me. Philosophical ramblings, x/M fantasies and posts that feature pictures of different gender constellations simply don't get Chrossed or mentioned on one of the other big spanking blogs. Still, I will stick with my approach, but of course I would like to attract some readers as well. I guess I will just continue with trying to make my posting a good mixture of the different things I'm interested in. Those who don't like variety won't come over at all, others might only be peeking in from time to time, but at least the regular readers will share some similar interests with Ludwig and me.

Meanwhile it is some time after 9.00 pm. My bath has become cold and I decide to get out, still chatting with Ludwig as I do so. Then I settle snugly in my bed and the conversation can continue. The theme of earning forgiveness brings us to religious history and the question how to treat oneself and others. I think I'm going to write a rambling about that topic here on the blog one day. Since I am 1) an atheist and 2) critical of one-sided domestic discipline relationships among spankos, that will probably offend some people. Not good for the statistic, either.

I tell Ludwig how much I enjoyed having him so often in top mood when we were together last time. Obviously, switching brings out the top in him. Good to know! Still, I realise that I am quite shy about even very playful bratting. Ludwig likes to play rather hard, anyway, which makes me a bit cautious about bringing him into full top mode. He is quite pleased to hear that. Ludwig's conclusion: Obviously, his aura of authority keeps his girlfriend behaved. I joke that we seem to have quite an effective DD relationship. It even goes without the need of any discipline, DD without D, so to speak.

Thinking about it honestly, though, it comes to me that I am also very afraid of upsetting someone I love. Knowing that Ludwig isn't so much into extensive bratting, I always try not to push things too far. Even when Ludwig caned me for having animated others to mock him with my Reunited post, I was scared for a little moment that I might really have hurt him. Ludwig's answer: "It's interesting that you are so shy about upsetting me with bratting. In our conversations you get on my nerves with your cantankerousness all the time, and you don't care the least! And yet you claim to have a problem with intentional bratting?" Then he cracks up laughing while I do my best to make clear that he has just offended one poor little dachshund with that comment. Sometimes I really have the feeling that he doesn't take me seriously. Although Ludwig pretends to take me dead seriously of course. Well, I will get better at mocking. If needed, I will take lessons, for example from Erica Scott or Kami Robertson.

Our conversation turns from private play to film-making ideas. Ludwig's ideas for collaborative art work all seem to be manageable. They are mostly with British producers and with (female) British models. I also throw in a few names of fellow kinksters with whom I would like to get together. Alas, the chances for me to meet the two male spanking porn actors whom I would be most curious about are almost zero. One of them is Chase, a very handsome model of Spanking Central. And the other one is the main spanker from Her First Punishment. It's the guy who in my opinion looks a bit like a bulldog and who doesn't mind delivering the silliest lines you have ever heard in spanking videos, as you can read in Ludwig's review. He is a very accurate spanker, though, and I would love to find out whether he really is the big teddy bear I suspect him to be when the cameras are off.

Instead, we talk about Ludwig's plan for switching in front of the camera. He tells me about a plot idea, involving him, me and two female models. As usual in discussions like that, I start lamenting to make sure that Ludwig remembers to put me in a role that suits me and which allows me to get the biggest share of him. Yes, I am a jealous person. After all, I am a dachshund. I also remind Ludwig that we had planned another scene involving just the two of us and featuring a very severe caning administered by me. Definitely more severe than anything Ludwig has done before on camera, after all I can't accept that a severity freak like him has made his most severe on-camera scene as a bottom with another woman! I guess you got it – I'm not only annoying and jealous, I'm also very demanding. Luckily, Ludwig enjoys that demanding streak when it comes to switching. He only likes to bottom for a top who is clearly keen to make a certain scene. Well, that shouldn't be any problem!

We talk about me bottoming for another severe caning as well. I thought about asking one of the big film producers whether they would like me as a bottom for one of their films. Ludwig doesn't think that this is such a good idea, though. He would prefer to do a private scene which would allow us to have full control of the storyline, cameras and the editing. Plus, we could publish the clip for free and everyone would be able to watch it. It is funny, how much Ludwig's preferences have changed regarding these things. So, we talk about ideas for a private clip instead. I come up with a uniform scenario but Ludwig makes a different suggestion: “I would like the clip to be a bit more erotic, with you wearing a beautiful dress.” Before I strip it off, of course! An erotic setting is an idea which never crossed my mind in the context of a severe scene. We don't get to discuss it any further, though, because suddenly the phone call is cut off. And somehow I can't get through to Ludwig when I try to call again.

It turns out that it is about 2 am, anyway! So, we should better keep it short and just quickly finish the topic we were talking about. I use the break to brush me teeth and think about Ludwig's suggestion. Then I try it again and manage to get through (apparently, it was just a brief problem with the phone network). I tell Ludwig that I like his idea very much indeed! After the experiment which will hopefully be ready for publishing in a few weeks, and the formal caning scenario for Dreams Of Spanking which will also be published some time this year, an erotic scenario between the two of us as a couple would be something completely different. So, we let our imaginations run wild, creating mental images of how the scene might look like.

And then the conversation drifts off to other topics again. To Nirvana and Kurt Cobain's opinions about fame vs making art and equality between men and women, for example. Suddenly it is about 4 am. Unusually, it is me who makes the suggestion to end the phone call and go to bed. Normally Ludwig is the one who needs a break first, after several hours of talk. It takes me until about 5 am before I finally fall asleep. For some strange reason, I am a bit tired and exhausted on Tuesday. But I have got many new ideas on my mind! And something to write about for Kaelah's Corner...


Donpascual said...

Never mind stats, Kaelah. Whether you are mentioned or not on other blogs should not keep you from what you are best at: writing about whatever crosses your mind.
The number of readers commenting will vary from topic to topic, but that will happen in any forum or on any blog.
:-) only people as young as the two of you and/or hot lovers will get away with nearly no sleep. Your phone provider will love it when looking at his bank account LOL.

Spankedhortic II said...

I am wondering if the guy from Her First Punishment has a common language with which to communicate with you. It does seem easier to make clips with people who you already have contacts but then having never made a clip, what would I know about it.

Do you two really spend that much time on the phone? I find more that 20 minutes difficult. It does sound like you have more interesting things to chat about than most people though.


Val said...

Presumably, if you run a blog you also want to see that many users read it, makes sense. Just curious: what are the statistics of Kaelah's Corner versus Ludwig's?
Must be tough though, maintaining a steady stream of interesting subjects and doing it with your consistency and substance of analysis.
To my preferences, your writings are most enjoyable for two main reasons: definitely the personal angle on every thing, and then the thoroughness of treatment through logical thread and sharp writing.
Hopefully the burn-out is momentary.
Do they charge you by the minute, is it DT?

Peter8862 said...

Good for you Ludwig, Kaekah should wear a beautiful dress for that severe caning. And either pull it up half way through or split it open for a finale on the bare. Let's have a change from complete nudity this time.

Ludwig said...

@ Donpascual, Val: Kaelah pays more attention to the stats than I do. I keep telling her to not put so much importance on them. As Mr. Bernstein says in Citizen Kane: "It's easy to make a lot of money if all you want to do is make a lot of money." The same is true for visitor numbers. If we did one of those eye candy blogs with little text and many pictures of random spanking models getting thrashed, we would have higher visitor numbers, and we would even get them with less time and effort put into the blog. But that is not what we want to do.

From day one back in 2008, I set out to do something a bit more unusual, a bit more intellectual, a "thinking man's (and woman's) spanking blog". I knew that it would never win any visitor number contests, but it is what I enjoy, and I am happy doing my own thing in my own small corner of the community. Of course, it would be frustrating if no one at all was interested in it. But that is not the case. If anything, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of readers it attracted over the years.

I am loath to give an exact number. Web stats with their "page views" and "unique visitors" are a very inexact science. Suffice to say that the number of readers (as opposed to "visitors") I estimate us to have is high enough to keep me happy, and to make me feel that our efforts are not wasted.

The search terms that lead people to our blog reveal that many are only here to read movie reviews, or to find out if there is anything new about Mood Pictures. That is what sometimes frustrates Kaelah a little. But it is to be expected, I think, that more people are interested in the movie stuff than are interested in philosophical ramblings or posts about our relationship. You are always going to get a high number of casual "lupus girls caning" visitors. But we also have quite a few people who seem to read everything, and who keep following the blog for years, and that is what matters to me.

Ludwig said...

@ Prefectdt: Yes, the language barrier could be a problem at Her First Punishment! Judging by the mangled nature of their subtitles, having an actual conversation in English seems like a long shot. Kaelah and I don't speak any Russian. Some Russians speak a bit of German, but whether these guys do, I have no idea. Latin, perhaps? Probably not in the Orthodox East.

Spending half the night on the phone is unusual even for us, but yes, Kaelah and I do talk a lot. I think we talk more than the average couple does after three years of being together. I treasure it. Kaelah is a very interesting person to talk to, and I flatter myself that the same is true about me. We haven't exhausted each other yet, and I'm not sure that we ever will. The post focuses mostly on the kinky parts of our conversation, but we talk about all kinds of stuff on the phone. I especially love to bore Kaelah with monologues about obscure historical subjects.

@ Peter: I knew you would like the idea with the dress. And don't worry, we will have breaks from the full nudity in upcoming clips. But when it comes to the severe scene, that is a special one, and I am a fan of full nudity, so...

Kaelah said...

@ Donpascual:
I try not to look too much at the pure numbers because they don't they anything about how much the visitors are really interested in our writing. For example, if we are Chrossed, the number of visitors increases rapidly, but most of them just seem to be interested in taking a short look at the pictures which are accompanying a post. They don't participate in the discussions which are a vital part of this blog. So, high numbers of clicks surely aren't the holy grail. Still, the thought of investing such a high amount of time into something that doesn't raise much interest (which luckily is by no means true for our blog) wouldn't be nice, either.

I don't get away with talking almost all night long too often, either. Despite of my still rather young age, I need an average of eight hours of sleep, otherwise I start feeling unwell after some time. But once in a while a short night is okay! :-)

@ Prefectdt:
The language definitely would be tricky at “Her First Punishment”. The main problem, though, is that making porn is illegal in Russia, as far as I know. And the thought that I might end up in a Russian prison just because I wanted to look behind the scenes of a spanking production definitely keeps me from seriously considering to contact the producers of “Her First Punishment”. I'm not even too keen on spanking fantasies that have to do with jails, and I'm definitely not keen on the real experience! ;-)

Don't worry, we don't always spend so much time on the phone. But still, phone calls that last longer than an hour are quite common. When I wrote this post, I already expected most of the male readers to be relieved that they don't have to swap places with Ludwig. ;-)

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
The posts that get the highest numbers of visitors are those which are directly linked by big sites like Chross and video producers / forums. That means, mostly clip and picture posts plus some of Ludwig's reviews. Those aren't necessarily the posts that lead to the most vivid discussions and attract the highest numbers of commenters, though.

It is difficult to interpret all those numbers, anyway. As I already wrote in my reply to Donpascual, there is a difference between clicking on a link and reading a post. And, those who come to the main site of course aren't counted as readers of a certain post, even if they do read it. That's why a post that isn't directly linked by another site usually gets much fewer counts than those that are linked, even though it might have attracted a similar number of readers.

What makes me happy, is that many people who use search engines explicitly search for our blog. Of course we have a lot of visitors who have searched for a certain model, producer or film and are led to one of our shoot reports, one of Ludwig's reviews or his post about the Mood Pictures Raid, which is fine (that's what the posts are there for), but we also seem to have a high number of visitors who are explicitly interested in our blog as a whole, which is very nice to know as well.

By the way, I was very positively surprised that my recent post about M/M spankings also attracted quite a few clicks from Bonnie's site, “although” the title and the beginning of the text is shown in her link sidebar, so that no one can have clicked on the link co-incidentally without knowing that the post is about M/M. I guess that most of our regular readers are equally open-minded (even if they aren't personally interested in everything Ludwig and I write about), and that is what really counts from my point of view.

@ Peter8862:
We have already shot a ball-gown clip, especially for you and the other readers who enjoy that. There was no ripping, though, because it was the only ball-gown which I have bought in the last fifteen years and I didn't want to destroy it. The spanking is over the clothes, but you will of course get to see the marks afterwards. The clip will most probably be released in the second half of this year. I hope you are going to enjoy it! :-)

Val. said...

Kaelah, Ludwig - thank you for the thoughtful analysis. And once again, thank you for keeping this blog so continuously interesting. Even today, what a nice surprise reading about M/M considerations in Kaelah's world. If such had been happening elsewhere, chances are that I would only have skimmed the piece.
The comments on who, and how, one gets to land on your pages somehow reminded me of those who claim to pick up a Playboy magazine only to read the articles and reviews. :-)

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
Thank you for your kind compliment! I'm glad that you found my post about M/M spankings worth reading. :-)