Sunday, February 12, 2012

Psychic Interrogation

The second clip from Ludwig's and my shoot with Pandora Blake has been released on Dreams of Spanking! In time with it, here is our behind-the-scenes report on the shoot of that particular scene which is called Psychic Weapon 'C'. Ludwig and I decided to both present our memories in one single post. Ludwig's comments are printed in bold letters.

Pandora had come up with the storyline for this dark interrogation scenario which didn't only feature the three of us but Thomas Cameron as well: Pandora played an investigator by the name of Officer Julia Danby who works for a special governmental agency and is on a hot trail of an international conspiracy led by terrorists with psychic powers. One of them is a dangerous man called "The Cuckoo" (played by Thomas Cameron). She is just looking through his file in her office when she is suddenly attacked from behind, blindfolded and thrown to her knees. Once the blindfold is lifted, the shocked Officer finds out that her captor is none other than "The Cuckoo" himself and that the ones holding her down are his two taciturn and ruthless goons. When she is restrained and beaten by the Cuckoo's cruel minions, Officer Danby tries to remain stoic and in control at first. But she has no idea how strong the Cuckoo's psychic powers really are and what it is he is after...

[If you are a geek like me, with a love for science fiction / mystery series, you probably already noticed that the scene is inspired by Fringe. I don't usually pay attention to what is on TV, but Fringe is one of the very few TV series I have ever followed. Actually, I had just recently discovered it when Pandora, Kaelah and I were exchanging brainstorming emails about what to do at our upcoming shoot together. So it was kind of funny when Pandora brought up the idea of doing a Fringe-themed clip. Do I know the series, she asked? Absolutely, and I was all excited about the prospect. Kaelah did not know Fringe, but she liked the idea of playing a goon-type character, and she had other, no less fitting associations in mind...]

When Pandora told us about the storyline, the first thing that came to my mind were some pictures inspired by Men in Black. Three dark figures, appearing from nowhere, doing their job swiftly and without any mercy, before finally disappearing into the shadows as quickly as they had turned up. The only possible problem which I told Ludwig the evening before the shoot was: "Don't you think it's a bit weird that the two of us as Germans are supposed to play cruel goons who assault a British investigator?" - "We are not Germans, we are just some goons", Ludwig answered, "and this is not an idea to make fun of."

The next day, Tom came up with a suggestion: "How about you two guys speaking German? Different languages make the scene more interesting and edgy, because this way Pandora's character won't be able to understand what her captivators are talking about." I laid back and waited for Ludwig to reply. And he did: "Great idea! It also looks much more like a big international conspiracy then." As you can imagine, I was mildly irritated by this reply, okay, actually I was completely stunned. Ludwig grinned and told me that he found the idea much better now, since it had been Tom's suggestion this time. With a boyfriend like that you really don't need any enemies. Joking aside, actually I think that Ludwig was really attracted by this international thing, especially because Tom as our leader was supposed to be a native speaker of English who nonetheless instructed his goons in German.

[The main reason why I had been hesitant about making Kaelah's and my character explicitly German was a worry that doing so, and having two German-speaking henchmen attack the fair English maiden, might elicit too much of an "ugly German" stereotype with the more xenophobic viewers. The British tabloids are already printing enough nonsense about how the bloody Germans are still planning to conquer Europe, I thought, so let's just leave the characters nationality non-descript. With hindsight, it was an exaggerated worry. I mean, who takes the tabloids seriously, anyway? Probably not the people who subscribe to Pandora's site...]

[When Tom came up with his suggestion, I liked the idea that the three of us - Tom, Kaelah and me - would be communicating in German.  Not only would it add to the confusion for Pandora's character, it also instantly, and in a simple yet effective way, created the notion of a menacing, international conspiracy. Here is Pandora's character, getting assaulted by three figures. The leader is obviously an Englishman, but he has two German henchmen with him. In the context of a Fringe-inspired scene, I find that a lot more interesting than three assailants with the same background.]

We did some rehearsals of the scene beforehand, so that everyone would know where to stand and what to do during the actual shoot. Pandora, who had just directed my severe caning which we had filmed earlier that day, found out that it was really challenging to switch from director mode into bottom mode, especially given the edginess of the scene. She asked for a short break after a little misunderstanding between Ludwig and her, in order to get into the right mindset for the scene. When we continued, we decided that it was better to do the scene a bit less rough than we had initially planned to make sure that Pandora had a chance to get into the scene step by step. Since this was the first time for me to top anyone else than Ludwig, I probably was a bit over-cautious from that point on. I definitely didn't want to give Pandora any negative experience, so I was always a bit hesitant and only shifted up a gear when I felt that Pandora was ready for it.

[Before we started, Pandora told me that she wanted the initial struggle with Kaelah and me to be "really physical". What I missed, however, was her request to merely simulate the struggle while we were practicing the scene ahead of the filming. Among all the other stuff we were talking about, that detail escaped my attention. So, during the practice run, I already handled Pandora in a rather physical way, at a time when she was not expecting it yet. I felt sorry for the misunderstanding and apologised to Pandora, but she said no hard feelings, these things can happen. The downside of it all was that, once we got around to actually filming the scene, Kaelah and I were probably a bit over-cautious. It is difficult to find exactly the right spot between being too brutal and too fake in a physical struggle, especially when playing / filming with someone for only the second or third time.] 

I assume that I look a bit comical in the role of the evil goon, anyway, given my stature, but I think my slightly cautious behaviour might probably have added some comical effect as well. The same goes for the implements Ludwig and I were wielding. That huge paddle and the big cane are really frightening, but at the same time they are so huge that in my eyes they almost have a parodying touch to them, especially in the hands of a small female goon with high heels. And last but not least, there was another little aspect which isn't visible in the clip, but which made it a bit hard for me to take my own character dead seriously. Since my face is so small, I can't wear adults' glasses. So, the pair of sun glasses I wore was made for kids and had a cute Pirates of the Caribbean emblem on its side. All that gave me the feeling of being a comic villain rather than a real goon. Which I think isn't a bad thing, though, because I like the mixture of edginess and comic.

My headspace during the filming itself was ambiguous as well, in a very fascinating way. One part of me was focussed on getting everything right for the camera and making sure that Pandora was safe and feeling okay. The other part, though, very much enjoyed the freedom of being someone who obeyed orders without scruple, not bothered with any hindering emotions. I was just doing my job, swiftly and efficiently. Hey, I didn't even have a name! When we had discussed about the languages, I had already realised that I didn't have much intention to talk at all. And that's exactly how it was during the scene. The mindset of silently following orders proved to be a very peaceful one. Maybe because it was so different from my normal being (and definitely something I wouldn't want to do for real). But knowing that in reality this was Pandora's fantasy and that there was another part of me which constantly watched for her well-being, experimenting with silence and lack of emotion was indeed a very fascinating and strangely liberating experience.

In my opinion, the result is a rather edgy and cool clip. For me, Pandora's storyline is definitely much more interesting and creative than most of the scenarios which you find in other spanking clips. But you can see for yourself. Here is the preview clip for you to watch. Enjoy!

For those of you who want to read even more about the shoot, Pandora has published a post on her site as well, which you can find here.


Spankingfreunde.DE said...

nice Story but really movie like :(

Anonymous said...

First of all I have to comment on your fear of being perceived as a militaristic German. I have a German friend and he is the same way. I kid him by saying I believe before I die I will look up from my bed in the old folks home and see on CNN that the Fallschirmjager has secured both the French and English side of the tunnel in a bold night assault and 30 Panzer Divisions are racing into France without resistance. The French want to negotiate, the English need time to think about it and the Americans don’t have the capacity any more to do anything.

I have never made a movie much less a spanking theme movie nor have I ever tried to marked a fetish film. Never the less I still have an opinion. There are hundreds if not thousands of vids with butts being smacked, paddled, patted or busted. Most are well “stupid” and not very well done but there are a hand full that are satisfying.

I like Pandora a lot though she is not the most beautiful nor does she have the best body out there. She has a quality that shines through. I read her blog a while back and I think she calls herself an actress and not a model. That caught my attention. The lady can take a good, (reasonable) spanking and react with emotion and tears. I like idea of substituting intelligent, articulate, spirited women for subservient, brats and women who will lay there and have their asses beaten to mush without making a sound.

The next phase of the spanking industry I believe will be the use of “actors” and not “models” who consent to have their asses whipped. How about a story with dialogue and action. I certainly expect part of the action will be a first class spanking. I applaud your effort thought I really don’t understand what you are trying to do. I don’t watch much TV and don’t know the show you were parodying.

Kaelah said...

@ Spankingfreunde:
It is supposed to be like a movie (just one with spanking added to the storyline)! As Pandora wrote in her post, the spanking is almost just a sidekick in that scene. The storyline, the atmosphere of a dark science fiction thriller and the references to the series Fringe are the main focus. I think there are two types of spanking videos. Some are just or mainly about the spanking and are supposed to show “pure” spanking situations, for example between lovers or in the context of discipline or in a historical context or whatever. And then there are spanking clips which are a homage to the world of film and certain movie genres. I like both variants, and of course participating in a creative movie storyline is a lot of fun!

@ Anonymous:
Admittedly I wasn't too worried about being perceived as a militaristic German. But since the British media still love to bring up that picture, for example during the soccer world cup, the thought occurred. On a lighter note: Don't worry, the Germans won't invade any country nowadays. Even if we wanted to invade England, the geographical knowledge of most pupils is so bad nowadays that they wouldn't have any idea which direction they would have to take...

Like you I prefer clips that offer an interesting storyline and some acting. But I don't think that this will be the norm in the future. Quite the contrary, even a producer like Lupus who used to spend a lot of time and money in order to bring complex storylines to life seems to have cut down the costs. I guess that is because for everyone who wants storylines and acting skills there is one who just wants to see plain CP without much context. And in a time of internet piracy I assume that offering the latter pays out more. Hopefully there will always be producers like Pandora who fill out the niche for more sophisticated storylines.

By the way, I don't know the TV series we were parodying, either, but I think it isn't necessary in order to understand the storyline. It is just a dark science fiction thriller and the plot is explained in the video itself.

As for reactions to a spanking: I guess that different spankos are comfortable with different kinds of reactions. I, for example, am one of the rather stoic spankees. I know that this doesn't appeal to everyone, but it's my honest and genuine reaction and the one I find sexy myself. In general I find reactions interesting that seem to be genuine and not artificial (at least not too much).