Sunday, February 26, 2012

At the Circus (Part 3): Naughty Petgirl Attack

This is the third and final part of my trilogy about our adventures at the SM Circus Sands. And this one is actually accompanied by a preview clip which you can find at the bottom of this post. After having seen a live show at the Circus for the very first time at their fifth anniversary, Ludwig and I were back at the Circus to accompany Pandora Blake for a shoot with them in August last year. I already wrote about the unexpected wonderful opportunity I was offered that day – to operate one of the cameras for the shoot!

But that wasn't all. Ludwig had already done two cameos for the Circus. In the first one he lost Amelia-Jane Rutherford in a game of gambling. In the second one he brought Pandora to the Circus as his petgirl whom he wanted to be trained by Direktor Sands. Since I liked the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the Circus, I offered to be part of a little scene myself this time. My idea was that Ludwig and I could bring Pandora back to be trained at the Circus again, and that I could ask Direktor Sands for a little demonstration of his training methods on myself, in order to know whether our petgirl was in capable hands.

Herr Direktor Sands liked the idea of including me in a scene, but he came up with a completely different scenario. How about if I looked after the petgirls for a while, but they went riot on me and escaped and I was spanked by the Direktor for not paying enough attention? Now, everyone who knows my kink a bit is surely aware that this wasn't exactly my dream scenario. Being overpowered by someone isn't really my cup of tea, and being punished for incompetence afterwards wasn't a thrilling prospect, either. I openly told Herr Direktor Sands, and of course he accepted my limits.

But there was one picture that stuck in my mind and which I somehow found very intriguing and hilarious. It was the idea of Ludwig and Herr Direktor Sands leaving the scene with the two petgirls being inside their cage and me looking after them and then the two of them coming back later only to find me trapped in the cage and the petgirls gone. So I thought of a way to change the scenario a bit, so that it would be within my boundaries.

Now, I have a thing for playing nice but slightly naïve characters. People who don't expect others to be a menace. And so I came up with a modified idea which we finally used for the scene:

Ludwig and I came to meet Direktor Sands and to look after our Petgirl Pandora. The two men decided to have a beer at the local pub. Since I'm (almost) a tea totaler, I agreed to stay behind and look after the petgirls, since the lock of their cage was defect. After Direktor Sands and Ludwig had left, I went over to the cage to pet Pandora, being convinced that both she and Jane were sweet and harmless.

But suddenly Pandora grabbed my scarf which was hanging into the cage and held me down while Jane escaped. And then the naughty petgirls tied me down with my own scarf, spanked me, threw their pet toys around and tried to make me bite into their dog play bone, with me cursing all the while and telling them to stop and behave decently. I was especially annoyed with Pandora, my own petgirl, for being so ungrateful. It basically all came down to the pet-owner's equivalent of the parental "As long as you put your feet under my table and live from my money..." talk. Finally, the two petgirls stuffed me into the cage and ran away.

When Direktor Sands and Ludwig came back, instead of the petgirls they found me in the cage, looking a bit dishevelled. They released me and caught Jane and Pandora. I told them what had happened and Direktor Sands was very embarrassed that such a riot had taken place at his Circus. And so, the two naughty petgirls were punished with the glove and the flogger while Ludwig and I were watching.

As you can imagine, being forced to submit to others still is a scenario that doesn't fit to my normal fantasies. But with Pandora and Jane and in the innocent petplay environment of the SM Circus, I felt so safe that I didn't want to miss out on the chance to create such a funny action clip. We actually had to ask Jane first whether she was okay with topping me because she is much more comfortable as a bottom. Pandora offered to do the spanking (selfless as she is), but in the end it showed that there was no need to worry. Indeed, Pandora and Jane made for a very sadistic and vicious yet playful couple of petgirls. And Jane didn't seem to be cautious or uncomfortable as a top at all, once she had gotten into the scene!

Like I had expected, the whole scene was very light-hearted and fun, although Pandora and Jane didn't hold back when it came to the action. I think this might be the first time in the history of spanking videos that someone got a spanking because of NOT drinking alcohol! The punishments dished out by Direktor Sands were administered with verve, too. In fact he had to take smaller breaks to wipe off the sweat from his forehead, so much did he get into swinging the flogger.

For a moment, I thought about offering to lend a helping hand, but I was reluctant because I wasn't sure whether it would have been okay for the Direktor, for Pandora and for Jane. And I hadn't practised with the kind of flogger that was used, so I had not idea whether I could administer it elegantly and accurately. Later it turned out that Pandora had indeed expected me to take over and that Direktor Sands would have been fine with it, too. Well, there is always a next time...

I got another interesting feedback from Direktor Sands: During Pandora's spanking I had encouraged him much more to be strict than when it was Jane's turn. Herr Direktor's explanation for that was that I know Pandora better and probably felt more comfortable to set her up for a harsher punishment. Jane is tough, though, and I had seen her taking hard spankings during her interrogation at the anniversary show. So I knew there was no need to be soft on her. While there might be some truth in that I know Pandora better, I realized that there was another reason for the difference I made. In my mindset, Pandora was our pet. So of course I had to make sure that she wouldn't ever do anything like that to me again! Jane on the other hand was Direktor Sand's petgirl. And therefore, in my eyes she was his responsibility.

The most shocking (in a hilarious, funny way) feedback came from Ludwig, though. Like Direktor Sands, who very much enjoyed the wild action during our scene and the contrast it made compared to their usual routine, Ludwig liked the fighting scenario between the petgirls and me. Afterwards he told me: "It was so funny that you went into dachshund mode as well." - "Huh?" - "Yes, all the dachshund sounds you made during the fight, that was hilarious!" - "The what???" - "You made your typical dachshund grunts during the fight", Ludwig explained to me, "I really thought you did that on purpose." No, I hadn't done it on purpose. I simply start growling like a dachshund every time I fight! You can hear it for yourselves. There is one of the grunts (unfortunately a rather quiet one, they got more and louder over time) in the preview clip, at about 1:23.

Have fun watching! You can get a full screen view by clicking on the symbol with the four arrows on the bottom of the frame. Many thanks to Direktor Sands for providing the preview clip.


Fenris said...

I am in no way a pet play connoisseur but I find this scene quite intriguing and the typical circus music theme in this context is hilarious.
Quite funny how Herr Direktor is embarrassed by the mischief his pets have created.
The pets seem to have fun too, and not only off-screen, considering the end.
Translation for our English speaking readers of the part when Herr Direktor starts to spank Jane:
Herr Direktor: "Maybe the glove is not sufficient for you. I hope she won't start to laugh, cheeky as she is."
Ludwig: "She is already grinning..."

Pandora said...

This scene was so much fun! Topping as a kitty, though? I should have used more claws and less talking ;)

Olli said...

I really enjoyed to hear Kaelah speaking german - I like people speaking their native language very much because of the "naturallity" of the sound.

And, to be honest, I like to watch Kaelah in videos - she's a very beautiful and lovely woman.

And, finally, I like such light and floody sceneplay (e.g. the starfleet-casting seemed to me a little bit "wooden")

Thanks a lot, you enriched my day... ;-)

Ludwig said...

@ Olli: What do you mean, the Starfleet clip was a "little bit wooden"? It was totally and utterly wooden! Neither Kaelah nor I had a particularly good day that day.

On the plus síde, the Starfleet clip was just a little self-made clip by the two of us, and a freebie, so at least people have no reason to ask for their money back. And it's still better than most of the amateur crap on SpankingTube.

Kaelah said...

@ Fenris:
We definitely all had a lot of fun! I also didn't really manage to keep a straight face when I tried to stop the petgirls by shouting "Sitz! Platz! Aus!" ("Sit! Down! Stop it!") and when I called Pandora and Jane "Bestien" ("beasts"). :-)

@ Pandora:
You and Jane made for two hilarious pets! I have to admit that I am quite relieved that you didn't really use your claws, though. I might have looked even more dishevelled afterwards, had you decided to do so. ;-)

@ Olli & Ludwig:
Of course the acting was wooden, after all it was supposed to be a Star Trek clip! ;-)

Joking aside, it is definitely easier for me to act in my native language. That becomes especially obvious when I'm exhausted. And the petgirl scene was easier on several levels, anyway: We didn't have to put up the setting and run the cameras ourselves, I didn't have to wear any masquerade that took me hours to get right, there weren't any special lines that had to be delivered and big parts of the scene could be shot in one take. I'm glad that you like the result, Olli! Thank you very much for your kind compliments. :-)

Olli said...

@Ludwig: I'm sorry if I touched any feelings, that wasn't my intention for sure.
Indeed, the starfleet-clip is very much better than many homemade clips on the web, that's right. On the whole I like your playing and, to be honest, I admire both of you for your courage in bringing up these clips to the web...

@Kaelah: I suspect the more you can play "free" the better actress you are - and I look forward to further clips... ;-)

Ludwig said...

@ Olli: No worries. I am not particularly thin-skinned, and I always appreciate an honest assessment.

I wish more people would do the same. Generally speaking, we have too much whining about hurt feelings in our society today, and not enough honest discussion.

Kaelah said...

@ Olli:
Unfortunately, I'm not very good at and comfortable with improvising, unless the plot is very straight-forward and I can either speak German or use English vocabularies which are well-known to me.

The Starfleet clip was a challenging mixture of a given complex storyline and improvised acting and speaking. And with me being quite exhausted on that day that didn't work too well, since I was constantly searching for the right words.

If I can look up the special vocabularies that might be suitable in a certain context beforehand and feel fit on the day of the shoot, improvisation can work quite well, though. I assume that learning given lines would be another alternative because that would allow me to focus on my character and the situation only without having to think too much about my text during the shoot.

That said, Ludwig and I use a new combination of improvisation and rehearsals of the basic sequences now for our new clips, and I think it works rather well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaelah,

I enjoyed your "Naughty Petgirl Attack." What fun! You are as sexy as ever, especially when you speak German!

In the pet clips, were you and your friends playing cats and dogs?

The video clip with the German-speaking cowboy was interesting, even though I had some feelings of discontinuity toward the scene. I couldn’t take my eyes off the six-shooter! Was it loaded? I don’t often see a person dressed as a cowboy speaking a language other than English. It was a little strange for me. Nevertheless, there seems to be a German fascination with American cowpokes according to USA Today.


Kaelah said...

@ Annapurna:
Good to hear from you again! Have you started your own blog in the meantime?

It wasn't clearly specified which kind of pets Pandora and Jane were. They acted mostly like cats and dogs, though. I wasn't supposed to be a pet, anyway, I was just a human visitor. But I can't avoid making dachshund sounds when I'm in a fight! I'm not sure whether the gun was loaded, but Direktor Sands regularly uses it in one game in which he shoots at balloons.

Director Sands said...

@Annapurna: No the revolver was not loaded. It is my 22'' LEP. A small weapon but a mistake can kill you. So it is _never_ loaded if it is not needed for the story. I am a marksmen and know what could happen. And about the German speaking "cowboy". As far as I know there where many Germans in the "wild west". Do they all really have learned English?

Kaelah said...

@ Director Sands:
Thanks a lot for the clarification on the security measures for your revolver!