Friday, March 25, 2011

Marks Quiz

Ludwig and I had a wonderful time together. Sadly our holidays are already over. Time went much too fast. Ludwig had to head off right away and so I have to get used again to being alone. Of course I can draw on my memories of our exciting holiday trip and relive all the experiences by looking at the pictures which we have taken. And I have decided to share some of our photos with you!

Don't worry, I have selected those which might interest you the most, so this won't become the boring “This is us in front of a beautiful old house. And here is a nice flower...” photo event which some of you might have to endure regularly on the first meeting after family members or friends have returned from their holiday trip. Instead of posting pictures of boring old houses or flowers I decided to show you the results of the kinky play that has taken place during our trip.

Apart from some casual swats we actually only played on two different occasions. But on both occasions the spankings were quite intense and so I finally had marks on all the body parts which I consider being “play zones”. If you like, you can make a guess who/what caused the different marks. One hint: Ludwig only participated in two of the three scenes!

Disclaimer: I know that some of our readers aren't so comfortable with photos of heavier marks. The first two pictures are quite harmless from my point of view, but the third spanking definitely was more severe. So, please don't scroll down to the last picture in case you're not into that. I'm somehow sure that many of our readers will be particularly interested in the last picture, though...

The first picture was taken directly after a play session. I had actually asked for a “nice” spanking. Well, maybe I should have defined the term “nice” more clearly... The spanking had a gradual build-up, but I had to grit my teeth a lot nonetheless. When it was over, my eyes started to water a bit. I guess that was due to a mixture of relief that I had finally made it through and the process of releasing the tension that had built up inside me during the spanking. Most of the marks were gone the next day. But several small spots on my shoulder remained marked for a few more days.

This picture was taken some hours after what had been another first-time experience for me. The photo doesn't show the marks very clearly, but you might detect a rather big bruise on the upper right part of my palm and several smaller bruises on the lower and middle parts of my fingers. This time the bruising was actually my fault because I wasn't satisfied with the severity of the spanking at the beginning and wanted more. It was only later that I realised the bruising. Luckily the marks faded rather quickly and were gone after about one or two days.

The third and last marks picture was taken on the day after the spanking that had caused them. At this time the bruising was fully visible. As you can imagine, these marks were caused by one of the most (physically) severe spankings I ever have endured. It was embedded in a very special scenario and there is no need to worry about me at all. Actually I have seldom been as happy with a scene as I was and am with this one. And of course every possible safety measurement was taken before, during and after the spanking. I'm sure that the ice packs which were put on my bottom after the scene and the arnica ointment which I am still using every day will lead to a rather high healing rate. The marks have already started to fade. In fact I'm quite sure that most of them will be gone by the end of next week.

So, I'm curious to hear your suggestions about who/what caused the different marks shown in the three pictures. And of course you are going to hear more about their history in several upcoming posts which Ludwig and I are going to write about our holiday adventures!


Chross said...

Mhm, let's see.

Picture 1 would be a flogger - what else to use on a back?

Picture 2: I'd go for a tawse. But that's mere speculation, as I'm no expert for this sort of "spanking"

Picture 3: These should be cane marks, but I'm not sure if the cane produced the real dark spots as well. Maybe a wooden paddle before the cane?


MasonPearson said...

I agree with CHRoss.

I wonder if the bruised thumb was caused by an inexperienced belter, or perhaps someone moved her hand at a critical time.

In any event I (and thousands of others) intrigued to hear more of the background to all this.

Kind regards

MP ( from quite near Lochgelly)

Indy said...

Oh, people get tawsed on the hands?! I thought you'd just got those bruises from spanking poor Ludwig a bit too hard! ;)

Seriously, I'm guessing that Ludwig was not a participant in the hand-tawsing scene. Not knowing exactly where you were on your holidays, I'd assume you ran across Abel or HH...

Kaelah said...

@ Chross & MasonPearson:
Thanks for your guesses! :-) Indeed one scene featured more than one implement, but it's not the one you think. Most of your guesses are of course quite good, though. But you are both completely wrong concerning one of the pictures!

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:
Thanks for your comment! I just saw it when I had already posted my answer to Chross and MasonPearson.

Assuming that Abel or HH might have been involved in one of the spankings is a good guess, but they are both completely innocent this time. Abel generously helped with the preparation of one of the scenes, though! ;-) But that scene didn't involve anyone else than just Ludwig and me. The person involved in one of the other two spanking scenes actually wasn't a guy but a sweet and rather famous woman (and she didn't give me a hand tawsing)! :-)

Well, I guess my comments aren't really helpful but make things even more complicated, right?

Ursus Lewis said...

Hmmm, did you cause the marks on your hands yourself? Meaning, did you spank "a sweet and rather famous woman"? Long and intense hand spankings can cause bruises too... At least that was my first guess, but I might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaelah,

Coming from you, I wouldn’t mind the “boring” pictures you have mentioned. It would be another way to know you better. Besides, anything you do would most likely not be boring for me and many of the other readers of your blog.

Now on to your quiz!

Photo 1: While I’m no spanking expert, it’s my guess that you were whipped with a flogger. If I’m not mistaken, I see fine lines across your back, which suggests that Ludwig used a flogger of some kind.

Photo 2: A red hand is usually a sign that you were slapped either with a ruler, which would be the traditional instrument in such chastisement, or a small strap or belt. I’m not much into hand slapping so I can’t think of any other possibility. Because of the bruising, I feel it must have been a ruler of some kind or a very narrow paddle. But a strap could do the same thing if you were hit with sufficient force.

Photo 3: This one is a little tougher, but I’m going to say you were spanked with a cane, for I believe I do see some evenly spaced cane marks on your bottom despite the subcutaneous bruising and what looks like the pooling of blood on either side of your intergluteal cleft.

To help with the marks on your bottom, you might try upping your intake of vitamin C and consider doing some walking or sessions on an elliptical trainer in the gym to encourage blood flow in your gluteus maximus.

You do seem to like very serious spanking sessions. I remember what you had written not too long ago about your session with Ludwig in which he gave you 50 hard stokes with the cane. Are you now telling us that picture 3 is from a scene even more severe than the one you wrote about recently? Oh my!

Kaelah said...

@ Indy & Ursus:
Your hand spanking theory is correct! I tried to ignore your comment about the hand spanking, Indy, since I didn't want to give everything away so fast. But since you, Ursus, repeated the theory only a short time later and also made the correct guess that the mysterious woman was my “victim”, I think it is time to admit that you are right.

Can anyone guess who my “victim” was? She is not only sweet and rather famous, she is very intelligent and eloquent as well! Oh, and her bottom is obviously made of steel. Ouch! ;-)

@ Annapurna:
Don't worry, the spanking which caused the marks that are shown in picture number three wasn't more severe than the one I wrote about earlier. The intensity was quite similar, but the recent spanking didn't draw any blood at all because the implement was slightly lighter than the cane we used for the 50 strokes caning about which I wrote earlier.

Oh, and that 50 strokes caning took place 1 ¼ years ago, so, as you can see, I don't do such a severe scene very often. The marks from the recent scene are already much less dark and I think that they will be almost gone in a few days. BTW, our discussion about health and severity was one of the triggers that made me think about doing the recent severe scene. I'll write more about my thoughts about that scene and the reasons why I did it soon.

Indy said...

The third one certainly looks like it came from a caning, but I can't bring myself to study it for long enough to be sure. The first has to be a flogging or maybe a light martinet.

So my revised guess is:

1) Miss Scarlett, in the living room with the candlestick. Oh, wait, sorry, wrong game! Leia Ann Woods with the flogger (perhaps your nasty one?) on the back.

2) Ludwig with the ruler? Tawse? on the hands. Somehow, I can only imagine him with a cane, but that doesn't look like a mark from a cane.

3) Ludwig with the cane across the bottom. Or was it Mistress Switch?!

Ursus Lewis said...

I guess, you like let your readers guessing. Since Abel was somewhere close to you, I just guess your hand spanking victim was Adele Haze. I'm pretty sure she has a behind made of steel...

On the other hand, I am not surprised your hand got bruised. I guess every top goes through this. A tops hand needs to get used to endure hand spankings and with time and experience, one can spank longer and harder.


I'll have a guess that your victim was Leia-Ann Woods.

The last picture and this really is a blind stab in the dark, some kind of straight stocked Birch or light rattan bundle.


Kaelah said...

Okay, what do we have right now? All guesses for picture one said flogger which is correct, except for the fact that we tried not only one but a whole bunch of them (not our nasty flogger, though, as I already said, I wanted a “nice” flogging). We had slightly different guesses for number three, but most people assumed that there was a cane involved. That's correct, in fact a cane was the only implement that was used on my bottom. And of course the caner was no other than Ludwig. And we have the results of the hand spanking in picture number two. But so far, all of your guesses concerning my “victim” have been wrong. It was neither Adele nor Leia-Ann, although I'm sure that both of them have an iron bottom as well.

So, who was my mysterious “victim”? Sweet, famous, very intelligent and eloquent = x. Shouldn't be too difficult, right? You can make another guess if you like or wait for Ludwig who will solve the riddle soon.

@ Indy:
Yep, this is indeed very much like Cluedo. :-) And kudos to you for having looked at the last picture at all! But could you really imagine that Ludwig would miss out the rare chance to administer such a caning and hand me over to Mistress Switch instead? ;-)

@ Ursus:
You are right, I definitely need more hand spanking practise. :-) Or maybe some kind of inurement practise which is used by some martial arts students?

@ Prefectdt:
As I wrote above the marks shown in the last picture were caused by a single innocent little peeled! cane. That's why I asked you about your experiences with peeled and unpeeled canes a while ago. I thought about choosing an unpeeled cane because I hate the stingy pain that the peeled ones produce, but I was afraid that the marks might be much worse and last much longer because our unpeeled canes are much heavier than the peeled ones. We finally decided for the stingy but safe option...

Indy said...

No I couldn't really imagine Ludwig missing the opportunity to cane you! Shouldn't have hedged my bets. I was thinking tops before, so didn't mention Pandora, but she's my first guess as your victim.

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:
You nailed it! :-) Wonderful Pandora was the first (and right now still is the only) woman I have ever spanked. More about this soon...

Ursus Lewis said...

Ohhhh, of course Pandora has a behind of steel too...

Kaelah said...

@ Ursus:
She definitely has, ouch! :-)

Anonymous said...

As much as I appreciate the riddle the results speak for themselves and obviously the two of you enjoyed an intense and satisfying time together! Thanks for sharing -Eric

Pandora Blake said...

Just catching up on blogs after an intense week of non-kinky work and giggling throughout this thread. I know! I know! (Well, I didn't know for sure about the floggers on the back, but that would have been my guess too)

Kaelah, thankyou for your every so sweet description of me! I am honoured to have been the only woman under your hand so far, but I'm certain there will be more victims in time ;)

Kaelah said...

@ Eric:
Glad you enjoyed the results! You will hear more about the marks number two and three soon, going along with more pictures.

@ Pandora:
I was just telling the truth! :-) And it was an honour to have the chance to top you. Made me quite nervous, though, especially our F/F scene, because it was the first time for me to top someone within a storyline! Of course Ludwig's football bet clip has a storyline as well, but I wasn't the only top in that scene and we designed the clip differently so that we didn't have to talk a lot before, during and after the action scene.