Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Dirty Half-Dozen

Today, I am doing something I meant to do for a long time: re-organise my link list.

Three years ago, when I started this blog, I divided the blogs I linked to into two sections, one containing all the blogs written by spanking models ("Professional Victims"), the other containing the rest ("Other Kinky Blogs I read"). It was a decision that reflected my interest in spanking films, but with hindsight, I don't think it was a particularly good one. Simply put, spanking models don't necessarily write the most interesting blogs. Over the years, I have deleted a few that just were not up to par in terms of writing. And even among model bloggers who write well, there are those who do not post often enough to merit inclusion in a "top" section on the link list.

So, I have decided to abandon the model / non-model distinction. Instead, I am creating a new section called "Six of the Best", which contains my six favourite spanking blogs of the moment. I could have done a good old-fashioned "Top Ten", but six seems to be a more psychologically satisfying number in a spanking context, and it will be easier to fill up with new candidates if some of the old ones should drop out for whatever reason. Of course, the "Six of the Best" section will be subject to change, depending on developments in the blogosphere.

If your blog did not make it into the top section, don't be disappointed. It doesn't mean that you suck. It is simply a reflection of my personal interests. If you write a "diary-like" blog focusing very narrowly on your private kinky life, or a typical "couples" blog focusing on nothing but your relationship, then your chances of arousing my interest are limited, no matter how literate, funny and stylish your blog might be. But if you are a movie buff like me, or if you share my weakness for philosophical ramblings, your chances improve significantly.

Without further ado, here are my "Six of the Best" blogs as of March 2011:

The Spanking Writers by Abel and Haron. A veritable treasure trove of perversion. As of March 2011, the Spanking Writers are about to celebrate their fifth blogiversary (my congratulations in advance!), but their stream of spanking stories, historical CP scenarios, accounts of private play, and other delightful deviances continues on an almost daily basis. The Perverting Reality section is especially impressive, an eloquent testimony of how Abel and Haron are able to spot the seed of kink in even the most innocuous everyday event. (On a related note, Spanking Model Speaks by Haron's incarnation as Adele Haze is a great blog in its own right.)

Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet by Chross. Kaelah and I both prefer blogs that focus on writing and ideas to those that only showcase pretty visuals. But among pictures-and-clips blogs, Chross is the best one, so it gets a place among the "Six of the Best". The Spankings of the Week link posts are coveted among bloggers and have featured Rohrstock-Palast many times, which goes to show that Chross has good taste. But my favourite part of his work is, of course, his collection of spanking scenes from mainstream movies.

Not So Submissive by Indy. Known to many of us as a long-time, quality commenter, Indy started her own blog in December 2009. As one would expect, it turned out to be the best new one in a long, long time. In my view, one of Indy's main strengths is that she has a knack for finding noteworthy posts by other bloggers and then expanding on them with her ideas. However, the reports about her own spanking exploits are also well worth reading. The blog has become rather silent in recent months, let's hope that me featuring it among the "Six of the Best" helps to inspire a revival.

Spanked, Not Silenced by Pandora Blake. In my mind, Pandora has been writing the most consistently interesting spanking model blog ever since she started in mid-2006 (and after Niki Flynn's retirement from the Scene, there isn't even a serious rival anywhere in sight). I am most impressed by how prolific she is, churning out meaty, thought-provoking, high-quality texts with a regularity and a seeming effortlessness I wish I had. I usually find myself participating in the porn-political discussions, but Pandora's posts about more personal matters, her private kinky life and video shoots are excellent as well.

Spanked Hortic by Prefectdt. At first sight, Spanked Hortic might seem less remarkable than some of the other, flashier blogs on this list. However, what Prefectdt does better than most other bloggers I know is project a sense of fun and bubbly enthusiasm about spanking. Whenever I read his blog, I immediately find something that makes me smile, whether it is a remark on a funny drawing, a "Thought for the Week" or some other amusing tidbit. I loved the Kinky Island Discs series of interviews, a very original concept that sadly has not seen any new entries since 2008, but maybe there is hope for a return.

Zille Defeu's Fetish Fantasies by Zille Defeu. Believe it or not, but this is the oldest blog on my "Six of the Best" list. Having started in August 2005, Zille beats venerable Scene greats like The Spanking Writers by a solid seven-month margin. Which is all the more remarkable because, frankly, I had never heard of her until relatively recently (early 2009, I think). Zille is a) smart, b) sexy, c) a spanking and BDSM model, and d) a wonderful geek, and still, somehow, she managed to slip under my radar for the longest time. Well, no more! Into the top six she goes with her truly magnificent blog!


Anonymous said...

An excellent idea, I think, Ludwig. What I find most interesting is that the list of your top six closely reflects my own current favourites; and, I bet, those of many others amongst your readership too.

ronnie said...

Great choices. I have them all on my link list except Spanked, Not Silenced. I don't think I've ever stopped by there but I will.



Redtail said...

I commend you for continuing to improve your blog. Redesign of initial plans are often difficult to envision. I shall look forward to investigating your top six.


Wow thanks, I feel so flattered. I'm not sure that my blog deserves to be on this list as I am not nearly as good a wordsmith as most of the writers of other blogs up there.

As for Kinky Island Discs. I would like to bring it back but it was very time consuming and I am usually very limited in the amount of time I get to spend at a computer each day. To bring it back as a series would be impractical but I could attempt it as an occasional one off. You have already had a bash but is it possible that Kaelah might want to have a go?

@ Ronnie - Pandora Blake produces some of the best writing in the spank blogging world as well as being a well respected model and material producer. I think that you will like Spanked, Not Silenced.


Zille Defeu said...

Thank you so much, Ludwig!

When I moved from my Livejournal to my blog in 2005, I felt so alone for so long -- I'd write posts and no one would comment! It wasn't until the Abel and Haron mentioned me that I was really "discovered" by my fellow spankos.

And then, it didn't help that I'm not and never will be your stereotypical spanko! My explicit sexual content turned off some people, and then others assumed I was not "real" because I'll sometimes post pictures of myself in a latex catsuit, or other fetish-y outfit.

(I've heard said that I'm a guilty pleasure to some spankos: "Oh, you read *her* blog? Shhhh - I do, too!")

So it means very much to me that I've made your Top List, and I'll do my best to earn my spot!

Hugs to you and Kaelah!

Ursus Lewis said...

Very nice idea, Ludwig. I'll come to Munich for a very short visit next week, so where can I find the links with the tourist information? Don't tell me this is the wrong blog now, after reading it for such a long time...

Abel1234 said...

Thank you so much for including us :-)

Indy said...

Thanks so much, Ludwig, for including me! I'm very flattered--and highly amused that we enjoy so many of the same blogs. I guess a weakness for philosophical ramblings in't our only point in common. ;-)

Apologies for taking so long to respond-- I was away visiting vanilla types last week and am just beginning to catch up.

Kaelah said...

@ Prefectdt:
I'm very flattered about your suggestion that I might participate in your Kinky Island Discs series! And of course it would be an honour! The only problem is that I haven't watched many spanking films. But maybe spanking related clips, TV series episodes and alike would be okay as well...?!

@ Zille:
Don't worry, I don't see myself as a "stereotypical" spanko, either. And let's face it, if all blogs were written by stereotypical spankos, our little universe would be very boring indeed. Many hugs! :-)

@ Ursus:
I sent you an email with some links and sightseeing ideas for Munich, but I assume that your trip is already over?! I hope you had a good time in the "village of millions" nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

A fantastic list and well deserved in every case.
I understand your penchant for the philosophical ramblings and the enthusiasm for this thing that makes me blush.

Ludwig said...

@ Prefectdt: No, you are not as good a wordsmith as some others. But being a good wordsmith isn't everything. You have some very original ideas, and you always project a sense of fun and enthusiasm that can sometimes get lost on the "master wordsmith" blogs. I think your blog has a very distinct charm.

@ Zille: I don't mind your "fetishy" content at all. The blog is accurately called "Zille's Fetish Fantasies", not "Zille's Spanking Fantasies", so people have been warned, right?

I am mostly into spanking and CP, not so much into other BDSM practices, but I am curious and I always like to look at what others do. Other kinks can be very interesting precisely because they are "the others", not "yours". It always saddens me that we seem to have so many narrow-minded puritans in our spanking community who have no curiosity at all for things outside of their own kink.