Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flogger, Cane, Killer Bottom

Having read Kaelah's Marks Quiz, you already know that we went on a holiday trip recently and met some spanko friends. We had a great time, you will hear more about it soon. For today, though, I will keep things short and to the point. As soon as we came back to Germany, I came down with a cold. Nothing serious, no need to fall over yourselves with proclamations of sympathy. I've just been feeling a bit under the weather and not too productive with a lot of sneezing and a slight, but annoyingly persistent headache, that is all.

So, I shall be content to just give you the bare essentials of our trip while solving Kaelah's marks quiz in the process (actually, she has solved most of it already with her responses to your comments). I don't want to keep you busy for too long today, anyway, because Kaelah has her monthly "corner" column coming up on the 31st and it is a subject sure to provoke a lively debate, so you better be ready.

The question was, what produced the lovely marks on Kaelah's back (picture 1), on her hand (picture 2) and on her bottom (picture 3)? Three separate events, three mysteries! Here are the answers:

1) You all guessed that the marks on the back were caused by a flogging, and this is of course correct. Our occasion for going on a trip was that The Spanking Writers, Abel and Haron aka Adele Haze, had invited us to a party they were giving to celebrate their fifth blogiversary. They are dear friends and it was delightful to see them again, plus all the other guests. The only thing that surprised me a bit (having attended one of their previous parties already) was that for a relatively long time in the beginning, there wasn't any CP play going on. Now, Kaelah and I aren't big party players, anyway. We are perfectly happy to hang out, chat with people and have some interesting conversations. But it felt a little unusual to have so many of the UK's leading perverts gathered around and not hear a hand smacking or cane whooshing sound from anywhere.

That changed after a couple of hours, though, and once everyone got going, they really got going. Smack, whoosh, ouch, all the time! So Kaelah got restless and decided that she wanted to play, too. Because we had to save her bottom for another, upcoming event (more about that in the answer to picture number 3), she suggested that she wanted "a nice back whipping". Abel and Haron graciously supplied us with a whole bunch of floggers from their magnificent collection, and Kaelah and I took them to a play room, where I was happy to administer them all. It was a casual, cheerful scene, maybe fifteen or twenty minutes long, and I applied some pretty hard strokes at the end with the floggers which Kaelah had liked best. We photographed the marks immediately afterwards. A few remnants were still visible the next day, but they, too, disappeared after a few days. The nice thing about (light) floggers is that you can make quite an impression with them in terms of sensation, but they don't do damage that lasts long.

2) The hand photograph is the one where your initial guesses were really off. The marks on Kaelah's palm and fingers were not caused by a hand tawsing, as one might suspect (note on the side: when dishing out a hand tawsing, the top should avoid hitting the fingers). Actually, Kaelah was not bottoming in that scene at all, she was topping - giving a hand spanking to a woman who has a "killer bottom" in two senses of the word. The photograph doesn't really do justice to the colours. With the naked eye, the marks on Kaelah's hand looked a much darker violet than they do on camera. Well, nobody said that topping is painless.

The bottom? Not mine, or Haron's, even though the latter was a good guess in light of the party we went to. The hand spanking did not happen at the party, it happened a few days later during a movie shoot with Pandora Blake for her upcoming video site - the second big occasion of our trip. We did three scenes that day, and one involved Kaelah putting Pandora over her knee. The first time Kaelah topped a woman, the first time she did an OTK spanking as a top, and a nice scene in terms of background, too.

3) The marks in the last picture were, as you can guess by now, the result of another scene we did at the video shoot. As you were able to tell from the stripes, it was a caning. Because of the very dark spots around the stripes, there was some speculation that other implements were involved, perhaps a paddle. But it is all the result of a rattan cane. A severe thrashing, one of the two most severe we ever did, the other being Kaelah's Klingons Do Not Faint! experiment 1 ¼ years ago (the film we made of that one is still to be published). We only play this hard when it is being immortalised on film. Like the first time, it was a scene Kaelah wanted to do and planned out in detail. She was very happy with the way it went, and so was I. Ten days later, the marks are still there, but they have healed a lot. Even severe cane marks like that can heal more quickly than one might imagine if you use ice packs immediately after the scene to prevent too much swelling.

We are both elated with how the shoot went, all three scenes, including the third one which I am going to keep secret for now. It was our second shoot with Pandora, who is quickly hitting her stride as a producer and will, mark my words, become one of the great ones. I can't wait to see her site go live. I think we did some really good stuff together.


Ursus Lewis said...

I can't wait for Pandora's site either. I'm sure it's going to be good stuff!

When I saw Kaelah's bruised hand, I was immediately thinking of "she spanked somebody with her hand".

Topping is not painless at all. Especially hand spankings.

Kaelah said...

@ Ursus:
Pandora's site is going to be great! And you are right, topping isn't painless, but hand spankings are fun nonetheless! :-)

Anonymous said...

Interesting that in the “Marks Quiz” comments, Ludwig, you mention that “when dishing out a hand tawsing, the top should avoid hitting the fingers.” In fact, if tawsing of the hand(s) is carried out in the traditional manner, i.e. the way it was done in all Scottish schools until corporal punishment was finally banned, it is impossible not to hit the fingers, as the top and his or her “victim” stand facing each other and the tawse is applied along the line of the hand, i.e. parallel to the fingers. Indeed, the striking of the fingers as well as the palm is what gave rise to the commonly uttered teacher's threat, “I'll warm your fingers!”

To minimize the risk of damage to the fingers, it was usual to apply the tawse to “crossed hands”, where one hand is placed on top of the other, the lower hand providing support, thus reducing the likelihood of the fingers of the exposed hand being bent back and sprained. Also, it was important that the thumbs be held tightly in against the other fingers, as otherwise there was a risk, in the event of a poorly aimed stroke, of violently bending the thumb, potentially requiring medical treatment. Of course, this “crossed hands” position also provided firm support for the hand being struck, ensuring maximum pain and also making it a little more difficult for the “victim” to pull the hand downwards slightly on impact, which could otherwise reduce the effectiveness of the stroke.

Correctly applied, the tawse tip would land on the palm, close to, but not overlapping, the wrist, causing considerable pain to palm and fingers. Some sadistic tawse wielders, however, would ensure that the tawse tip ended up on the wrist, where it could cause intense pain and potentially bleeding of the wrist area, again sometimes requiring medical attention. Some tawse wielders, in order to ensure this could not happen, made the “victim” balance a thin book on their wrist for protection. Of course, this also meant the “victim” had to keep their hands nice and steady for the punishment!

So there we are. If anyone wants to try traditional Scottish hand tawsing, that information (and more I can provide if anyone really wants it) should be useful in adding a bit of authenticity; although, personally, I can't understand how anyone can get any sort of pleasure out of having their hands tawsed. It is simply too damn painful! But whatever floats their boat ...

Pandora Blake said...

I'm blushing after reading this thread! It was a joy to shoot with you both, thankyou so much for your creativity and fantastic energy.

I can also testify that Kaelah's hand spanking technique is very effective - I really couldn't tell that it wasn't something she'd done often! I very much enjoyed working with you top and bottom, and have some very pleasant memories :) So glad that it was such a positive experience for you too, that was the most important thing from my point of view.

I hope it's not the last time, and look forward to being able to show you some of the fruits of your labours before too long. :)

Kaelah said...

@ Anonymous:
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge about hand tawsings! I think what Ludwig meant was that it can be dangerous to hit the fingers and that it might be better to avoid it in kinky play, unless a top is very experienced and the bottom wants to feel the tawse on her/his fingers as well.

@ Pandora:
It was our pleasure! And thanks a lot for what you said about my hand spanking technique. I think it was quite obvious that I had never taken anyone over my knee and that I wasn't very experienced with my hand and with the hairbrush. But at least I was very ambitious which I think fit my character... :-) The shoot really was a wonderful experience and I've completely come to terms with severe scenes! In the scenes in which you were the bottom, my foremost concern was that it would be a good experience for you and that the scenes would turn out as you had planned them. :-)

Ludwig said...

@ Anonymous: You are right, of course. If the tawsing is applied to crossed hands, with the lower hand providing support for the upper, then there is nothing wrong with hitting the fingers. When I said that the fingers should be avoided, I was talking about a tawsing where only a single hand is held outstreched, which is something I have also seen people doing. In such a case, fingers might snap backwards and damage might be done.

So, I should have been more precise in my wording. The truth is, I am not an expert on hand tawsings, anyway, because they are not among my main kinky fetishes and I don't get a lot of practice with them. I only gave Kaelah a hand tawsing once, a few experimental strokes at a party of Abel and Haron's.

Thanks for your excursion into the history and proper practice of hand tawsings, which added more information about the subject than I could have done.