Saturday, March 5, 2011

Carnival Hand Spanking

This weekend is the height of the carnival season, the so-called Fifth-Season, here in Germany. So, a happy Fastnacht, Fasteleer, Fasching and Karneval everyone! Yes, we have several different regional words for this time of the year because having just one word would be too easy, you see? Carnival in Germany means costume balls, carnival shows with political and social comedy and of course carnival parades and people dancing in the street. At least in the region I come from. Most Bavarians would most probably only shake their heads in mild embarrassment, but of course I've already introduced Ludwig to our weird customs up here in the north...

Another great tradition is the “Old Women Day” which was last Thursday. Actually, this day is for all women, no matter how old they are. On Wikipedia, the origin and the customs of “Old Women Day” are explained as follows: "On Carnival Thursday (called 'Old Women Day' or 'The Women's Day'), in commemoration of an 1824 revolt by washer-women, women storm city halls, cut men's ties, and are allowed to kiss any man who passes their way."

In other words, this is the perfect day for all brats! Depending on their working place, women also cut their male colleagues' ties as well. I participated in this wonderful tradition for several years. Don't worry, usually the men wear their oldest ties on that special day and they can also buy their way out of it in case they still need their tie in one piece. In return they usually get a kiss, so I would say this could be called a classical win-win-situation!
Of course carnival is not only the time of exciting costumes everywhere but also a time for lots and lots of more or less useful gadgets. Flashing little hearts, false noses and generally everything that can be used to make noise or that has light effects. This year I came across the funny item which you see in the picture above. It makes a clapping sound when you shake it, it has a whistle and light effects. An all-in-one gadget, so to speak. And for us kinksters, it might of course be useful in other ways as well. With the help of the lights, you can spank the naughty brat who has just cut off your expensive tie and find the target even at the end of a long party day in an almost dark street or room...

I'm off now to dance somewhere in the streets. This time NOT on a window sill, though. For the record: I was inside, the window was closed and being almost a complete teetotaller I was absolutely sober when I did that. Okay, maybe the fact that I was sober doesn't make it any better?! Well, but that's a completely different story, anyway... Let me end today's post greeting you with the typical regional carnival battle cries: Alaaf, helau and ahoi!


Anonymous said...

Wie geht es Ihnen Kaelah?

Genießen Sie Ihren Tanz. Werfen Sie einen fröhlichen Karneval!

Kaelah said...

@ Annapurna:
Vielen Dank! Mir geht es gut und ich freue mich auf die Karnevalsumzüge. (Thank you! I'm fine and I'm looking forward to the carnival parades.)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I would think having your lighted hand in the carnival would provide for some interesting encounters.

simon said...

i like that hand clapper thing wish i had simon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaelah,

Thank you for your insightful description of Karneval. I really appreciate reading any tales or personal stories about your fine country that you may wish to share, for such anecdotes better help me understand the German culture, whose language I am currently studying for my upcoming trip in September.

Other than Mardi Gras in New Orleans, I can’t think of a similar cultural event in America that matches the fun, excitement, and communal atmosphere of your Karneval. The Mardi Gras may be a touch more ribald than the street festivities to which you’re generally accustomed, but perhaps the unabashed libidinal display of Mardi Gras may be more to our liking as kinksters?

By the way, I especially like the photo of you. (That is you, right?) I think your bottom easily outshines the digitally illuminated hand by a very wide margin. : )

Kaelah said...

@ OBB:
With the right people – definitely! :-)

@ Simon:
All I can say is visit Germany during the carnival season next year! I'm sure you'll easily get one of these gadgets. ;-) But to be honest, I don't think that they are suitable for a real spanking because they are made of plastic.

@ Annapurna:
I hope that you don't get a wrong impression about us Germans. Most of the time we aren't really a party nation... ;-) But if you want to read more about the strange customs which we sometimes have, you can find more exciting insights here and here.

Kaelah said...

@ Annapurna:
I forgot to answer your question: Yes, that is my bottom! Thanks for the compliments. :-)

indy said...

I must be spanked by that hand! Even if it's as stingy as a hairbrush. That is all. ;)

Kaelah said...

@ Indy:
The good news is: I don't think that this thing is very painful at all! I rather assume that it would break quite easily if used too hard, so every top who wanted to use it as an implement would have to be very careful. What a pity... ;-)