Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kaelah's Corner (Aug 2010):
Hit Me Baby, One More Time

(Make your choice!)

[Disclaimer: the title of this post does not reflect any musical tastes or preferences of the author, who is actually not a Britney Spears fan. But it was too fitting to ignore.]

This is the 13th edition of Kaelah's Corner, one year after my first-ever post on this blog. In other words, this is my first blogiversary! So, today's edition of Kaelah's Corner must be special somehow. But what exactly could be a proper way of celebrating? I brooded over that question for quite a long time.

At first I thought about taking a look back on the last year and what has or has not changed over time. Starting from my earliest posts about my kinky fantasies and my limits. But thinking about it, there haven't been many changes, except for maybe being a bit more comfortable with severe scenes, some unexpected explorations into more BDSMy stuff with Ludwig, and a practical interest in topping (it was already there earlier, but I didn't feel ready yet). Then we have the posts about the person behind Kaelah, my family and vanilla friends and my relationship with Ludwig. In this department the last twelve months have been full of developments, many good ones and a few bad ones, and unfortunately also some very sad losses. Definitely too much stuff to put it into one post. And there was Ludwig's and my kinky journey, including role play, a very severe caning and finally film projects with other kinksters. It's definitely time to release Ludwig's and my first spanking clip! But the editing is going to take at least one more week, so this didn't work, either, for my blogiversary post. That's why I finally gave up the idea of writing a retrospective post.

My next plan was to write a very thoughtful post about one of the essential topics for our community. A main purpose of my writing is to initiate discussions and the exchange of thoughts among our dear blogreaders. So, writing an especially elaborated post seemed to be a good way of celebrating my blogiversary. But what could be an appropriate subject? Since I've made a lot of new practical experiences during the last year, I had some working titles for posts about practical spanking-related topics on my mind, like: “How to earn oneself a spanking without being a brat” (definitely an important topic for someone like me who is just too nice for bratting!), “Life with a paranoid top” (I've already written a short advice in my comment on Ludwig's post about paranoia) or “Baggage restrictions and take-away implements for holidays” (canes for example don't fit into most of the bags one is allowed to check in at some cheap airline flights, poor Ludwig!). But somehow these topics didn't seem to have the adequate intellectual level.

So, I developed new ideas, this time for more philosophical discussions: “Can spankos enjoy an afterlife that is based on an infinite disembodied existence of the soul?”or “Is it morally objectionable to threaten bottoms NOT to spank them if they misbehave?”. Definitely interesting themes, but writing a rational, well-balanced post which takes all the facts and points of view into consideration would have required a lot of research and I was running out of time. That forced me to skip my second plan, too.

I finally decided to do something utterly boring and ordinary – celebrating my first blogiversary with a spanking! Yes, I know, not a very inventive and unique idea. Of course the spanking will be captured on film and published on the blog. Yeah, that's what most bloggers who celebrate their blogiversary spanking do. I guess, most people have already stopped reading this post by now... For those who haven't: Since I love the interaction with the readers so much, I've decided to actively involve you in the creative process (in case you haven't already fallen asleep given the low intellectual grade of that prospect). I know that you would prefer an in-depth cultural and political discussion over taking part in the development of an ordinary spanking clip, but this is all I can offer you right now - love it or leave it!

So, here are the regulations for your participation: There are five outfits you can choose from: cowgirl, punk, secretary, Starfleet ensign and witch. And there are five possible implements: belt, flogger, paddle (a leathery kind), riding crop and switch. All you have to do is leaving a comment naming your favourite outfit and implement. Anonymous comments don't count, if you don't have a blogger profile you can use the Name/URL option and give yourself a random nickname – there is no URL necessary! The outfit that gets the majority of votes wins. Your choice of implements will be taken directly into account, meaning that a certain number of strokes with the selected implement is added to the spanking. Therefore, the clip will most probably feature different implements.

Since I want to use this opportunity to thank especially the regular commenters, I've decided to calculate the number of strokes which are added for a vote as follows: Each vote adds at least one stroke to the score, so even first-time commenters (you are very welcome!) can take part. For every of the last twelve Kaelah's Corner posts you've commented on, one additional stroke with your implement will be added. Of course the comments must have been made under the same nickname, multiple comments by the same reader on one post only count as one stroke and (for health reasons!) only the Kaelah's Corner posts are taken into consideration. And, before anyone makes up strange plans: I always appreciate new comments on my older posts, but for the vote only comments made before the time of publishing of this post count! The voting ends after one week, that means on the 7th of September at 9:35 pm German time (UTC+2). Sounds complicated? Well, you didn't really expect me to come up with rules that are simpler than the regulations Ludwig develops on similar occasions, did you?!

Now I only have to hope that the most regular commenters don't vote... Actually there are six people who could each be responsible for at least five strokes or even more. Well, with some luck Miss ! won't return from her hiatus in the next seven days. And Pandora is always very busy with a lot of different projects, so she probably won't find the time. Peter usually has a very full schedule, too. Abel on the other hand might be kept busy by the women who are looking after him whom he is in charge of. And there is a chance that Indy is still working on new posts about her experiences during her UK trip. Ursus Lewis is scaring me, though. That man alone could add eleven strokes to the total score. But you won't do that, Ursus, right?

So, here are the rules for the vote one more time in short form: Write a comment on this post, NOT using the “Anonymous” option. Start with a short (8-10 sentences) essay on how much you like me and why you love my posts. Okay, that part is optional! Name your favourite of the five possible outfits (cowgirl, punk, secretary, Starfleet ensign or witch) and implements (belt, flogger, paddle, riding crop or switch). Hit the “publish your comment” button before the 7th of September 2010, 9:35 pm German time. Thanks to everyone who accompanied me on my journey during the last year. Live long and prosper!


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

"Even Cowgirls get the belt." (with apologies to Tom Robbins), which is to say I think you should dress as a cowgirl and get spanked with the belt -- for being such a faithful blogger. Now don't be sayin' there's no justice!

You are such a good sport, Kaelah! I Look forward to the video evidence.

Unknown said...

This sounds like it could be a very complicated medley. I think I should offer a 'good luck' in advance simply for untangling the lot and stringing it neatly together.

I vote for dressing as a Starfleet ensign simply because I have never seen anything like that and have a fondness for novelty. Given some of your earlier posts about fantasies it not only has a link to what you've done over the past year but also promises for a good setting. Some of the other options have just been done too often.

I'll also say belt, just because I have recently developed a fondness for them myself.

Caroline Grey said...

I'm going to have to go for the punk, jsut because I don't think I have ever seen a spanking film with a punk. Why not? The possibilities for meyhem boggle the mind. And I think a belt. But not one of those spiky studded punk ones. And maybe the punk could be wwearing a tartan kilt, since punks love tartan...okay, now I am just being greedy. :)

Very clever rules, my friend! Now you are making me feel guilty for not commenting more on your past posts. I always want to comment, because they are so thought provoking, but then I realize my response is going to be long and involved and I panic and say nothing cause I haven't the time! Bad Caroline!

Happy bloggiversary, dear. You're such an addition to this spanky bloggy world. I really can't wait to meet you one day.

Pandora Blake said...

I feel bad about commenting now! But I can't resist the opportunity to vote to see you spanked as a Starfleet ensign...

Now, really, a Starfleet ensign should be spanked by something neat, minimal and modern, like a Lexan paddle or cane. But that would be incredibly severe at large numbers of strokes. So instead, count this comment (and my additional comments, mwahhaaha) as a stroke with the switch. Because I like switches, and they lend themselves better to higher numbers of strokes.

Hope you enjoy your blogiversary spanking! It's been a pleasure to read your posts over the last year - I always find them interesting and thought-provoking. Although unlike Caroline, I suddenly feel much less guilty for rarely having time to comment in depth - otherwise my vote would count for more strokes for your poor bottom..

Andrea said...


you look so cute in the schoolgirl outfit and getting the cane. Why don't you offer us this option?

But in my imagination punk Kaelah sounds great too.

So my vote is: The punk gets the riding crop.

Enjoy your anniversary.


EmmaJane said...

Happy Blogiversary Kaelah, you're a fab addition to the blogging community and I hope to meet you agaon soon.

As for what I choose, well secretary with the belt cos that's so darn hot ;-)

Looking forward to seeing it!

Ludwig said...

Keep the votes coming. So far, the belt seems to be the majority's implement of choice. Interesting. And the race for the outfit is wide open.

@ Andrea: We decided not to include a schoolgirl outfit and cane as options because we just did a schoolgirl themed video shoot with Pandora and Tom. So we did not want to repeat ourselves after such a short time. As well as that, the schoolgirl sub-genre is still the main one among spanking videos, so there certainly are plenty of videos of that kind out there already. There aren't too many with cowgirls or Starfleet ensigns, though.


I am presuming that the costume choice is dictated by costumes already available to you. So I can't reinterpret "Punk" as "Steam Punk" (shame, there should be some Steam Punk spankings around, perhaps I will do a post about that sometime soon) so instead I will vote for Cowgirl. Of coarse the suitable toy to go with that outfit would be the riding crop.

Enjoy your blogiversary spanking.


Peter8862 said...

You didn't really think I would be too busy to vote, did you ? so, in recognition of the superb contribution you are making to this pervy blog community, I award you the riding whip, dressed as a secretary since thin and sexy ballgowns are not on the list.

And I mean it when I say "superb contribution", so the strokes had better be hard ones !

Andrea said...

@ Ludwig


For how many strokes does your announcement of the the provisional result and the explanation towards my proposal counts?


Ludwig said...

@ Andrea: My comment doesn't add any strokes because I did not make an official vote. I might still make one, though. After all, Kaelah did not specify in her rules that I am not allowed to vote, did she? So in theory, I do have the option.

Let's keep her guessing a bit. *grins*

Arjuna said...

Why is it that pervs of all kinds(ever since de Sade) are so fascinated by numbers and complicated rules? (Are you up for an essay on that, Ludwig?)

So it's already been one year? Congratulations, Kaelah, it is a pleasure reading you.

I side with Pandora here and wish you're switched as a Starfleet ensign. And I hope you'll be holding that thing during your spanking (What is it? a Trekkie-communicator? Or maybe a ... calculator ;-)

Cheers to you! And congrats to Ludwig, too.

Kaelah said...

Yeah, scratch me, bite me, call me animal names...! Ahem, what I really wanted to say: Thanks a lot for your kind comments, everyone, and for your votes. I've just taken a look at the results of the vote for Ludwig's Comeuppance clip back in 2008. He got a total number of 21 valid votes. I wonder whether this number will be exceeded until next Tuesday?

@ Karl Friedrich Gauss:
Usually a rather silent reader, but now the first one to leave a comment... Somehow that didn't surprise me. Well, at least I can use the opportunity to thank you for all the work and time you invest into your “new and notable from around the 'net” updates! :-)

@ Morgrim:
Could you please tell me where I can buy a belt one can “develop a fondness for”?! Since so many readers seem to develop a preference for the belt, I'm already wondering whether the size of my poor rear end might have doubled by the end of the spanking because Ludwig's belt is very heavy and can be quite mean... It's not the one in the picture (that's one of mine which could only be used for love taps). Well, I guess, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? ;-)

@ Caroline:
Thanks for at least not insisting on spikes! ;-) And you don't have to feel too guilty, you have commented on two previous Kaelah's Corner posts! The items you see in the picture at the beginning of the post are possible items for the five outfits. The tartan miniskirt is for the punk girl. Does that somehow fit to the image you had in mind? It would definitely be great to meet you in person one day! Maybe some time next year?

@ Pandora:
How expensive is it to send a switch via airmail from the UK to Germany? I'm just asking, because my switches are usually about as thick and whippy as canes – and that's exactly how they feel like when Ludwig uses them! Hmm, with a bit of luck I won't feel them any more, anyway, after all those licks with the belt... ;-) Joking aside, you don't have to feel guilty for voting. And my best regards to Tom, I still have cane marks on my rear end!

@ Andrea:
Could it be that you are a first-time commenter on this blog? If yes, welcome and thanks for delurking! Ludwig already answered your question about the schoolgirl outfit. Those clips are going to be published as free content, once Pandora has finished the hard work of cutting. Thanks for choosing the riding crop! It isn't exactly a soft implement (none of the five possible ones is), but it is not as horrible as some of the others (especially the belt and the switch). While I haven't got any problems with readers voting for the more severe implements, the prospect of getting at least some kind of warm-up at the beginning is somehow comforting... ;-)

@ EmmaJane:
The first person who wants to see me in a strict business outfit with glasses! ;-) I hope we'll manage to meet again soon. Maybe some time next year (I don't think we are going to travel to the UK one more time this year)? Of course you're always very welcome to visit us in Germany!

@ Prefectdt:
Indeed I wasn't talking about steam punk, but it sounds like a very interesting idea for future projects... ;-) I'm looking forward to reading your post about this subject!

@ Peter:
Of course I didn't think you were too busy to vote (I expected you to take the time, no matter how busy you are...). I've decided to pretend that I didn't read the last sentence of your comment, though... ;-)

Kaelah said...

@ Ludwig:
You are right, of course you are allowed to vote. And, since the rules don't specify any necessary quality level concerning the previous comments, I would even count your vote as nine strokes, although two of your comments on older Kaelah's Corner posts were completely off-topic (answers to off-topic comments of some readers). I'm afraid that my bum is going to suffer a lot, then, as well as my arm. These self-spankings are exhausting, you know? Well, maybe I could get myself some help, of course? Theoretically, the rules don't state that it is going to be a self-spanking after all. You would do that for me? … Really? … Sure? … Thanks! … Luckily, the regulations also don't say that I am the one who is going to take the strokes, right? ;-)

@ Arjuna:
It's a tricorder, a “multifunction handheld device used for sensor scanning, data analysis, and recording data ” (Wikipedia). I'm sure it can be used as a calculator, too! But, being the geek that I am, I'm quite sure I won't need it for that purpose... ;-)

Ernest said...

switch, secretary.

Sounds great, Kaelah!

Best wishes and happy spanking!


Val said...

Starfleet ensign, flogger. (Only because of the high-tech look of said flogger in the picture).

New one said...

Witch would be funny but has no chance to get enough votes. Why? I assume that spanking does allow games, but no jokes? Some kinky ideas for witches a depicted on www.grigbertz.com.

Ever thought about a real Rohrstock to celebrate your entry into this blog? No?

So show us a switched astronaut, please. Enjoy!

If you really want to get more votes than Ludwig: just join Facebook, create a group "Punish that girl by voting", tell about your needs, link to this blog, invite some kinky friends and see and feel what happens. Oughh! ;-)

Kaelah said...

12 valid votes at the moment, I think a total number of more than 21 is achievable! Where are all the nice sadists among our readers? ;-) And I'm still missing some of the regular commenters (have you all decided to give me a false sense of security, only to make your votes in the last minutes of the poll)? Don't wait too long... As we Klingons use to say: “Act, and you may eat dinner. Think, and you may be dinner.”

Ahem, hi, this is the human part of Kaelah. I just want to make clear I have neither written the above, nor do I agree with it. 12 votes are perfectly okay! Have a nice weekend everyone (maybe outside instead of in front of your computer?), while I am trying to keep HER under control...

Kaelah said...

@ Val:

The flogger is the one I used on Ludwig for the football bet clip. I think he now knows quite well how it feels to be spanked with it. Hmm, and he knows I'm not holding back when using it. I'm not sure whether that knowledge will be good for me in the future, though...

@ New one:

Thanks a lot for leaving a comment! I didn't choose the cane for two main reasons: First of all, in our clip with Pandora and Tom we used the cane and I didn't want to use the same implement again for the next clip. Secondly, I tried to think of implements I haven't used in a clip at all so far (we have used the flogger, but that was only six strokes for me) to offer something new to the readers. So, I decided two substitute the cane with the switch, because the two are quite similar concerning the marks and the kind of pain they produce, I like the look of switches and in case of a unexpectedly high number of votes I assume that the switch doesn't produce as extremely long-lasting marks as a cane (I still have marks from the caning during our shoot with Pandora that was almost three weeks ago).

Your suggestion concerning facebook made me smile because I saw it coming. When I came up with the idea for the vote I told Ludwig: "Hopefully no one is going to create a facebook group called "Spanking Kaelah" and tells people to take part in the poll." Some of these strange groups get thousands of members! That would be a bit too much for my poor rear end... ;-) Joking aside, I'm not a big fan of facebook (for several reasons, especially because of their privacy or, rather, no privacy politics) and this blogiversary spanking is meant for the readers of this blog, not for some people hanging around at facebook. So, I think we can manage to get a satisfying number of votes without using facebook. Of course, if you've got kinky friends who might be interested in reading our blog and of course voting, too, you are very welcome to recommend the blog to them and to encourage them to participate in the poll! :-)

Gaviao said...

Hello, Kaelah:
Your new proposal has convinced me.
Starting today, write with a new name (never again to "Anonymous").
Vote for: punk / belt
(But really prefer the cane, because the scars will last longer in your beautiful ass). Honestly: I think you should choose the same outfit and the tool of your choice.

Rich Person said...

My vote is for the secretary with the switch.

I'd go with the witch with the switch, just for the alliteration, but (as New One say) I don't think the witch will get enough votes. Besides, I don't want a hex placed on me!

Whatever you get, Kaelah, I hope you find it a memorable occasion!

John said...


First of all congratulations on your year of blogging (and exploring our kinky world). LAW told me what fun it was to meet you recently.

I'm going to vote for secretary and switch. But I'm sure you'll be a star whatever you are wearing!

Kaelah said...

@ Gaviao:

I'm very happy that I have convinced you to post your comments under a nickname instead of using the "Anonymous" option! It's easier to communicate with people who have a name (even though it's of course just a nickname) than to talk to an anonymous crowd. And it's always nice to recognise returning visitors which is also impossible if someone commentates as "Anonymous".

I don't think you have to worry about the marks, they will surely last for several days or even weeks. Although I have to admit that I hope they don't last for too long. First of all, to my mind old marks often don't look very beautiful. Secondly, making a clip means that there is no private play some weeks before the shoot (I mark very easily and don't heal very quickly) and just very light play in the weeks afterwards in case of heavy marks because I want to give my skin the time to heal. But I hope the scene for the clip itself will make up for this little inconvenience! :-) I've already got different scenarios on my mind, depending on the outfit that gets chosen by the readers...

@ Rich:

Maybe the witch has a chance some time in the future, since there obviously are fans of that scenario... I'm sure shooting that clip will be a memorable occasion and I'm already very much looking forward to it! :-)

@ John:

Thanks a lot for your kind comment! When I read your name, I was sure you had commented before on another post either written by me or on a topic related to Ludwig's and my relationship. So, I started a little research and discovered that you were one of the first people to welcome me on this blog in a comment on Ludwig's "Where No Man Has Spanked Before" post. I'm glad to see that you still read the blog.! :-)

And meeting LAW was a lot of fun indeed! I just hope that there is some serious footage which we can use for the clip, because most of the time we were just fooling around... ;-)

spickandspank said...

Secretary Secretary - but a bare one. With the paddle pretty please

I too look forward to the result - at both ends - the bottom end and the top end(result of the poll)

Kaelah said...

@ spickandspank:
Thanks a lot for voting and for choosing the paddle! No one had voted for the paddle so far and I just love that implement... :-)

Kaelah said...

Now the poll will be open for exactly twelve more hours! 16 votes so far, 21 still seems an achievable number. I'm curious to see the final result of the vote this evening...

Ludwig said...

@ Arjuna; Yes, I might write an essay one day on the question of why we perverts are so fascinated by numbers and complicated rules. It sure is an interesting topic.

@ Kaelah: What is so important about 21 votes? Ah, I see - you have to beat the number I got in the Your Vote Counts post back in 2008.

Well, there is another area where we are a great match - competitiveness.

Ursus Lewis said...

Dear Kaelah,

How couldn't I comment on this post? You got almost lucky, being busy and not too much in the mood to read blogs almost made me miss your deadline.

Believe me, I did not wait so long to torture you, I really almost missed it. Almost...

I would love to see you spanked as starfleet ensign. My favorite implement for that scene would be the belt.

Happy blogiversary, Kaelah, I hope to read (and comment) on many more!

Ursus Lewis

Kaelah said...

@ Ludwig: Yes, it's great to see all the wonderful things we share, right?! Competitiveness, a fascination for numbers and rules, stubbornness, perfectionism, paranoia... ;-) I don't think I will get enough votes, though. The poll will remain open for less than one hour and there are still four votes missing (just to reach the number of valid votes you got in 2008). And of course I won't exceed the number of comments your post had (the highest number ever on this blog: 54)! Well, on the other hand that means less strokes, of course, so I think I shouldn't complain too much... I just hope that there will be at least one more vote because right now the secretary and the Starfleet ensign go head to head!

@ Ursus:
Good to see you! :-) Although that means eleven more strokes with that damn belt. Mental note: Must get Ludwig a new belt and test it right in the store before buying it...

Ludwig said...

Well, since the deadline we had originally planned is now over, with the Starfleet Ensign and the secretary at 6 votes each, I suggest the following: we wait for one last, "tie breaking" vote. From here on, only votes for Starfleet Ensign or secretary will count, and the very next one will determine which of the two scenarios it will be. Then, the vote will be officially closed.

(I could use my own vote to determine the outcome, but that would undermine the point of having reader interaction. I would rather see one of the readers deciding it.)

Kaelah said...

@ Ludwig:

That's a very good solution! :-) But the situation shows that there can't be enough rules and that every possible outcome should be taken into consideration. Well, or one must have good spontaneous ideas, but, hey, I'm an INTJ and I'm only good at planned spontaneity... ;-)

Joking aside, I thought about either creating a strange scene involving a Starfleet ensign AND a secretary or counting the number of previous comments of those who have voted for one of the two options and choosing the outfit that gets the bigger number. But I like your solution much better, Ludwig!

saro said...

I vote Starfleet Ensign -- always thought Captain Picard should'a spanked someone -- none cuter than Kaelah. And with the leathery Paddle.

Ps: UrsusLewis (Mr. Lewis) threatened to beat me if I didn't try to sway the vote in favor of Starfleet Ensign. Perhaps he needs a Starfleet Uniform himself.

Ludwig said...

Starfleet Ensign it is, then. As for how many strokes Kaelah gets with the implements, I have not sorted that out yet... Lots for sure! *grins* We will let you all know in a recapping-the-vote post.

@ saro: Ursus threatened to beat you and you gave in? I take it you are not into getting beaten by him, then. Interesting. Are you a) a top, b) a non-kinky acquaintance, or c) a bottom, but afraid of Ursus because he hits so hard?

Val said...

Kaelah, I appreciate your apprehension in the flogger situation. My empathy flows to you.
If you allow me, however, I would like to point out the following - and all for your own good: ensigns are at their rank because they must form their judgment through this period, and that takes time and discipline. In the case you make, absence of flogging may be good for the ensign - but is it good for the unit? I see your great potential for Starfleet leadership as you obviously create your own educational opportunity, and look forward to the fortitude that you shall display on deck.
Further and not least, I want to give my respect and appreciation for the great effort and dedication to duty that Ludwig selflessly brings forth on this occasion. ;-)

Saro said...

Well Ludwig,

I am a bottom, and completely honestly, Mr Lewis didn't really threaten me -- he just kinda hinted I might want to break the tie in his favor -- and well -- there were kitchen implements around -- and I'm already due for other chastisements (completely, bogusly cooked up by Mr L things).

I caved like a girl. Even young Wesley would'a had more honour. Captain Picard would'a been ashamed of me...

Ursus Lewis said...

What? Saro lies in public? Thank you, Ludwig, for "investigating" this. I might have to visit her and discuss a few things...

Kaelah said...

It's finally over! The poll is now officially closed. We didn't manage to exceed the mark of 21 votes, but at least 18 readers took part. And Saro (obviously with a little persuasion by Mr Lewis) also solved our problem of the tie vote making the Starfleet ensign win against the secretary via golden goal! Thank you, everyone, for all those kind comments and for your votes! :-)

Kaelah said...

@ Saro:
Thanks for solving our tie vote problem and for writing your first comment on the blog! And thanks for choosing the paddle! If you ever need anyone to help you to dump some old, useless kitchen implements, just give me a call... ;-)

@ Ludwig:
Of course I know exactly how many strokes with each implement I'm going to get (I was taking notes all the time during the vote), but I think that isn't much of a surprise, is it? And you're right, there will be lots of them...

@ Val:
So, this is going to hurt you more than me then, I guess? But of course it is all for the sake of the unit! ;-) Ludwig is always full of dedication – especially if the duty requires him to dish out a spanking. Well, as I said, the rules didn't say that Ludwig is going to spank me. Maybe I can persuade Captain Picard to do it? Okay, okay, just kidding, Ludwig is of course the right one for the job – and he is much more experienced than Captain Picard!

@ Ursus (or should I say Mr Lewis?):
I didn't expect you to be so manipulative and to use your power as a top to control the results of a democratic vote... In many countries this would be considered a serious offence (more serious than not explaining correctly how directly or indirectly one felt threatened by one's top, I'd say)! Well, but this is Rohrstockpalast country, the home of the mad king, and I like the result of the vote, so I'll just walk away and forget what I've just read. As always, no one is going to remember the circumstances of the vote once some time has passed, anyway. And strictly speaking, none of MY rules for the vote was broken, so that's okay with me.

Val said...

Kaelah, thank you, outstanding! Captain Picard can do anything. And diverging now - so far we have never seen the Spankingtube videos of Captain Picard spanking Counselor Troi - they should become an icon. And for yet unseen videos, the Counselor spanking any ensigns, yum! .. but not available, I am sure the video formats of the future are not backwards compatible, so we can't see all details now. ;-)

Unknown said...

When it comes to belts, I've found new shiny ones are actually quite rubbish. A bit of stiffness is good, although that probably depends on how you use it, but it does need to be broken in (by WEARING it, for all you sadists perking up at that). If you can't fold it in half without it creaking it's probably not good (and you can't wrap it around your hand to control the length...)

Second-hand shops are your friend.

Granted, I'm not sure how a belt used on one's rear differs, I've only used and had used on the back and shoulders, so not a wide swinging tawse motion but a snap down of the wrist more similar to a flogger.

I'm sure others have their own opinions on what makes a good belt and likely far more experienced than I, and they should probably chime in.

Hey, then I get to steal ideas too. *grins* I'll stop derailing your post now.

Ursus Lewis said...

@ Kaelah:
I'm quite shocked you would help Saro to destroy useful kitchen tools...
I wouldn't expect such behavior from you.

Kaelah said...

@ Val:
I'm also missing the scene where Captain Picard spanks Wesley Crusher after that "performing a forbidden manoeuvre" incident in the episode "The first duty" (preferably after Wesley has confessed his mistake, in order to take the shame from him and to make sure that nothing stands between them). Well, but I guess we're not going to see that one, either...

@ Morgrim:
That explains the difference between our experiences! Your belt must be quite different, because I wouldn't have ours used either on my back or on my shoulders (or maybe only very gently) – it's just too heavy. But it's old enough to be folded and used for a spanking without any problems. I'm sure Ludwig is going to use it with a wide swinging motion on my rear end for the clip. Then you can create your own picture of how this kind of usage of a belt looks like and what I mean when I say that said belt is quite heavy... ;-)

@ Ursus:
I was talking about old, useless kitchen tools! One should always keep the house clean, you know... ;-)