Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Klingon Shopping Tour

(This is part two of the story of Kaelah's first ever spanking. You can read the first part here. My text is in normal format, Kaelah's comments are in bold text in square brackets.)

The backdrop for Kaelah's first spanking had to balance various considerations. Point one: we wanted to be ourselves, not characters in a role-play. At the same time, it was a truly special occasion, so a simple "I'll put you over my knee and show you how it feels like!" was out of the question - we wanted an extended, elaborate ritual and a ceremonial mood. Point two: to help her overcome her insecurities, Kaelah had to have a clear idea of what lay ahead of her, and she needed a fair degree of creative input. At the same time, I didn't want to give up the element of surprise entirely, because I thought that knowing everything in advance would take away not just Kaelah's fears, but also some of the positive excitement she could have. Neither of us wanted to turn the whole thing into a "topping from the bottom" affair.

[For me, it was important to develop and to plan the whole ceremony around the spanking. But it was okay for me to hand over control to the top once the "main part" started. I think we had agreed that I wanted to try different implements and that we would start with the hand and end with the cane. The rest was up to the "master of ceremonies". Of course I would never do something like "topping from the bottom"! Any bottom who would ever consider doing that? ;-)]

So, we came up with the "Rite of Spanking". It was patterned after Klingon rites of passage from the Star Trek universe, which Kaelah is a fan of. Because the Klingons themselves are modelled after the samurai culture of feudal Japan, we took some stuff from there as well. [Hey, Klingons aren't "modelled" after anyone! As a matter of fact, our culture obviously did not just influence England (the adaptation of the Klingon drama Khamlet) but also Japan...] While we did not actually role-play Klingons or Japanese, we used them as templates and sources of inspiration. I was going to be a "master of ceremonies", without further description, Kaelah a "student", and we were going to perform this rite together where I introduce her to the practice of spanking.

Before the spanking itself, we would have a Japanese tea ceremony, and another one afterwards. [It was a Klingon tea ceremony. While I'm very interested in the Japanese culture, I don't have the knowledge necessary to perform a Japanese tea ceremony.] Around this basic concept, we built a fairly elaborate procedure [WE???] that involved Kaelah's Tai Chi suit, a "ring" of candles on the floor, a mirror, a few torches, and a set of inscriptions on the wall naming the virtues which the student is supposed to attain. [Don't forget to mention the singing bowl. It wouldn't have been the same without the singing bowl!]

After some deliberation, we found a good place to do our ritual. The only drawback was that the room had previously been used for storage, so it had to be cleared out. Kaelah even enlisted some vanilla friends to help her, telling them that she needed the room for a "Klingon tea ceremony". Given that she already had a reputation among her friends for being, shall we say, somewhat eccentric, the story didn't raise much of an eyebrow. Still, I wasn't sure whether that was a good thing. "Couldn't you just have told them the full truth, that we're planning some perverted sex games in the room?" I joked to Kaelah. "That would have been less embarrassing!" [Well, actually some of my friends knew about the perverted sex games we were planning. And I remember that you didn't feel too comfortable with that prospect, either! ;-)]

When I arrived at Kaelah's for the big weekend, the first thing we did was cuddle on the sofa. Even though it was very innocent and happened on Kaelah's initiative, I felt a tad "unprofessional" for doing it - what had happened to the detached, experienced top and counsellor? [Wait a moment, I have to clarify that thing before someone believes I somehow bewitched that poor, innocent, strictly professional guy! I just brought a woollen blanket while we were sitting on the sofa and just wanted to sit next to you. The next thing I remember is that I was lying on the couch in front of you (fully clothed, ye perverts!) because a certain someone wanted to show me his favourite cuddling position!] However, it all served a purpose, as it added another way for Kaelah to confirm that the chemistry was right. In this case, the physical chemistry.

The next day, we went to the local home improvement store for our shopping tour. I think we ended up with one of the weirdest item collections they had ever sold to a pair of customers: First, two big metal stands. I have no idea what they were originally designed for, but we would use them as holders for the torches (Kaelah had already received the torches by mail-order). Two, a sack of flowerpot earth, which we would fill the holders with so that the torches could stand properly. Three, some cushions for the tea ceremony. [Yes, I wanted the cushions for my knees. I can still remember your comment: “You're really strange. You want your bottom spanked, but then you insist on a cushion in order not to hurt your knees.” Well, I didn't say my behaviour is always consistent, did I?] Four, a full-body mirror. [Not my idea. I didn't know what exactly this was for.] Five, a fire extinguisher.

In its own way, the hunt for the right equipment was just as much fun as the scene itself. I remember it fondly, and the clerks at the checkout are probably still wondering what we were up to. [Still, this part of our shopping tour wasn't as strange as the part not meant for the ceremony. It was the time of carnival and I needed a dog collar for a punk costume. Of course the best place to buy a dog collar is a pet shop. Fortunately, we found some sweet collars. But I didn't now my size, so I had to try them on. Guess which size fitted me? You're right, the fitting size was "SM"... ;-)]

The torches were proving to be a problem. They would provide a magnificent atmosphere for our ritual, but also suck the oxygen from the room at an alarming rate. Kaelah discovered during her internet research that accidents were pretty common where people used torches indoors, quickly passed out, and then suffocated. It would have made for a wonderfully lurid news story in our case: man and woman found dead, one of them partially naked, in a room filled with spanking paraphernalia and Klingon inscriptions... [I have to admit that the idea seemed somehow fascinating. That's what I call going out with a bang!] But we decided not to go down that way! Instead, we reduced the number of torches from the six Kaelah originally wanted to two. Moreover, we would not keep them burning for the entire duration. We would light them briefly before the spanking session itself, with the windows open, and again afterwards. We also had the fire extinguisher in case something went seriously wrong.

Because Kaelah had such a creative input (indeed, creative leadership) in regards to the framework of the scene, the tea ceremonies, the props and so on, she felt sufficiently comfortable and in control to make the big jump. At the same time, she left the central segment, where the actual "initiation" would take place, entirely up to me, the "master". It was an elegant arrangement. On my part, I had decided that we would start with a classical OTK hand spanking and end with a caning - the two things Kaelah was most curious about after the stories she had read and the videos she had seen. She was less interested in other implements, but open-minded about trying out some. So I added a leather paddle for the middle part, a nice contrast and a build-up to the cane.

That was it - hand, paddle, cane. A standard progression, but a good one. Three implements were enough to create a dramatic arc, without overburdening Kaelah or the confines of the scene. Of course, Kaelah was left in the dark about the exact choice of instruments, the progression and the other things I might have in mind. But she could probably make a good guess.

Then came the day of the ritual. In the afternoon, Kaelah had an anxiety attack. All the fears came up again, about maybe having to back out during the scene, maybe not being able to handle the pain, disappointing me... [It was not just the fears coming up, it was more than that. When I'm opening up that way, I'm able to get down to deeper emotions that are normally covered up. Which means that I can feel joy and sadness more intensively than usual. So, I did not only feel the fear, I also suddenly felt the sadness about certain other events in my vanilla life.] She was pretty mad at her half-Klingon side: "Typical Kaelah! First, she comes up with these grand ideas. And then, when the time comes and I could really use her bravery, she leaves me alone!" [That's one of the downsides of being half-Klingon. The impulsive Klingon part usually gets you into some kind of trouble and then the rational human part has to face the music.]

We cuddled some more on the sofa and I assured Kaelah that, no matter what happened, I would not be disappointed. She had shown great bravery by coming as far as she had. In my view, she had passed the most important test already, and everything that followed was simply a bonus. Also, I could honestly say that I had never had this much fun just preparing for a scene - our emails, the creative collaboration, the shopping tour. What a ride it had been. Now, we would just take it easy and see how things developed. Without any undue pressure. [I think that time of cuddling was one of the keys that turned my first spanking into a really good experience! It made me feel being taken seriously, safe and cared for. And it showed me that you were interested in me as a whole person, not just as a playing partner.]

Kaelah calmed down, took a bath, listened to some music. An hour or so later, right at sunset [5.51 pm] as we had planned, we went to the ritual chamber.

(to be continued in the third and final part)


! said...

"Any bottom who would ever consider doing that? ;-)"

Me! Me! Pick ME!!! Though it does not end very well for me...

"Yes, I wanted the cushions for my knees."

Very, very, very smart idea.

"and the clerks at the checkout are probably still wondering what we were up to."

I have always enjoyed the looks I've gotten from certain checkout clerks =P

Looking forward to part III! This is a lovely story so far. Thank you for sharing!

Ursus Lewis said...

Thank you for sharing your very special first spanking experience. I'm looking forward to part three.

Peter8862 said...

Fascinating. The ritual element is well worth exploring . You're breaking new ground. Shades of "Eyes wide shut" on a much smaller and more meaningful scale. Can't wait for Part 3.

Indy said...

I was thinking that I didn't treat my first spanking with a proper degree of ceremony, but then I remembered that I actually bought a skirt. And knickers that weren't made of cotton. Well, pretty much everything from the waist down, really.

Less fun than shopping for torches, to be sure!

Pandora Blake said...

a simple "I'll put you over my knee and show you how it feels like!" was out of the question

Absolutely. That kind of casual scene is obviously perfect for some people, but it always makes me cringe a bit! Ceremonial is definitely the way to go :)

As a matter of fact, our culture obviously did not just influence England (the adaptation of the Klingon drama Khamlet) but also Japan...


“You're really strange. You want your bottom spanked, but then you insist on a cushion in order not to hurt your knees.”

Again I say: absolutely! There is nothing worse than being distracted by accidental, unerotic pain in your knees or back or hips when you're trying to enjoy the lovely erotic pain in your bottom. Besides, Ludwig is a control freak, I'd have thought he'd have understood this: a top wants to be in control of all the pain their bottom experiences during a scene. I know that my Doms HATE the idea that I might be hurting randomly during a scene in ways they aren't responsible for. Hence, cushions. ;)

Also, Kaelah, I think your human side is just as brave as your half-Klingon side. Getting through an anxiety attack like that isn't easy. And I completely know what you mean about opening yourself to more intense emotions. It's one of the things that makes playing so cathartic, but it can make you vulnerable to stuff you hadn't realised was in you.

Kaelah said...

@ !:
The key for successfully topping from the bottom is to make your top(s) believe that it was all their idea… Not that I ever tried that… I have this friend, you know, … and she is quite naughty … and she told me … whoops …

@ Ursus:
Since part three is the main part it might take a few more days, but it’s definitely going to be posted soon!

@ Peter:
We definitely share a love for rituals! You’ll read more about the ritual in part three.

@ Indy:
I think buying beautiful clothes can even be better than shopping for torches! :-)

@ Pandora:
On the anxiety attack: Of course you are right that having an anxiety attack and successfully going through it isn’t a sign of weakness. But, as I already mentioned before, I often have the problem that certain reactions don’t fit into my heroine-fantasies. I’ve recently made another experience on that topic. I’ll write about it in the next edition of Kaelah’s Corner. And, of course, I would be glad to hear your thoughts on the questions that occurred in the context of that recent experience!

Ludwig said...

@ Pandora: Oh, trust me, I definitely understand the cushion issue. It makes perfect sense and it isn't inconsistent at all, really. But that didn't stop me from teasing Kaelah about it!

@ All: As you can see, the third and final part of the story is taking longer than expected. I recently lost a beloved friend and companion who has been with me for many years, so it's been a very sad start into 2010 for me. Being a good soldier, though, I will be with you and with the blog again soon.

"No heaven will ever a Heaven be,
Unless my cats are there to welcome me."

Zille Defeu said...

I was just about to leave a comment about the cushions and anxiety attack, but I discover that Pandora said it all first!

So I just wanted to say, "What she said!" It is all very well for us to have fantasies that we can kneel on the floor for hours ... but we have to work with *reality* to make our scenes as viable and as close to our fantasies as possible. No one wins when the scene has to be called to a halt because of muscles cramping or some secondary pain overwhelming the pain that everyone wants to focus on -- esp. when they could have been prevented!

I'm afraid we humans have somewhat weaker bodies than Klingons. The best thing to do is to accept that and work with that knowledge to create the most faithful tribute to the original Klingon ideal.... :)