Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Early Christmas Present

Ever since 2006, Abel and Haron give out the annual Spanking Writers Awards to honour their personal favourites in the kinky community (and a few more in the wider vanilla world). I just found out that Kaelah and I are among the winners this year, in the newly created category Most Romantic Blog Story. In the words of Abel and Haron: "Just great to see a spanking blog bringing such lovely people together." Moreover, the Best Spanking Video award went to A Garden Party by Lupus Pictures - it seems as if my guest role as Hans the Dragoon was not enough to deter the jury.

Many thanks from Kaelah and me for this early Christmas present. We feel happy, proud and thrilled. Head over to The Spanking Writers to find out all the 2009 winners. And in case you haven't done so already, you can read the most romantic blog story of the year and the Garden Party BTS report right here on Rohrstock-Palast...

Speaking of Christmas presents, here is another early one from the two of us to all of you: the first fully nude photograph of Kaelah to be published on the web.

What? I wasn't talking about full frontal nudity! And you have to say, those cane stripes on her derrière are just lovely.

The picture (and the marking) is the result of a session we had a couple of weeks ago. There was no role-play involved, neither was it a punishment for anything "real" [note from Kaelah: we are past the point where we always have to find excuses for a spanking]. It was simply a caning for its own sake, which ended up being a fair bit longer and harder than either of us had originally planned, because the stubborn girl insisted on being extra-brave [note from Kaelah: Klingons don't whimper!].

It started out as a casual trying out of a new cane, a very thin and flexible kooboo specimen, which I had never used on Kaelah before. I gave her twelve moderate strokes with that one, not too light, not too hard. Then another twelve moderate ones with a dragon cane - I don't care much for dragon canes myself (too rigid), but I wanted to show the direct contrast between the heavy, blunt implement and the lighter, sharper one. We were cruising along nicely by this point and as the saying goes, all good things are three, so we decided to do yet another dozen, with a regular rattan cane which Kaelah already knew well. It's my favourite type and falls between the other two in terms of size, rigidity and sensation. The strokes I dished out were somewhat harder this time, gradually increasing in force, and quite hard by the end.

I was about to end the session there, when Kaelah asked me if the last couple of strokes had already been Mood-style severity. "Not quite..." I replied, and instructed her to stand in a different position, in a different part of the room where I had more space to swing. I then gave her another four with the rattan cane, pretty much full force. Three times twelve plus four equals 40, which would be a nice round number to stop. Kaelah gasped and winced under the Mood-style strokes, a little more than previously, but she was still remarkably resilient. "Call me crazy," she said afterwards, "but they were almost easier to bear, because they feel more blunt somehow..."

"So, you want more, then?" I quipped, mildly incredulous by this point. The reply was silence. I operate by the ground rule that silence denotes agreement (except in cases where it obviously doesn't), so I positioned myself anew and took aim: "Alright, we'll make it a full 50!" I added ten final strokes, once again, at full force. It was my first time wielding a cane with such ferocity since my visit to Hungary ("A Garden Party" had been quite a bit lighter). More gasping and wincing from Kaelah, and I managed to elicit a strained "Mein Gott!" through clenched teeth one time, followed by "Shit...!" after another stroke. But she remained very, very brave. They were magnificent reactions, neither hysterical nor stoic, suppressed but not totally silent, never losing her grip, but clearly struggling. The sadist in me and the admirer of brave girls were both pleased. As was Kaelah, when she saw how immensely content I was afterwards. After some hesitation, she even went as far as calling her reactions "acceptable" (which wins the 2009 Rohrstock-Palast Award for Understatement of the Year).

Unplanned as it was, it turned out to be the most extensive caning we had done to date, because we both suddenly found that we wanted to push the limits a bit. It wasn't Hungarian-style, but getting close. The kind of session that you don't do very often. Before I fetched the arnica ointment, we took some pictures to commemorate the occasion. Among them the early Christmas present which you can see here.

Now, we're off to finish our work on your proper Christmas present - yes, there's another one in store. It should be ready for posting on the evening of the 24th, when the Germans celebrate. If not, we'll adopt the UK tradition this year and we'll postpone it for a day. Look for it around that time.

[Edit: I'm running a little late. Kaelah and I are having a busy Christmas. The new target date is the 26th. Well, at least it's symmetrical that way - you get one early Christmas present, and one that is late!]


Adele Haze said...

Goodness. You lucky, lucky man.

Mija said...

Wonderful picture and marks. But oh my God, what a beautiful body to go with her amazing mind.

What Adele said. Times ten.

! said...

Kaelah, you are absolutely beautiful!

Erm...What Mija said, times ten. Exponential increase for the win =D

Graham said...

Aw, it warms my heart to see all these chicks perving over your girlfriend's picture : )

...And since I'm an equally perverted chick: What everybody else said, times ten!

Merry Christmas! (And way to go, Kaelah!)

Indy said...

This whole post just makes me smile. Maybe even with a couple tears of joy for the two of you.

Ok, I'm sure I'll get over this and back to being a smartass before too long...

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to you both!

Abel1234 said...

Is it too late to award you "Hottest Spanking Photo of the Year" as well?!

Greg said...

Wow, Kaelah is truly magnificent!!!
Happy Holidays.

Ursus Lewis said...

Wow, I'm truly impressed!

Ludwig said...

Merry Christmas to you all!

I'm running a little late with your other present - see the edit to the post above. The new target date is the 26th.

@ Indy: Don't worry! I have no doubt that you will make good on your promise to get back to your usual smart-ass self soon.

@ Abel: No, I don't think it's too late for another award. Keep 'em coming! *grins*

Kaelah said...

Dear girls and guys,

thanks a lot for your sweet comments on the picture! I don't really know what to say, so I'm better just silent with a happy little smile on my face... :-)

Concerning our other present: You have to forgive Ludwig for the problems with the scheduling - being an agnostic he isn't used to share Christmas with someone who is celebrating the holidays quite extensive! ;-) But Ludwig is already in full blog-writing mode and I'm just waiting for his signal to start with my part...

And in case we won't make it in time: I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Obviously you are in good shape, perhaps special Klingon work-outs or are you just another gym rat? Ludwig is indeed a lucky man and you both luckily to found each other. One exquisitely marked beautiful bottom! Thanks for posting the image and Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year - Eric

Pandora Blake said...

Oh wow! Beautiful picture, made infinitely more appealing by the accompanying story. I have a huge grin all over my face. Yay for you both :)

Kaelah said...

@ Eric:
Thanks a lot for your compliment! Unfortunately, I currently don’t do as much sports as I should… But I try to do small things that don’t take too much time (like taking the stairs instead of using the elevator) and to live healthy (almost no alcohol, not too much junk food…).

I wish you a happy New Year!

@ Pandora:
Thanks… :-)

Sweetsong said...

What a beautiful girl, what a beautiful bottom, and what beautiful marks!

Kaelah said...

@ Sweetsong:
Wow, thanks for the kind compliments! :-)