Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Kaelah's Corner (May 2019):
Saying It Aloud

Again, it has been quite some time since my last post. The reason is that we were not only very busy, but there weren't really any kinky thoughts or events to write about. Until recently. So here is my slightly belated Kaelah's Corner post.

A few days ago, Ludwig and I visited a (non-kinky) party, where we met several old friends of mine. One of them was accompanied by his new girlfriend, a teacher. They were flirting and joking, which was lovely to watch.

When my old friend was teasing her, his girlfriend all of a sudden turned on her serious teacher voice and said: "Be careful, I can be strict, too, you know." My friend looked at her and replied: "Oh, sorry, I'm not so much into that kind of harder stuff." He turned his head to me and asked jokingly: "But maybe that would be something for you, huh?" Before I could answer, Ludwig replied: "Of course. Why do you think she married me?" Everyone at the table had a good laugh.

On our way home, it occurred to me that I might indeed have told that particular friend of mine about my kink years ago. I'm not sure, though. But at least two other friends who were sitting at our table, too, know about it.

The great thing is that neither Ludwig nor I care about that question nowadays. Those who do know about out special preferences can deal with it, and for the others Ludwig's comment was just good fun. Ludwig and I both like making jokes like that, enjoying the knowledge that there is more behind a comment than others might imagine.

How about you? Do you like joking about kink in vanilla environments? Or do you prefer avoiding the topic? I'd love to hear about your thoughts in the comment section!


Sandy said...

Lovely post with lots of humour.

Occasional references can be fun and I think that 'otk' stuff not so left-field now.

Once , working in a department with lots of females of about my age, one of them made reference to a particularly officious and unpleasant woman. I casually indicated that if I had any problems with her I would just have to 'put her over my knee.'

Listening to the sharp intakes of breath was fun, but the roof did not cave in. Probably not to be recommended in a work environment, but with friends at a party you can get away with more.

Love your blog!

Kaelah said...

@ Sandy:
Welcome, and thank you very much for your kind comment! I have occasionally made comments about kink and spanking in working environments, too, but as you said, maybe we should better be a bit more careful in those environments than we have to be at a party with friends. ;-)

Stan/E. said...

So glad to read your hapiness... A little bit disapointed anyway because it looks that it sounds like a next goodbye to blogger.
Love from France S/E

Kaelah said...

@ Stan/E.:
Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your kind comment! Spanking has indeed become a minor topic in our life (especially with the little kids), but I think our blog will last for some more time to come. After all, we currently don't manage to edit several videos which we have already filmed a while ago – and we certainly don't want to close down our blog without having published them!