Sunday, March 4, 2018

Kaelah's Corner (Feb 2018):
Boobies? (Part 1)

Welcome to another slightly belated edition of Kaelah's Corner. I needed a while to compose today's post in my head, so I didn't manage to write it down before March (unfortunately February is such a short month). I've also decided to split it into two parts, because it would be too long otherwise.

As the title already indicates, this set of posts is about boobies. To be precise, it is about the question whether to show them in pictures or not. In my recent post Pushing Boundaries I said that I don't have the strong urge anymore to stretch my boundaries when it comes to kink. Last year, though, this post led to curious questions.

The reason wasn't something I had written, but the first and third picture that accompanied the post. Some of you might think: What's so special about those pictures? But those who know me for a longer time will realise that with said pictures, I had overcome one of my former strict limits. The picture show one of my breasts including the nipple. Before I posted them, I had always said that I would never show any frontal nudity in my pictures. That included the nether regions as well as my breasts - I sometimes showed them partly, but always covered up at least the nipples.

In the comment section, James M asked what had changed, and an anonymous commenter said he or she thought that I was about to show my more playful side with those pictures. James M also mentioned that he knows one spanking model who regretted having shown her boobies once in a film, which I found very interesting, and thus I decided that the question why I have changed my mind concerning this aspect would be a nice topic for a post. Today's part will be about why I decided not to show my breasts when I started posting pictures and spanking clips. The next edition of Kaelah's Corner will be about what has changed.

So, let's start from the beginning. Why was frontal nudity including the breasts once a hard limit for me?

I think this post from 2010 titled "Pictures of You" gives you a very good idea of my mindset and my fears when I started publishing pictures of myself on this blog. In short, I already had the feeling that I made myself very vulnerable by writing too openly not only about my erotic fantasies, but also about my fears, flaws and so on while at the same time posting intimate erotic photos showing not only my bottom, but also my face. Thus I wanted to keep at least something for myself. And that was my breasts and private bits.

There were several concrete reasons why I didn't want to show any frontal nudity which were:

My own kinky preferences
As I wrote in one of my posts on spanking porn, I am not too much into frontal nudity as a viewer of spanking porn. The reason is that I have a thing for formal scenarios which don't include sexual humiliation, and frontal nudity usually doesn't fit these scenarios. I like to watch more explicit BDSM scenes from time to time, but when it comes to spanking, I'm not into close-ups of private parts. The pictures and clips I am interested in making and comfortable posting are about spanking and spanking-related topics only. While they are supposed to be sexy, I want them to be subtle and initiate kinky fantasies rather than to show close-ups of private bits.

Fear of objectification
As I wrote in my post Pictures of You, posting erotic photos went along with a fear of being objectified by the viewers and of seeming to be available as a person for at least mental ab(use) by total strangers who see my pictures. Not showing any frontal nudity at the time seemed to decrease the risk of coming over as wanting to be objectified.

Keeping control of how the pictures are used
When I started posting pictures and clips, I was very afraid that they could be taken out of their context and linked to a new one. That fear is related to the fear of objectification. I didn't want my photos and films to be used in a context I wasn't comfortable with. Not showing any frontal nudity seemed to decrease that risk, because it seemed to make it at least a bit harder to bring my pictures into a very explicit context.

Not wanting to be reduced to my private bits
Right from the beginning when I started publishing pictures, they have always accompanied and still accompany one of my personal posts and are supposed to underline a certain message, bring alive a kinky scenario that means something to me or show a glimpse of a private scene I write about. I love the creative process of composing and taking photos. When I started writing for this blog, I was scared, though, that posting pictures or clips with full frontal nudity wouldn't bring those people to our blog who were interested in reading my posts and in Ludwig and me as human beings, but people who were interested in explicit photos and quick sexual gratification only. Since I wanted to be seen as a person and exchange thoughts with others, it seemed to me that not showing any frontal nudity made it more likely to achieve these goals.

That's why frontal nudity and showing my breasts was a hard limit for me for a very long time. Usually that wasn't a problem because this blog focuses on erotic spanking and therefore mostly on the bottom. But there were times when it proved to be difficult. For instance, when Ludwig and I filmed my first severe caning. I was completely nude for the clip, because it was supposed to resemble one of the canings by Mood Pictures or Lupus Pictures for which the models are usually naked. To make sure that my nipples wouldn't be visible in the clip we wanted to publish later, though, we spent a lot of time setting up the cameras very carefully and checking every angle. That was even more difficult when we made our football bet clip with Leia-Ann Woods, because that one included a back whipping. There were several pictures (especially the naked ones in nature), too, where I had to adjust my position or explicitly cover my breasts to make sure they weren't fully shown.

I kept up my limit for several years. But then came the day when I decided to change my mind. Why and in how far will be the topic of my next Kaelah's Corner post.

For today, I would like to ask those of you who have a blog or post pictures or clips of themselves about your limits when it comes to how much you show of yourselves. Have they changed over time? And to those among you who are blog readers and viewers of spanking porn: how much do you want to see and how do the limits of amateur bloggers like me and professional models come over to you? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We are quite comfortable with nudity and had no qualms about people seeing us naked. Until we put on weight. No more nudity in real life or pictures.

Gustofur said...

I like boobies almost as much as I like bottoms. Seeing naked boobies and naked bottoms are all part of life’s delightful experiences. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. And knowing the possessor of the treasures, even if only through blogging, makes the pictures more enjoyable.

Enzo said...

Hi Kaelah -
Just catching up on your blog. Thanks for a great well thought out post.

As far as my limits, I don’t post any real pictures of myself, but as of recently and more often have toyed with the idea.

As far as my point of view as a viewer of spanking videos, I don’t enjoy “unnecessary” nudity as most spanking stories would not call for full nudity in order to administer a spanking. Partial nudity focused on the female backside is my preference and logical story choice. However there are the occasions where the story line might lend itself to full exposure and I can be okay with it then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaelah,

Thank you for this brave and thought-provoking post. I am very much enjoying the theme of your recent posts.

From what you are saying it sounds like your limit is mainly about control: Keeping it and selectively surrendering it. You fear that by displaying certain intimate parts of your body to anyone other than a lover you could lose control.

This makes perfect sense.

You are already trusting a lot. Is this not too much?

Also, certain sights could say more about you than you want to reveal at a given moment. A boobie is just a boobie. But an enlarged and erect nipple, in the middle of a spanking? That could say much more.

Part of it is about maturity. As we get older we become more comfortable showing who we really are and what we enjoy.

I applaud your brave steps in this direction and hope you continue tiptoeing down this boundary pushing pathway.

Bob S said...

Your limits are dictated by personal preferences. The commercial studios are responding to what the market wants, or at least what they think it wants. Stick with what you are comfortable with and thank you for sharing.

Kaelah said...

@ Our Bottoms Burn:
I get your point! I am also more comfortable posting kinky pictures (fully nude or not) when I feel comfortable in my body. I suppose it doesn't really matter how one looks like, but whether you are happy with your current looks.

@ Gustofur:
Thanks for sharing your view! It's nice to hear that knowing something about the person behind them makes the pictures showing boobies more enjoyable. I think that's true for many viewers of sexy pictures.

@ Enzo:
Thanks a lot for your comment! It seems to me that our preferences concerning nudity in spanking videos are quite similar. Posting kinky pictures of oneself is a lot of fun and I can understand why you are toying around with the idea. I would love to see your photos, as I can imagine that you, being the creative person that you are, would certainly create some beautifully composed ones. One has to carefully consider the possible consequences, though, especially when showing one's face! Once the pictures are online there is no way to undo that step.

@ Anonymous:
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! It is indeed about control and the question in how far people gain control over me and what they can do to me when I reveal too much of myself. I will write more about that in the second part of my post.

@ Bob S:
Thanks for your kind comment! You are indeed right, one should always stick to what one is comfortable with. I suppose what I am comfortable with has changed a bit over time with the experiences I've made on this blog. I will write more about that in my follow-up post!