Friday, March 23, 2018

Have You Got A Cane With You?

Ludwig and I usually don't watch much TV. But in the recent weeks I have zapped a bit through the channels in the evening when I was too tired after a busy day to do something more productive. Some days ago I came across an older German hospital TV series called Für alle Fälle Stefanie.

It's basically a feelgood show, not as dramatic as many of the American hospital TV series. Instead, you are watching doctors and nurses with good hearts who not only cure their patients physically, but also help to solve family quarrels, bring people together and so on. Just the right thing after a stressful day when one's head is already dull.

So I watched a bit and relaxed. There were several patients whose stories were told in the episode I watched, one of whom probably was (I didn't watch the beginning of the episode) a single father who put his life at risk because he refused to quit smoking even though his lungs were in bad shape. Every time he had the chance, he went outside to secretly smoke a cigarette.

One evening when his roommate seemed to be sleeping, he went out on the balcony in front of the room and lit another cigarette. His roommate, who had quit smoking a few years earlier, saw him, though, and pushed the button to call a nurse.

Now, we all know that the plot and dialogues in this kind of series aren't realistic, but I really didn't expect what happened then: First of all, it wasn't one of the nurses who came into the room, but the doctor who had already tried, unsuccessfully, to convince our unreasonable single father to quit smoking. The roommate pointed to the balcony and made a gesture to indicate that someone was smoking again. The doctor signaled him to remain quiet and tiptoed to the balcony.

Then came the really unexpected part as the following dialogue occurred between the doctor and his patient:

Doctor: "Mr Leiser, I will have to fetch a fire extinguisher!"
Patient (throwing away the cigarette and swallowing the smoke): "What a beautiful moon tonight."
Doctor: "You are very ill. If I ever catch you again..."
Patient: "Have you got a cane with you?"
Doctor: "... I'll have to report you and then you'll have to pay for the whole party. There will always be someone who snitches on you, okay?"

Now I was awake! Did I really get that right? Did the guy really ask the doctor out of nowhere whether he might cane him? There was no mistaking he meant, because he used the German word "Rohrstock" which is the kind of cane used for whipping someone. The words for a walking cane and the like are different.

Well, I checked the online media centre to make sure that my tired kinky mind hadn't played a trick on me. It turned out that I had heard correctly. Who would write such a strange dialogue, I wonder? A fellow kinkster? I mean, the episode was aired for the first time in 2003, not in the sixties! And would anyone really ask a doctor that kind of question, kinky or not? I suppose I wouldn't. Would you?

Anyhow, it was a funny discovery. The thing is, there are famous scenes with spanking references in several movies and series which most of us know. And there are the kind of series and films where I would suspect that a kinky reference might come up. But in this case it caught me flat-footed.

By the way, of course the father did quit smoking in the end after he had found out his son had started smoking, too. So, they both promised each other to never smoke a cigarette again. And they lived happily ever after...

What I would like to know: have you ever had a similar experience with an unexpected spanking reference? In which movie or series? And what was it about? I would love to hear your stories. Please leave a comment if you like!


Gustofur said...

I always have my hand with me. It is my implement of preference.

Kaelah said...

@ Gustofur:
That would have been a great reply for the doctor as well! ;-)