Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Apr 2017)
Strange Marks

Ludwig and I are thinking about going swimming this weekend. But, as you can see in the picture above, I'm showing some rather strong marks in very prominent spots. I suppose I would be able to cover those on my bottom, but not the ones on my legs. The marks have faded a bit more since the picture was taken a few days ago, but they are still clearly visible.

So I'm not sure whether I should really go. What would you think if you spotted someone at the pool with that kind of marks? What would you guess where they come from? And to all the spankees: Have you ever gone swimming when you had marks from a spanking? How was it?

The marks in the picture are obviously not completely fresh. I will show you a picture of the fresh marks (or at least a part of them) in another post and I will tell you more about the marks on my inner thighs and address the topic of pushing limits.

Concerning marks I feel that my focus has slightly changed. I still like them (especially fresh ones) in spanking pictures. They show that something visible has happened and they cater to my bravery fetish. When it comes to more severe marks from a scene, though, I realise that I am not so keen on carrying those too often and for too long. They are nice to watch in pictures, but in my everyday life they only make things more complicated. Things like going swimming, for instance...


Simon said...

Well I've never had the marks spotted when going swimming but there have been other situations when visible marks have caused embarrassment. I normally remember to be careful about marks on my bottom and can normally control those situations after all there aren't that many occasions when someone will see my bottom. ONce though I had been flogged on my back and because that happens very rarely the marks remain for considerably longer than they do on my bottom. I was staying with my family and walked to the bathroom after getting up with no shirt on only to her my sister say " oh my god what's happened to your back". I've found that if you tell the truth in a joking fashion people discount it as an explanation so I replied "over indulgence in sado-masochistic sex I expect" and she just laughed and said "oh that must be it then" and dropped the subject.

Bonnie said...

Hi Kaelah,

I've gone swimming with visible marks on a number of occasions. I recall once being alone with Randy in a hotel pool when my freshly spanked bottom would have been very apparent had anyone seen me emerge from the water. There is a danger factor that adds excitement to our kink.

I sometimes wear a pair of shorts over my suit to conceal discoloration on my lower bottom and the tops of my thighs. As a grandmother, I can get away with this fashion choice. However, I never tried to hide any marks located as low as those you displayed. In this situation, I might wait a few more days, if that is an option, especially if the setting is crowded or families are present.

I would like to hear about what you decide.

Domhnall the Second said...

First let me say ... OUCH!! Maybe you have an old pair of leggings you could wear swimming until you have recovered.

jimisim said...

It is quite easy to slip going down stairs and end up with bruising on your bottom and legs.
Also you could say you are on medication 'to thin the blood;-anticoagulants, which make you bruise easily.
I sometimes find large bruises on my legs from this reason, and I have no idea how they got there.

Bob S said...

There is an adage attributed to Henry Ford II "Never Complain, Never Explain". My suggestion is just go and have fun. If anyone dares comment or ask you about the marks I would suggest a reply like "I just came back from Tibet and had a run in with the Yeti" or None of your business".

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful marks Kaelah and Ludwig!

If I saw someone with them at a pool I would immediately suspect the couple were subtly telling people "in the know" that the recipient had received a good whipping at an earlier moment. But it is still subtle because most people who are not familiar with that lifestyle would assume they had been caused by some small accident.

We would love to hear more about the session where they occurred. Also - please tell us if you went swimming or not? Kaelah is such an exhibitionist I can imagine that you did go in the end.... and maybe received one or two knowing looks as well?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful marks Kaela!
I'd love to see all the spankiees showing their marks in public!
The social stigma should be overcome

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaelah,
Some great marks you have on your bottom and legs. I do understand your issue with going swimmming. (Un)fortunally after a severe beating nobody I can avoid to have marks, which can be visible for 2-3 weeks.
Since I cannot show them in public (at least in my country), I have choosen to receive hard beatings and cover my marks as long as it is necessary. I prefer my kink and never go swimming etc.
Please let me know what you decided.
I cannot wait for the description how you got the marks and some more pictures.

Kaelah said...

@ Simon:
I usually don't show my marks in public, either! But, as your story shows, there is always a risk of involuntarily getting into the situation of others seeing one's marks. Your reaction was great! Thanks for sharing your story.

@ Bonnie:
Thanks for commenting and for sharing your experiences and opinion. I usually avoid confronting strangers with marks that apparently are from a spanking, especially when talking about families. I will write about my decision concerning the public pool in the post that explains were the marks on my legs came from.

@ Domhnall the Second:
Good idea! Thanks for the suggestion.

@ Jimisim:
I can hear you on the bruises on the legs which seem to be there for no reason! I have the same problem. You are of course right, the bruises don't necessarily have to be the result of a spanking - and vanillas might not expect them to be.

@ Bob S:
You are right, I even think 99.9 % of the people wouldn't dare ask a stranger where strange marks on their body come from.

@ Anonymous I:
Thank you for commenting! I will of course tell you more about the origin of the marks in upcoming posts. And I will disclose whether we finally went to the pool or not. By the way, I am indeed an exhibitionist. I prefer to share my exhibitionism with those who enjoy the same kink as I do and not with unsuspecting strangers in a public environment, though. But, as you said, the bruises could have had a completely different origin, so vanillas might not even make any mental connection to kinky sex.

@ Anonymous II:
I'm happy that you like the marks! As I already said in previous comments, I am cautious not to confront any unsuspecting strangers with my marks. Like you, I would love erotic spanking not to carry a stigma anymore. But still I think that my erotic experiences should be a private thing and others shouldn't be forced to share them, if they aren't explicitly interested in doing so.

@ canelover:
That's real passion! I am glad that the laws aren't that strict here in Germany, even though I try not to show my marks in public, either. I will write about my decision and share more about the origins of the marks in future posts. Oh, and there will be pictures, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

I saw once some proper spanking marks at a pool. They were hot. People should do that more often. :)