Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Kaelah's Corner (Mar 2017):
The Trinity of Bavarian Education

Today's Kaelah's Corner post will be about a little Bavarian joke. As I already wrote before, Ludwig and I aren't really into face slapping. A few days ago we were told a funny anecdote about traditional Bavarian face slapping, though, which I want to share with you.

It was explained to us that there are three different forms of slaps, jokingly called the Bavarian trinity of education. They are distinguished by the desired result.

First of all, there is the traditional "Watschn". It's supposed to leave a visible hand print on the cheek of the spankee. The second form is the so called "Schelln". That one should have the ears of the spankee ringing for a few minutes. The last and heaviest one is the "Fotzn". After a Fotzn the spankee is supposed to not stand in the place anymore where they did before.

Cute, the Bavarians, aren't they? By the way, Ludwig had never heard this joke before, either. And it is of course a joke, nothing to be tried out for real. As we all know, always play safe!

So, before risking ringing ears from a face slap, better use a cane on the bare bottom. That will have the ears of the spankee ringing, too, but definitely doesn't take the risk of permanent deafness. Quite the contrary, the chances that the spankee will be able to listen better afterwards than they did  before are actually quite good! :-)


Yaffy said...

Lought deeply from the bottom of my Heart 💙 And Yes prefer butt punishments, too 😉

Anonymous said...

Hallo Kaelah - hab mich göttlich amüsiert, über bayerische Formen in Englisch zu lesen. Allerdings ist die Unterscheidung - fühle mich da schon kompetent - ein bisschen hergeholt. Im Grunde sind die drei Begriffe Synonyme, nichts weiter. Aber Du liegst schon richtig: Dem Cane bleiben wir treu! - FJ

Kaelah said...

@ Yaffy:
Welcome and thank you very much for your comment! I'm happy to hear that the post made you laugh.

@ FJ:
Ich denke auch, dass es die Unterscheidung in Wirklichkeit gar nicht gibt. Aber offenbar gibt es diesen Witz darüber. Wer auch immer sich den ausgedacht haben mag... :-)